Pic released from new photo shoot: Taylor gets dirty!

Taylor will be featured as the cover story in an upcoming teen magazine (maybe Teen Vogue but I found this article to be a bit confusing). Here is one shot of him from the photo shoot!


Lookin’ mighty fine, T… As soon as we know what magazine, what issue, and have more pics, we’ll get them posted!


  • ting_tang_bing_bang

    exactly meaning u onli like him bcuz of carachter evry1 does when they see him they scream EDWARD EDWARD!!…not ROBERT ROBERT (which i hate!!) sooo its his character not him

    dont gget me wrong i love rob i just like tay better

  • ting_tang_bing_bang

    im not a hater rob is sexy yum yum xD i dont think hes the hottest hes 3rd hottest kellan being first tay being second

  • Holly

    Be careful what you say there because not all girls only like Rob because he plays Edward, I was a fan of his long before I saw him in Twilight.

  • taylorlover101

    He is too freakin sexy!!! Rob on the other hand… dont like him not cute or hot… so i guess i agree with Denise…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1469187196 facebook-1469187196

    I agree with everything but peter is 3rd and jasper 4th and pack 5th volturi 6th mike newton 7th and then the crew 8th then the females 9th and garrett 10th and everyone else except rob comes in 11th and FINALY rob in 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999th my music teacher even bets him.

  • Sara

    you r soooooooooooo wrong

  • livlui

    AND they arent fake ;) x

  • teya

    omg thank u i felt like im the only person who didnt think rob was hot gosh thank u im not alone in this world

  • awwww_fudge

    naw, jakes an ass!

  • awwww_fudge

    yah, SECOND. haha *go rob!*

  • awwww_fudge

    true. true.

  • emilyadkins


  • -TaZ-

    yeah, Taylor's the hot one
    rob is NOT!!! =P

  • -TaZ-

    i agree soooo much

  • katelovesedward

    If i saw Rob i would probably die lol!! I would def not call out Edward…..I really do just like Rob, i have watched hundreds of interviews and movie clips of him and just think he is devine. I love his music…his voice!!! He is witty and charming when on camera and that face is delish!!! To me Edward is totally different……Rob has actually said when people call out “Edward” hes like “not my name”…must get annoying!!! Im sure Taylor will grow on me..we will soon see in Nov hehehe!!!

  • thetwilightsagakittycat

    RPatz is pretty hot and so is Taylor, i prefer Taylor bcos 1.I looove his haircut now- it looks sexy like a bad boy and 2. Not saying anything AGAINST RPatz but the really thick eyebrows kinda freak me out….

  • obsessedtwilightgeek

    1st – Jasper / Jackson Rathbone
    2nd- Edward / R patzz
    3rd – Jacob / Tay
    And i havent seen the rest of the cast for new moon
    kellen is not fit

  • shelbyjones

    i totally agree !!!

  • ashleyvargas

    totally agreeded “Jake” in the book i could not stand him!! But “Taylor” i love him soo damnn hot!!

  • ashleyvargas

    totally agreeded “Jake” in the book i could not stand him!! But “Taylor” i love him soo damnn hot!!

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    YUMM :P seems to me, that nearly all of the guys from twilight are nicee ^-^

  • http://es-la.facebook.com/people/Hertys-Placencia-Fuentes/1524540546 Hertys Placencia Fuentes

    aaaaa……. se ve super jajajajajja

  • undecided

    Haters, Haters And More Haters..
    Why Cant Everyone Accept That They're Both Hot, As Are The Rest Of Them And Just Get Over It..?

  • satomy

    OMG QUE SEXYYYYYYY I'M IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pony_lover_101

    omfg taylor is so HOT in this pic!

  • pony_lover_101

    omfg taylor is so HOT in this pic!

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