Tinsel Korey talks about Emily and the Quileute “boys”


Twilight Lexicon has an exclusive interview with The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s Tinsel Korey, who will be playing Quileute tribe member Emily Young.

I wonder how Tinsel feels playing the only female member of the Quileute tribe featured in the film.  She talks about establishing the Sam/Emily relationship for filming:

Did you, along with the other cast members who were also in the Quileuete roles, spend any time building back-stories or relationships?
I built my back-story before I met the boys, I already had an idea of who Emily was. Meeting and hanging out with the boys only helped build upon what my prior thoughts already were. I think when we all hung out the back-story just was there in who we were. Most of us are pretty similar to our characters.

You may recall that Emily has a series of harsh scars on her face, and Tinsel discusses how it will look in the film:

How long is the process of getting into makeup and costume for Emily and can you describe it?
It takes hours to perfect the make-up and you’ll have to wait for the movie to see the magic that the makeup/SPX department created.

Tinsel has some nice things to say about Emily and her role in the tribe:

How would you describe your vision of Emily Young?
Oh god, I don’t think I’m allowed to right a novel for this interview. Lol. So let me summarize in one sentence. She’s a survivor, the heart and soul of the team, when they’re down she brings them up. She’s the one you want to have in your corner.

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