• wildchild7

    i like this one =)

  • redrileyal

    This one is most fitting for the period and Bella.

  • Lilith101

    This one could work too. not too much frills and stuff that Bella will hate.. Like this one too

  • lovemuffin4

    this one looks more like the dress that they chose for her in the book i think

  • Karenshiler

    I love this dress, there's this one and another one I like most

  • Nahla

    This is Bella so much!!!!!!!

  • pochis

    I love this dress!!! this should be the one!!!

  • KaterrsXD

    This One Is Definitly The Best!!! :'D

  • its_erin

    this would work since it has that traditional old fashion look =)

  • Name

    This one!! definitely!

  • http://twitter.com/nicolenayar Nicole Nayar

    I love this one, its not very in your face so its very Bella…and the lace makes it more vintagey so it will suite the theme :)

  • liarblueliar

    this one for sure!

  • shelbosayys

    i love this one..it fits the time period and its not too frilly. i dont like the big puffy dresses..bella would never wear that.

  • Franpire

    This one is the most fitting for the period that is in the book, and it is the best looking :D

  • LittleMissOrdinary

    that's beautiful !

  • jessica

    this is sooo the ONE!!

  • secretlife

    This one should be it! It's perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It fits with the time period and it's something Edward and Bella would love.

  • amanda94

    This one!!! It's more romantic and kind of old fashioned like edward. i can hardly see bella getting into the high fashion of the others

  • LeiaSweet


  • AmyG1992

    I like this one. It's so right for Bella x

  • alishahans

    i love this one its amazing for the bella in the book it the ONE. but im not sure how well kristen would wear

  • ForksBaseball

    this is the only dress that i can picture bella in!
    it is beautiful and it is perfect for the wedding. it has alice's taste all over it and isn't too frilly for bella.
    i love it :) xx

  • nancylewis

    This is my favorite so far!

  • nataliemichele

    i like this one best it perfect for bella :)

  • cassie629

    I love this one!

  • tehtastic

    yeah this is the beat of the lot so far

  • Christa

    I totally think this one is the most Bella-like! I think this one is also closest to the one Stephenie described.

  • aryanna

    i LOVE this dress! I think its PERFECT for Bella! It totally is the closest one to the book. Its doesnt pop out like some of the other dresses (dont get me worng the other dresses are beautiful but NOT for Bella) and thts PERFECT. Bella likes to blend in and not stand out! Plus she is very clumsy…. =)

  • carrie_95

    i love this one!

  • ADr!@nNa

    this is perfect any ways bella only wore the dress in the wedding for edward

  • rosaliehalee

    I think this is very pretty,and its gonna be gorgeous on Bella!!!!

  • iminlove

    wow it HAS to be the Lela Rose one!! It's PERFECT!! OMG!! the rest of the dresses seem kinda weird but this one really fits the description PERFECTLY!! ITS BEAUTIFUL!!

  • jules

    I agree on this dress

  • TeamJacob4ever!

    Definitly this one! she would look beautiful in this!

  • MattysAngel7

    This looks most like the idea in the book to me! with pearl buttons down the back it would be a GREAT match to exactly the book description!

  • MattysAngel7

    This looks most like the idea in the book to me! with pearl buttons down the back it would be a GREAT match to exactly the book description!

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