Kellan flexes for paps after photo shoot in Hollywood


Kellan Lutz left nightclub Bardot Hollywood after a photo shoot yesterday. Radar claims it was a shoot for Blackbook magazine and Just Jared says it was a shoot for clothing company H&M. Not sure which is accurate. Doesn’t matter as long as we get these pics!

All I can say is thank goodness for the white tank top and the black bag (which forces the flexed biceps).

Also, Radar Online has a video of Kellan leaving the shoot.



  • EM :)

    If it is a shoot for H&M, I will be in that shop everyday just to see if they have the photo's up of Kellan in there. If they are, I will oggle. Oggle till I have to be removed from the shop. Ha :)

  • cullenluver

    OMG !!! HAWT!! (L)

  • http://twitter.com/courtneyminton Courtney Minton

    Holy hottness! Break me off a piece of that!

  • Preeeeeeeet


  • Team_Switzerlandd

    omgoshhh. He is SO HOT! Him and Taylor. What are they doing to these Twilight Guysss? Why Couldnt Rob Look like that?!

  • ShelbyLovesTwilight

    there is some serious sexiness going on in these pictures(;

  • Team_Switzerlandd


  • missy

    I say totally freakin hottt!! i just love guys with muscules speically Kellan hehe…but im a fan of his but he's a total babe in my book..

  • Michelle Piñero

    OMG he is so freaking hot!!!

  • ForksBaseball

    pfwahhh.. yum yum, i'd like me a bit of Kellan ;)

  • ForksBaseball

    pfwahhh.. yum yum, i'd like me a bit of Kellan ;)

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