Media response to Lefevre’s exit

The Lexicon has compiled a few opinions from the media about Rachelle Lefevre leaving the cast and Bryce Dallas Howard taking over the role of Victoria.

Jen Amato of Rotten Tomatoes Tweets:

“Sadly (for Rachelle fans), the casting of Bryce Dallas Howard might be a smart move. More name recognition, more mainstream (vs. fan) auds.”

“Will Bryce Dallas Howard’s casting in Twilight: Eclipse bring in MORE male non-fans? BDH as an evil redhead vampire.”

“I think Bryce Howard is great in wide-eyed innocent roles; skeptical of her as a passionate, murderous vampire. Though she is a ginger.”


Greg from HitFix compiled this article pulling in a variety of items:

“HitFix spoke to Lefevre on the set of “New Moon” in Vancouver at the beginning of May and not returning seemed out of the question if she had a conflict. When asked about what she was doing in between the two films, Lefevre said, “I have a couple of things sort of in the mix right now that it looks like I’m going to get to do. One in between this and “Eclipse” but it’s a scheduling thing and so nothing is confirmed yet because you have to be available for the third movie.”

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  • krystel

    I'm sad about it… Maybe Howard is a good actress, but i prefer rachel lefevre….. It's gonna be strange in eclipse….to see a new victoria….

  • Abi

    I agree with Krystel. :P

    And Rachelle was super excited for Eclipse! It seems weird that she would pick something else over it…

  • Amanda

    I don't understand why she would choose to leave something that is going to be a guaranteed hit?! The movie she is leaving to do may turn out to be a complete flop, it seems like an extremely silly decision.

  • http://twitter.com/MS_Edward Edward Cullen

    This does seem like a completely dumb move for Rachelle. The movie she chose over Eclipse does not sound like it's going to be a good one to me. Eclipse seems like more of a guarantee. This other movie is definitely not one I would watch. I don't know about anyone else.

  • Kadyy

    This makes me mad and sad at the same time…How can you do two movies then replace a character in the third. Plus it's the last movie with Victoria..can't you hold out for that long? :(
    It made me sad Lol

  • thoughtful_bells

    Ditto… lol

  • Name

    I don't think it is really her choice. I think the director chose to change her, and they just are saying it is a scheduling conflict.

  • melissakarie

    I agree that this is crap, I love Rachelle as Victoria and they didn't even tell her she was being replaced! If you go to people.com she did an interview and stated that she turned down other movie roles so she could do the whole Twilight series and only did this new movie because there was only a 2 week shoot for the other movie and a 10 day … Read Moreoverlap with shooting both films. She had a contract with Summit to do all 3 films and I think it is crap that they did this and didn't even tell her. I have never liked anything Dallas Howard has done and it isn't just because she is replacing Rachelle, DallasHoward just sucks as an actress and every role I have seen her in I thought she was awful. Like the rest of the fans it throws it all out of balance when you replace actors in sequels, I was very much looking forward to seeing Rachelle and Rob do their scenes in Eclipse. Way to ruin Eclipse for the fans before you even start shooting Summit, Bravo you Hollywood jerks, way to go!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/VampireSugarPrincess Samantha Ann Skime

    I don't like the fact that she has red hair.
    It's really dumb to changed the person now.
    And Rachelle is a fine actress.
    She's hot, why do you care if this actress is more famous…
    It's really a stupid move.
    I think they just ruined the series.

  • nikkireedfan123

    i think we should do what all the team jacob fans/taylor fans did for him. and get her back to play victoriaa

    anyone agree?

  • Beethii

    I'm guessing the people who cast and make the movies know better. Rachelle isn't how I saw Victoria but mind you neither is Bryce. I'm not over bothered. I guess some people just see these things and decide to change them. No matter how much whining we do, we won't change it.

    Rachelle is a very good actress and we'll all be sad to see her leave her role in The Twilight Saga but who knows Bryce might be a better fit. Let's wait and see and have a more positive look on the change.

  • nikkireedfan123

    i think we should do what the jacob/taylor fans did and try and get her back
    anyone agree?

  • Michele

    I think that both sides errored. Rachelle for thinking that it is okay to overlap projects. I know it is done, but you can't expect the schedule to work around you. There are other actors and crew involved. Her other project should have been dropped if there was a conflict. She was under contract with Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse 1st. Summit had every right to fire her, but it was a mistake that I would have liked worked out.

  • o_vampire_heart_o

    I agree with Bethii on that. Rachelle was brilliant but there's really no point sending all this hate to Summit and speaking out against Bryce, she hasn't been given a chance yet. You could turn out to be right, and Bryce might not be right at all, but you can't say she isn't the right Victoria until you've seen her in the character.



  • Bella Swan

    Rachelle is leaving????!!!!! omg this is so sad!!!! she was like…so awesome!!!!! oh no!!!!!!!….I really hope that Bryce will be as good

  • TK

    Seriously people, I understand why your upset but whats done is done. Sure Rachelle was good but why not keep an open mind and give Bryce a chance. This kind of thing happens all the time in Hollywood, sometimes for better sometimes for worse but until we see eclipse for ourselves why don't we all just chill!

  • o_vampire_heart_o

    Well said TK.

  • bellalulu

    Dios mio cual es el drama eso suele pasar si es Rachelle o Bryce q importa las 2 son muy buenas actrises uff como la gente se deprime por tonterias; yo crearia el drama si fuera Rob o Kristen a quien cambiaran pero a Victoria q importa si ella casi ni salio en Twilight q pongan a otra pues q se va hacer yo me preocuparia mejor por pensar en q pongan las partes mas importates de cada libro y ya; pero esta es mi opinion no todo el mundo es como yo ^_^

  • Sally



  • dianalovejacob

    They Can't take away any of the character of the saga because i lose the magic of Victoria omg this is so sad!!!! she was like…so awesome!!!!! oh no!!!!!! you gotta do like what people do to make Taylor Lautner Stay as Jacob Black. I don't know take to somebody because Rachelle can't go

  • davsarah

    what about all those people who watch eclipse for the first time it gonna be really confusing, and it think rachelle was really good, yet another screw up for summit !!! if they wanted someone else in the first case why not have cassed bryce in the beginning this is just gonna annoy me, who else are they gonna replace next??? i hope that it won't be one of the main leads, anyway this SUCKS !!

  • Name

    why shes leaving???? i dont understand she is really good with the role of Victoria why changing chracarters now??

  • Mo2

    It's a shame !!
    Rachelle is a very good actrice and for males non-fan, that's stupid : Bryce isn't very pretty …

  • http://www.facebook.com/tessa.s.rice Tessa Seaman Rice

    I am extremely disappointed that the entire cast was not able to continue the saga. No offense to Bryce Dallas Howard, but I do have my doubts about her pulling ths character off. Victoria is animalistic and sexual. She's a true predatory creature. I've never seen anything that BDH has done that would make me think she could bring that to the role. She may shock us all though. I just have a feeling I'm going to be looking for the real Victoria come Eclipse time and all I'm going to get is an imitation of the real thing.

  • CrystalF

    EXACTLY what I heard… it's only a 10 day overlap… I think Summit use it as an excuse to replace her… and I hear the new girl was a better bargin.. ;) According to Rachelle's Twitter page… she had no idea and is still willing to to do Eclipse… She just asking that they accomade her on the 10 day overlap….

  • Sierra_Raine

    she has to have red hair or else the story wont work out. even in new moon rachelle will have bright red hair for the scene where bella jumps off a cliff. even in twilight she was suppose to have bright red hair.

  • twi_mom

    She didn't decide it…Summit did.

  • twi_mom

    She didn't decide … Summit did. Also Bryce Howard is Ron Howard's daughter….
    They (Summit) are using the excuse because they worked around Cam's (James) schedule for the 1st Movie (Twilight) all the scenes he was in were fimed in the 1st couple of weeks because he had a scheduling conflict. Rachelle would only not be availale for the 1st 10 days…..

  • missmissyyo

    UMMMMM Victoria has red hair in the book and Rachelle had red hair in the movie twilight. Have you even read the books? So her having natural red hair is probably the only plus in this deal!

  • Emma

    I agree. I didn't really like Rachelle as Victoria, and I think her roles have been minor enough that it wont ruin the movie. I think there are bigger issues to worry about like the new director, he makes me nervous. Also at least they didn't replace Rob or Kristen, then the series would be ruined. Give her a chance. At least Bryce looks Rachelle. I think it could be worse.

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    i agree with krystal and abi…
    Maybe Howard is a smart move but they already shot twilight with a diff actress as victoria so basically it will be awkward.
    And i have to say Rachelle is a LOT more attractive and i think Summit Entertainment picked ALL of the right actors and actresses for the saga but now that they fired Rachelle the saga has 2 flaws
    1.They chose to make Bedward (Bella + Edward) instead of Bacob (Bella + Jacob)
    2.They replaced Rachelle with that 2 faced skinny Byotch

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    She didnt choose they fired her

  • thetwilightsagakittycat


  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    i agree lets start a protest!

  • thetwilightsagakittycat


  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    i agree with both

  • thetwilightsagakittycat


  • thetwilightsagakittycat


  • Caleb

    They didnt choose that? Its how the book turns out…

  • Caleb

    They didnt choose that? Its how the book turns out…

  • fayth_twilightobsesser

    But still. In people's heads, she's Victoria. Imagery is wonderful. Books are imagery.

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    I think ur rite Tessa Seaman Rice But i cant wait to see who Riley is becos he is her new love interest

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    i hate Bryce becos if she hadnt come around and auditioned this would have NEVR happend it would be better if they just cut victoria from eclipse bcos its annoying to watch Bryce on Television and Cinema

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    wait i forgot who does catherine hardwick play?

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    i agree and Summit Ent. are Idiots for replacing such a fabulous actress

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    im with u dude

  • fayth_twilightobsesser

    But still. In people's heads, she's Victoria. Imagery is wonderful. Books are imagery.

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