Purchase New Moon action figures from Play.com

I think I have posted pics of these before but not a link to where you can purchase them. Play.com has the New Moon action figures of Edward, Bella, Jacob & Alice available for sale for £9.99 with free delivery. I wonder if they deliver internationally. Click here to purchase!


Thanks to Sarah!

  • MeLiSsA451

    eww bella looks soooo weird!!(: actually they all look a little weird!

  • Iceteal

    Wow Alice and Jake look very realistic.
    Ashley is going to be happy, I remember in an interview she did with Jackson back when they were filming twilight she said she wanted her own action figure and that it would kick barbies butt. xD

  • Twi_Cutie

    hahahahaha….this is sooo funi!!! They all look creepy~!! Especially Bella…she has the hugest love handles!!!! :P

  • kaaaaate

    I want.. nay I need a Jasper action figure ;D hah

  • ashTHEtwilightFREAK

    i think the bella-doll looks like lara croft.

  • nancylewis

    not really good but better than the last ones… i might actually get them this time….

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  • twilight_addiction

    they actually made action figures!! LMAO!! thats so unbelievebly dumb!!

  • twilight_addiction

    not dumb, but funny

  • minisontheedge

    Where is Jasper!! I want a Jasper Action Figure too!!

  • LaRica

    Just to let all of you know, if you are in America you cannot buy these action figures and have it shipped to you due to American customs. Here is what they told me when I contacted Play.com abou it. “Unfortunately due to Customs regulations and postal restrictions we are unable to accept orders from countries not specified on our website. ” USA is not a country included on their website.

  • mbm

    omg! That's so dumb! But cool in a way!

  • mbm

    omg! That's so dumb! But cool in a way!

  • mbm

    omg! That's so dumb! But cool in a way!

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