SPOILERY POST: Designers give ideas for Bella’s wedding dress


Some great designers have submitted ideas to InStyle for Bella’s wedding dress. Let’s remember that Alice chooses a dress for Edward’s time period (1918), and also remember Bella’s style. So which of these do you like the best?

See all the designs after the jump.

Tough decision, but there are definitely a few I don’t think fit.

I have been chatting on Twitter this morning about whether we’ll actually see Bella in a wedding dress in Eclipse or if they will wait for the Breaking Dawn film to surprise us with that. But she does try on the dress at the end of Eclipse (book) for Alice.

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  • Kellan006

    o really like the 4th dress(by Christian Siriano) :)

  • emma2822

    she doesn't try the dress on at the end of eclipse. alice shows bella the dress. she tries the dress on at the beginning of breaking dawn.

  • leeannie

    the Monique Lhullier or the Prabal Gurung seem more like bella…

  • AnnieAnde

    I agree, but I also love Christian Siriano w/o that red neck thing. It might be a good modern take on the simple satin number.

  • ferrisbeashau

    Max Azaria all the way!

  • http://twitter.com/someday_britney Aleesha Hillis

    My favorite dress is the LelaRose dress …. it seems very 1918 because of the back and the flow of the dress. I also like the Christian Siriano dress

  • celovestwilight

    The Lela Rose and Christian Siriano dresses are BEAUTIFUL<3

  • Katrena

    The Lela Rose seems more like what I imagined he dress to look like but I also like the Christian Siriano.

  • mak

    i dont think she tried the dress on in eclipse. bella accepts edwards proposal at the end of eclipse but the dress stuff was in breaking in dawn.

  • mak

    in breaking dawn* i meant

  • Team_Alice28

    I really loooove the Lelarose!!! To mee it FITS Bella and the time period and brings to life how she (bella) described it in the book!!!!

  • Nisi88

    4 and 6 are pretty close, to what I imagined :)
    But what the heck is the last one haha

  • hanna

    LelaRose!! Love it!

  • Kelly_Marie421

    Lela Rose and Christian Siriano and Monique Lhullier. The Monique Lhullier is what i imagined it to look like.

  • Kayla

    I like the 6th dress, but I don't really like any of them THAT much…

  • beckatwilight

    FUCK YEAH! =)

  • nursingnanny

    yeah lela rose matches more to what the book presented

  • Michelle Piñero

    I like Christian Siriano, Lela Rose & Monique Lhullier. Those dresses make want to get married again lol

  • devannadine

    Number 6 by lelarose it fits the time perfectly and it suits what Alice would approve for Bella and what Bella would like :)

  • tiffanynicole

    I think the 6th one by Lela Rose is PERFECT!!

  • ambermurray1

    I like Max Azria's the best

  • kaerio99

    I like Monique Lhullier but I think Lela Rose's will be the best for Bella's style and Edward's period.. :D awesome awesome designs though! :D

  • the_hunger_games__twilight

    erin fetherston and lela rose both have my vote
    only i think it would be better for lela rose's dress to be in white
    but i hate the one by max azria and i cant tell if the one by bryen reyes is supposed to be a dress or not! lol

  • becky

    the Max Azira was the closest to what i pictured when i read breaking dawn.

  • CassieCelmo

    My favorit is Lela Rose its just beautiful and looks the part in the book

  • anikole

    I agree too, I can see this one on Bella then the others too.

  • Carrie…xxx

    Completely agree with you

  • elphame

    totally agreee!!

  • canania

    I also Like dress six, it's bella simple.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ruthie-Medina-Ilasco/1254647562 Ruthie Medina-Ilasco

    Couldn't agree with you more. All the three dresses fit the bill. Although who' the best – i don't know.

  • J. Jackson

    I thought dress 6 would fit the bill if these dresses are the only ones to choose from!

  • ashleigh123

    Yea. That's the image of the dress I got in my head when reading the books.

  • Name

    The 6th dress is very pretty, but I think that the 2nd dress is really what is more appropriate for edward's time period….Maybe they can take dress 2 and make it unbelievably gorgeous for Bella!!!

  • heidi

    definitely, the christian siriano dress would look great on bella

  • kezzaheartstwilight

    yeah i think the 2nd one is very 1918 but the 6th one has the train and the lace so i think a combination of the two would be the best. . . what is with the last one – it's so weird!!

  • danceluvr

    i love the 6th one…. i agree

  • Jasmine

    agreed :)

  • dominque

    none of these dresses rally suit the dress in the book. i think it should be white silk with a littlebit of lace on the top with sleeves that are really short, like a t-shirt, but a bit shorter. the ncekline should be high, like a reg. t-shirt, and the back should have pearl buttons half-way down the bach, like to her waist, then a short train, not to short but not long either because bella is clumsy, anyway thats my opionon.

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  • DaniPattinson

    I think Lela Rose got the closest to the vision, a close second would be Lhullier's

  • Burtoneyana

    I picked the fourth one, mostly because that's the dress that looks more like the dress I pictured. ^-^

  • luli

    I really like the 4th and 6th ether will be perfect

  • Burtoneyana

    I picked the fourth one, mostly because that's the dress that looks more like the dress I pictured. ^-^

  • luli

    I really like the 4th and 6th ether will be perfect

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