• redrileyal


  • mzlaurennicole

    i'm with you – wth is this?! it looks like the bat from anastaisa

  • edward3

    as u 2 have said wth???? lmaooo thats just crap u cant tell what is lmaooo

  • taylorrae

    is it a dress??

  • CullenLover

    I agree it looks like a cross between the bat from Anastasia, Maleficent (the witch from Sleeping Beauty), and a crumpled leaf. Might as well put a Snuggie on Bella and call it a wedding dress :X

  • mandaxleighx33

    what is this supposed to be??

  • alisia

    I”m confused lol

  • rnm

    I can't even tell what this is???

  • lizzy13


  • Chelsey

    wtf..is that!

  • aneaya83

    I agree 100% WTH is that??

  • Lauren

    WHAT THE HECK??? IT LOOKS LIKE A BAT THING BUT NOT, have you seen the movie jeepers creepers? this THING looks like that evil guy in the movie

  • madelines

    dadum, dadum, its like jaws coming at you its so horrible

  • hannah cullen-black

    ooooook i kinda see where the dress outline is supposed to be but its REALLY hard to make out. Lmaooo!

  • amberwynter

    so i literally just sat here for about five minutes and laughed at this… I'm not entirely sure what this is 0.O

  • http://twitter.com/michiilicious Michelle Huuynh

    i dont understand this lol

  • camixoxo727

    ahahahah!! wth is this? lyk some vampire-ish/bat dress? ok NO! this definetlly does not go wit what Stephenie wrote on the book.

  • rpms

    what the hell is this?.
    im not sure where her heads suppose to be. lmfao.
    least favorite for suress.

  • Steffi Zielinski

    omfg, what is that?! :O

  • jasperslover


  • LenaThirteen

    this is abstract art i assume….. i dont see a dress here soo no not this one!!

  • Chrissy

    Um WTF is this? Rediculous.

  • angelwingz

    wtf is that??

  • http://www.theandreaxblog.blogspot.com AndreaX

    LMFAO. i totally thought the exact same thing.

  • gothicpaperdoll

    i can't even tell where they are going with this… not really at all… btu i say a NO on this one.

  • m_jamal

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha lol so true what were they thinking!

  • aryanna

    REALLY???? wow i dont even seen the dress!

  • rosaliehalee

    What the helllllllllllllllll is this???????????What is this supposed to be??????!!!!!!!This is not a dress……Wtf…Im little confused,and i dont get it???!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!pls

  • panda_3122

    ahhh.. kept laughing reading the comments.. hahaha! i'll go for what everybody else said.haha

  • panda_3122

    ahhh… kept laughing reading all the comments. hahaha! XD i'm with what everybody else said. LOL

  • payton1162

    wth???? i cant even tell wat that is… a dress? or or a five year-olds drawing???


    This person obviously doesn't want the job & didn't read the book!!!


    This person obviously doesn't want the job & didn't read the book!!!

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