Has Summit found their Riley for Eclipse?


The announcement comes today that one of the few open roles in Eclipse has been cast. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Aussie newcomer Xavier Samuel will be playing Riley, the vamp that Victoria manipulates to lead her newborn army. A good deal of speculation has swirled around the casting for this role. Per the Lexicon, his physical description is this:

Bella, when she first sees him, says “I could barely look at the blond boy—yes, he was just a boy, though he was muscular and tall, maybe my age when he was changed. His eyes—a more vivid red than I had ever seen before—could not hold mine.”

Some people think this might just be rumor, so I can’t confirm it.


  • roisindougherty

    he's sooo cute! haha..first comment!

  • star96

    Hes Cute! Its how i imaged Riley kinda! xD

  • Jml239

    Actually rather like I imagined him to look

  • Abi


  • cullenluver

    whoa i think he walked outta my head…he's perfect for riley :) eclipse is my FAVORITE book in the series, it builds bella's characture so much !!!

  • cullenluver

    …wait he's aussie…eh oh well aussie accents are HAWT!!!

  • http://en-gb.facebook.com/people/Jemma-Walsh/1115970584 Jemma Walsh

    uft mega mega uft
    and i agree aussie accents are hot
    twilight has an all fit cast!!


  • aimeehiggins

    i agree on all three of ur comment :L

  • missycardinal

    hes soo hoot! :)

  • Allie

    Yes this is confirmed. I'm an Aussie and he is from my home town and its just been announced that he has won the part. Go Aussies!

  • Eileenelkin

    Yeah , just with a little bit of longer hair . Not much though . About two inches . lol

  • Katalina


  • ciara11

    ooooo hes cute but i kinda pictured someone a little younger.

  • mikki230

    wow thats just what i could see riley as….. that could most definatly work out, eclipse will be awesome, loved that book

  • Alexei

    absolutely, exactly how I pictured him. he's a perfect Riley in my opinion.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ stephaniecullen032

    yes!exactly..but it says hes blond!!but i vote yes.hes cute too.

  • BriLee

    He's cute =) Poor Riley, his part in the books is kinda sad, I always felt bad for him..this guy is perfect though, I hope they let him keep the accent in the movie =D

  • lyndsie417

    aww hes so cute :)
    he looks like a perfect
    riley :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarah.gavigan Sarah Gavigan

    i imagined riley to be blonde

  • Mandy_Black

    I think he's a perfect choice.

  • hannah07

    wow he is hot i imagined him a little more differently though but still a good fit :-)

  • team_jacob_forever_111

    thats how i imagined riley would look

  • aussietwilightaddict

    Says here he IS gonna be in Eclipse… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xavier_Samuel

    Yay! An Aussie boy! Represent!

  • team_jacob_forever_111

    that is definetly how i imagined how riley would look

  • sparklingshoes

    they should dye his hair blonde then ;D
    he's HOTTTT !

  • http://twitter.com/bunnybrat456 Kaila Mtetwa-Gray

    i think he looks to young

  • logan_rubio

    i think they will use a wig !!

    kinda like for alice ?!?!

    and i agree … he's perfect for the role !!

  • twilighter876

    the pic is just in black and white.
    mayb he already has blonde hair.
    but yes hes PERFECT 4 the role of riley!!
    :] <33

  • LILY

    No. I think he's just right. And Cute.

  • pauliiniiz

    hahah yees…. ii think hes perfect

  • pauliiniiz

    or mabey they wil just dye his hair…duh

  • Cate

    Same! Yay for Adelaide :)
    I think he's perfect!

  • Cate

    You really find Aussie accents hot? hahaha wow

  • Cate

    Same! Yay for Adelaide :)
    I think he's perfect!

  • Cate

    You really find Aussie accents hot? hahaha wow

  • addicted_twiilight18

    That's exactly how I imagined him, more red haired than blond.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Demirra-Low-Kontou/1417959446 Demirra Low-Kontou

    i was on another site i think its called IDMB (or something like that)
    and they said channing tatum was considered to play him sooo
    yeah that would be pretty hott too :)

  • Mo2

    Why not ?!

  • Mo2

    Why not ?!

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