5 things men love about Kristen Stewart


I know there are a lot of KStew haters out there, but there are certainly a load of people that love her and think she is beautiful. So the nay-sayers can keep their thoughts to themselves for this one, we already know.

This article talks about what it is that men find so attractive about Kristen Stewart. And, yes, my husband thinks she is gorgeous. In fact, she was the only reason he was even remotely interested in seeing Twilight. Here are the five reasons men love her:

She’s not glamorous. While Kristen might be considered beautiful by universal standards, she’s not hot in the bombshell, high-maintenance, stereotypical Tinseltown way. One guy watched a clip of her, shrugged, and said, “She’s real.” The lesson? Guys like girls who are genuine. That’s What He Said: The Truth About Make-up: A Guy’s Take

She’s cool. While Kristen has been catching some flack for her zany Joan Jett Runaways look, she’s still catching guys’ attention. It takes a self-assured woman to rock a bomber and Chuck Taylors, but to still come off as feminine? One guy said, “She has her own style…she can call me daddy.”

She’s quirky. Kristen is known for her unique mannerisms and pulling the unexpected during audience appearances. Remember the MTV Movie Awards when she dropped the award and turned laughing to the crowd? Adorable. An English member of our poll told us that guys “get bored very easily.” A girl like Kristen exhibiting a little eccentricity makes things interesting and keeps a guy curious.

She’s smart. In interviews Kristen comes off as articulate and bookish, listening intently to questions and answering thoughtfully with the occasional big (but unpretentious) word thrown in. “She knows what’s going on,” one poll participant shared, demonstrating our theory that smart girls are hot.

She doesn’t need a man. One of the things Robert’s been said to like most about Kristen is that she’s a great chase. She’s rarely given in to his reported advances and refuses to set the record straight on her status with longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano. In a world shaped by Hollywood that praises the perpetually bubbly girl, our guys say the dry, hard-to-read type presents a rare but relished challenge.

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  • nisa

    hahahaa ” she can call me daddy”
    but yea ii love kristen( maybe not so much as bella) but she has he cool unique style..and thats wut i like about her..she does herself and no 1 eles

  • EM :)

    I love her :) She's so genuine & a really cool down to earth gal.
    Go KStew!! :D

  • http://twitter.com/keag1994 Kim

    i think shes awesome!! She's really down to earth, and shes a triple threat, one she is gorgeous, two she has a great persona, and three she's talented with SINGING and ACTING! She is totally cool!:D Im a Kstew fan!

  • AnnieAnde

    She is one of my favorite actresses. She got me with her role in Speak. Awesome.

  • ashley87

    these are the exact reasons i love her.
    love her as a person, & love her as an actress.
    she don't give a hoot about what people say.
    i love the not glamorous thing.
    she is not like a the females in hollywood who worry about
    what they look like. to me, kristen shows me and the rest of the
    world that she is comfortable with who she is.

  • nic3

    i am a big fan of kristen's
    i have been a fan of her's since either “in the land of women”
    or “into the wild” i can't remember which one i saw first.
    but yeah i think its cool how she's not the typical hollywood actress, she seems really down to earth, really real.
    she is definatley my like acting role model…her mannerisms in movies seem so genuine like she's really speaking instead of just reading lines :)

  • nic3

    omg exactly…
    one of my friends yesterday was talking about how she doesn't like kristen because it seems like she doesn't care about anything.
    and i was like “ummm that's exactly why i like her” haha
    she doesn't let fame go to her head, she thinks that the role she is playing in a movie is more important than perfect hair, or a designer outfit.
    she's so not hollywood…its a breath of fresh air.
    if all hollywood starlets could be like her we wouldn't have to deal with egocentric maniacs like paris hilton!

  • ashley87

    i am glad there is someone who thinks the
    same way about kristen the way i do.
    there is so many things i love about her.
    other than her i don't care attitude.
    i think also its the fact that for a 19 year old, she acts
    more older. thats interesting for me to see in someone
    that age.

  • iloverobert

    I love Kristen Stewart!
    The only reason why people (girls especially) ont like her is becasue of all the stuff that she gets to do with Rob.
    Really people…. stop hating!

  • http://twitter.com/michiilicious Michelle Huuynh

    I am a big big fan of Kristen. SHE ROX! ♥ She is so down to earth and so relaxed and chilled.. she seems very easy going . Kristen Rox! ♥

  • Georgia_Twilightsaga

    She is real, thats whats so great… I mean she is a bit eccentric but she is unique and she is gonna go a long way in hollywood! :)

  • peace<3&twilight ( y_lise)

    i know right.
    i love that rob likes her.
    shows he has taste that goes beyond superficial! loove her and love him… they are both so not the typical hollywood, theyhave their own style and their own attitudes and thats why they are our bella and edward!!! loovee robsten!

  • maggie995

    shez so ttly awesum….ttly luv her actin skils…!!!!!!
    wonder wen wud she or any f d cast cum 2 india…………….

  • maggie995

    shez so ttly awesum….ttly luv her actin skils…!!!!!!
    wonder wen wud she or any f d cast cum 2 india…………….

  • Sami

    Very to the point !!And who says boys don't like her ?
    I am in love with this girl :)

  • Sami

    Very to the point !!And who says boys don't like her ?
    I am in love with this girl :)

  • julia

    Kristen Stewart Is The BEST…end off !! x <3 <3 <3
    she gawjuss, real, and awsome x <3 love herr

  • Lilstudmuffin42

    love her she dosent cake on the make-up, she seems down to earth and she is natural! love her!!!

  • Lilstudmuffin42

    love her she dosent cake on the make-up, she seems down to earth and she is natural! love her!!!

  • Avijit (Cricketer of C.A.B.)


  • I love you Kristen!

    All of that's so true! Kristen is Kristen no matter what! She's very articulate, but tends to stumble over her words! She's super cute and super hot!

    Follow me on twitter!


  • Siddharthsingh

    i really love her…………………..i got fallen in love with her at the first sight during the movie…………..she is gorgeous,natural,of course smart nd what to tell……………….she is jst awsome…………….i wish she could read this message

  • bluebird


  • Blondierulz

    You guys obviously need to have your eyes checked, because she is dull and looks like she just rolled out of bed, but not in the good way. Also, several of you people need to take a spelling class. Kristen said, “Like, you know, it's just so, like, cool and different from the other stuff” in reference to 'Snow White & the Huntsman' in an interview on GMA. Ugh, you fucking losers need to give a life and stop worshipping what looks like a pile of shit.

  • LK70

    Kristen is wonderful.I understand that not everybody has to like her,but hating her without a reason(except Rob)is stupid and absurd.

  • Orto

    Okaaaay so here's an opinion from a real guy(I don't really care much for hating/loving twilight ) I admit that she is pretty but she's not a girl that I'd be crazy about.Dropping an award does not equate to quirky,guys sure as hell do not look at girls and say “Oooh she's got her own style”,And from the interviews I've seen she doesn't come off that way.

    As for the guys that say they would want to screw her,it's more of a domination thingSO to sum it up: guys like genuine girls-but in the real world not when we look at hollywood actresses(and make-up does not tell you if a girl is genuine.Even as a guy I can tell you girls are a lot deeper than the make-up on their faces).She cool should be confident since that's what you're talking about.She's quirky-yeaaah no.She's smart-don't insult women and she doesn't need a man-true she needs two.

    Also,I'd like to add that this is the most poorly referenced article I have ever seen.”
    One guy watched a clip of her”,”
    One guy said”,”
    An English member of our poll',”
    “one poll participant shared”.At ;east try to get belivable sources.

  • nil

    I'm always thinking about her…truthly she is my life and I hope kristen be happy in every moment of her life!a reasons I love her is she is so cool I love that!

  • Kristen Love Stewart

    i love kristen she is my favorite and im glad that rob gave kristen another chance <3 team robsten 4 ever

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