• k8e_w8

    i like this one the best <3

  • http://www.myspace.com/davienlace lace7

    sooo not bella. no way.

  • mileeee

    i cant reeli see bella wearing any of these tbh, i think a knee length or just above the knee one less glamourous for her clumsiness :) , but still wedding styleeee (:

  • saz22

    gotta b this 1. its a classic style, just like in the book. the dress shouldnt be modern or that will just ruin it really.

  • gothicpaperdoll

    the top part is good, but the rest doesn't fit in what i pictured her wearing.

  • jrt1972

    According the book the dress wasn't like this… it was simple yet beautiful, this is far from simple. The era they were trying to make the wedding in was from Edward's era, fabric wasn't used like this and I doubt that Bella… the character could wear this w/o tripping and falling and breaking more then her neck in the process… so unless they plan to change her before she's married… due to her injuries from this dress… no way!

  • twilightlover818

    sooo not bella! to busy.

  • imissuguys

    I don't think an of them are right for bella.
    All the ones that are simple arn't beautiful enough, and all the beutiful are very busy (like this one).
    It should be the same shape has this one, only without the ruffels on the bottom part, just smooth. and the top should'nt be all crazy like that. It should be normal with some descreet patterning made of sown on little pearls.

    Thats my opinion. What do ya think

  • http://twitter.com/kathy8808 Katherine Salazar B

    LOVE IT!!!! but is too big for bella

  • wiggles70

    i like this 1 best

  • wiggles70

    i like this 1 best

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