Catherine Hardwicke reveals the final four actors for Edward Cullen

We have heard for a long time that Catherine had Kristen come over and do scenes with several actors once it was narrowed down. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been wondering who the other were (especially after Kristen was rather insulting about them, saying they were all playing it like they the most beautiful man in the world). Well, thanks to Pel from Twilight Lexicon who is tweeting live from TwiTour in Phoenix, we now know! Catherine told the crowd that her 4 actors were:

1) Jackson Rathbone
SO glad Jackson is Jasper instead of Edward. I adore him as Jasper!
2) Ben Barnes
Don’t hate me because I know he is really cute, but I think Ben is not a very good actor. And too old for the role.
3) Shiloh Fernandez
I’m not familiar with Shiloh but I can see how he could look the part of Edward.

4) Robert Pattinson (obviously)
Sigh… This pic kills me!

Thanks to the Examiner for the heads up!

  • twilightbabe1409

    Rob deffo makes the sexiest vamp by FAR!!!!!!! <3

  • holly

    wouldn''t have know any of these actors-didn't know Rob or Jackson before twilight-so happy to have been introduced to them!

  • Estefania

    so that means that kristen have a kiss with jackson??? i mean in the casting and also with Ben Barnes?? wow… well done girl, you rock and another reason to be proud of you kstew!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcela-Gomez-Lugo/1197769242 Marcela Gomez Lugo

    that must have been a steamy audition jeje

  • http://www.team-twilight.com/ Lindsay

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! That means Kristen and Jackson acted out the bedroom scene too… Nice…

  • http://twitter.com/Lucy_Tomlyn Lucy Tomlyn

    the comment about ben being too old can easily be said for rob too as hes in his 20's not 17 like the character… and he looks way older than ben as well…

  • Superstar_InTraining

    Wait!! Does this mean that Jackson Rathbone had to kiss Kristen Stewart?! OMG!! That's so AWESOME!!
    I love Jackson Rathbone!!

  • laurenrooney

    Wow whos the sexy one at the bottom, i dont think i recognise him? ;) aha… wow. that picture is just like, beautiful haha

  • EM :)

    Wow. Rob is just, for want of a better word, Gorgeous. :)

  • theoneonlyme

    wat happened to edward bein drop dead gorgous!

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Robsten doesnt exist. Stfu. They arent dating, and for those who think they are, Get over it, cuz they aren't. And no, its not “nice” that she got to kiss abuncha guys. Shes a pot smoking whore :) And she needs to learn how to act, or go die. Preferably the second part. Kaythanks.

  • http://www.team-twilight.com/ Lindsay

    True, they are both too old for Edward, but Rob is only 23 and Ben Barnes is 28.

  • Superstar_InTraining

    Well idc if they're really going out or not…………I love Robsten :D
    And I've never seen her smoke pot!! I think people just like to start rumors :)
    Thirdly, Why do you want Kristen to die?? I've always liked her acting :) I'm sure that if you were famous you wouldn't want people to hate you and want you dead, would you??

  • Superstar_InTraining

    Well idc if they're really going out or not…………I love Robsten :D
    And I've never seen her smoke pot!! I think people just like to start rumors :)
    Thirdly, Why do you want Kristen to die?? I've always liked her acting :) I'm sure that if you were famous you wouldn't want people to hate you and want you dead, would you??

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    You can't love something that doesn't exist. ;)
    And You seriously haven't seen the photos? Are you an idiot?
    http://gossipteen.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/1… theres your proof. And yes that is infact a crack pipe or for some, a weed pipe. My friend has one.
    How can you like amature acting? Rotfl. I could have done alot better.
    She's a shitty ass actress.
    And personally, i wouldn't give a fuck if someone wanted me dead. :)
    Oh and might i just add that your lovely Kristen hates you.
    She hates her fans and has called them Crazy :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/AudreyMadison Audrey

    I think shiloh and ben just are one of the ppl who went in and tryed to act all Like erisistable and like they are the hottest cause their immortal. Do ya get me? lol :)


  • Superstar_InTraining

    Well I really don't like starting stupid fights so I'm just gonna say PEACE :) !!

  • http://twitter.com/tierneyoraclair tierneyoraclair

    I love Jackson as Jasper. I don't think he could play any other part better… well, thats a lie. He would do great with whatever he does =]]

  • Vantina

    I totally agree, her acting is terrible! She is like Paul Walker the same in every movie. No range!

  • gigzy17

    they really had a limited list for Edward…
    and i think that he is the best for the role even though he doesnt have the velvet voice or the crooked smile as described in the book.

  • voladora

    Shiloh its soo hot!, but Rob have the all look of Edward…Jackson its perfect as Jasper..

  • katelovesedward

    They made the right choice!!!! Rob all the way!!!

  • shelbylovesrobby

    Shiloh was my original choice:O

  • ritz

    ok kristen-stewart-hater calm down. it's great u hate someone sooo much, but i doubt she has done anything personally to u . whats ur life is urs and her life is hers

  • brandilea18

    wow you have issues!

  • brandilea18

    honestly you have to give people chances in that industry. i mean seriously she is young and doesnt have much experience. give it time. you'll love her eventually! :)

  • SophieThompson

    You, my friend are officially awesome. While i wouldnt go as far as to say i wish she would die, the rest of what you wrote i 100% agree with.

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Haha. I know right? :)
    And i'm glad someone agrees with me!!!

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Omfg i know right?!?!!??! Ahhhh and her as bella = TERRIBLE. she acted so damned depressed and i wanted to throw up. -.-

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    I gave her a chance a LONG time ago.
    Sure she's young, but shes also had alot of experience.
    She should atleast be SEMI good by now, but she isnt. She fails at life and needs to get off the movie screens and go back to her porch to smoke a joint.

  • ashTHEtwilightFREAK

    whoa which bit of twilight do u actually LIKE?

  • tayler

    Does this look like a kristen news…. NO! Its edward news get over kristen and talk about whats posted above all the comments.We don't need a bunch of swearing its just an actress get over it already.We dont need haters This saga is about love.. lol

  • tara811

    Pretty hateful words for someone you don't even know. Wouldn't want to know you either.

  • Carrie…xxx

    Umm i hate to say it but she has been in this industry for a fair bit now and evey movie i have seen her in she has acted the same i just thought i would say that lol…..

    ooo and love the pics


  • twilightsagafan

    I totally agree with you!!

  • twilightsagafan

    I knew Rob from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But I didn't know Jackson, so I agree!

  • twilightsagafan

    How do you know how she feels about her fans? And why do you hate her so much? I'm not trying to start anything, I'm just curious. Her acting isn't that bad, she's actually pretty good.

  • twilightsagafan

    Umm she's supposed to be depresed. She didn't want to move to Forks in the first place.

  • Tabbi

    Okay…so why are you hating on someone for their apparent drug use and then stating that your friend has one…ummm…shouldn't you hate your friend to? Your such a contradiction. And by the way…this is about the actors they looked at for Edward so lets get back on topic shall we? Instead of finding a stupid way to vent how much you hate something that doesn't even matter.

  • twigurl182

    dont go on these websites if you are just going to say hateful things about the people we think are good actors. if you really dont like her, then dont go on TWILIGHT FAN SITES!!!! really, go on a twilight bashing site or something because we dont want to here what you have to say. you probably like an actor and there is no doubt that someone hates them, so get over yourself and LEAVE!!!

  • annieblack

    hahaha lol ok. she made you talk a lot about her. haha you can be a hater but God you likee live Kik's life. that's funny, you hate her, but you know everything about her! soo funny!! rofl! jajajajajaja

  • naazuz96

    well, she's not that yung of an actress , she's been acting since she was like 11.. and SHE CAN'T ACT. sorry to burst ur little bubble of enthusiasm…

  • WendiMcCrory

    I disagree, I think he looks much younger and more like a seductive vampire. <33 Rob

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Uhh hun, she wasnt supposed to be THAT depressed, thats not till new moon :)

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Yes because if i'm going to hate someone, atleast i'm going to get my facts correct. :)

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    Lol. Whats amusing is, I don't care x]

  • new.moon.love.it

    woahhh!! your starting wayy to many fights around here… like lay off!

  • kristen_Stewart_hater

    xD Nah these people just get pissy over my opinons. :)

  • nisa

    he he does.

  • nisa

    every 1 is entitled to their opinions..but i have mixed feeling about her..i think she picks her roles wisely ..according to her personalit..( which is kinda akward) but i love her sense of style..when she hits the cons and red carpets…but its sad that she smokes the way she does..but so does pretty much 1/2 of the cast does..its a dirty habbit..but ppl do wut they want to do..
    but i dont hate kristen s..i like most of her movies that she done..

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