• http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenna-Lynn-Gallagher/1577809000 Jenna Lynn Gallagher

    I totally saw this dress in my head when i was reading the book my vote is for this one

  • marce

    lindo… una crinolina mas grande y seria perfectoo

  • Misty

    I can't tell whats on her face/head that seems to be covering her eyes, but I do not like that. The dress is perfect though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sarah-Williams/624885849 Sarah Williams

    This is Really Pretty, Edward would love it =)

  • rainellierents

    I see number 3 being Bella's “Anne of Green Gables” Dress.

  • holliegirlxox

    This is so Bella. It's simplea and inncent. Plus it does look with it was from the 1910's. This would be perfect for Bella's wedding. I so hope to see it in the movie Eclipse.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathryn.ann2 Kathryn Ann

    I like this one, it looks the most like how it was described.

  • Juli

    OMG!!! this is a totally Bella … This would b the perfect wedding dress 4 her, is simple but is beautiful too, is romantic and it0s so 1918's … I don't know i love this one …

  • alyssa

    This is the perfect dress for Bella and totally1918's. I love this dress!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elsita.herreramolina Name

    this is the one…very old fashion!
    really cute!

  • LenaThirteen

    wow lovely one….this is a really hard decision!!!!

  • mrsemmettcullen

    This is exactly what her dress is suppose to look like. It has the early 1900's-esque to it, and would look beautiful on kristen. It is also exactly how i pictured the dress, minus the black bow. Its absolutely perfect..nice job!

  • gothicpaperdoll

    this is VERY Bella :)

  • DoubleOh8

    too little girl-ish, and seems more like a nightgown than a wedding dress. Alice is too fashion foward

  • jrt1972

    I think this is the closest to making a fit for the 1918 era, not sure if the designers for the movie will go for this look, but, it's seriously the closest to what the book is describing… and I think if Alice was the one designing the gown… it will still have bling and be “Bella” but still give us the era look…

  • totallyteamtaylor

    i think this dress bescause the dress was form edward's mother and it is old fashioned exactly how i imaged her dress xxxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.e.mcmillan Danielle Elizabeth McMillan

    I think this one mostly suits the time period, and it is as i imagined it when reading. The other ones are pretty, but this is so simple, and would suit bella, and Edward would be elated to see her in it.

  • twilightlover818

    maybe but without the puffy sleeves.

  • http://twitter.com/kathy8808 Katherine Salazar B

    Don't loke it is not to elegant alice would never pick this one

  • chanteuse

    This is the closest to what i would imagine, however I think this is still too complicated for Bella. Bella's perfect dress would be simple straight lines. I think there is too much detail at the top as well. Alice would not have picked a dress that would detract from Bella in any way and that stuff at the neckline is distracting.

  • Christa

    I really don't think Alice would pick this out… And I really can't see Bella wearing this one… It's too girlish.

  • essugh

    i think this dress looks like a night gown.
    And i don't think that Bella would wear something like that.
    sorry but i don't like it.

  • SamNick

    Gorgeus :) :)
    love this one ♥

  • rosaliehalee

    veryyy simple,cute,and totally gorgeous!!!This is for Bella,definitely!!!

  • rosaliehalee

    veryyy simple,cute,and totally gorgeous!!!This is for Bella,definitely!!!

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