New Moon themed corn mazes

Even the vegetation is taking sides in the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate. Black Island Farms in Utah has added a Team Edward and Team Jacob to their collection of corn field mazes. check out these photos! I want to see this in person (from the air!).



Thanks to the Lexicon.

  • Twilighter94

    wow someone has to much time on their hands lol

  • diianitha


  • Twi_Cutie

    woah…obsessive!! i mean i luv 'em and all..but dayyum!! U gottsta be purty bored to that, man!!

  • Taylormakesmedrool

    thats cool. how do they get it too look so real? it really does look like tthem!

  • http://twitter.com/brandigolightly Brandi Brands

    nobody has a lot of time on their hands, it's something that i've seen before…i live around a corn maze and they need a theme every year so i'm guessing with THIS corn maze, they decided to go with a Twilight theme for their design this year…i think it's pretty cool, i wanna check this out and i'm kinda wishing the corn maze i live near did this as their theme this year :(

  • estiana19

    i think this is pretty cool, twilight is a bigger phenomenon than alot of people think, its mind boggling

  • http://twitter.com/michiilicious Michelle Huuynh

    Wow! :)

  • robsgurl

    That's pretty cool. I wonder how they convinced theyre father to do it though!! lol

  • utopia76

    IT WASNT THE FARMERS IT WAS THE ALIENS HAHAHAHAHAHA. Imagine if the extra terrestrial life forms were twilight fans too. how funny would that be.

  • chantelro


  • twilight_lover025

    hahahaha! that is frikin awesome!!! TEAM JACOB!


    That's sooooo coooool!!

  • Jacob_Fan1500

    Ohhh wish that was my farm!!!
    Team Jacob!!!!
    I <3 Jacob Black!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Romina-Lautner/1024049157 Romina Lautner

    Team Jacob is bigger because Jacob Teamers are just awesome :D
    baahahaahaa that was AWESOME. i mean seriously, if they're farm is like that. imagine their house and stuff :P

  • taymia

    oooomgggggg that is soo freaken awesome !!11 goooooooo team jacob :P

  • Team_Rosalie

    A W E S O M E!!!! i wanna live there!!

  • TwiNewEclipDawn617

    that is awesome!!!, it looks soo cool
    omg! :P

  • breakingdawnfanatic


  • Sophhhh

    Wowowowowow thats amazing!

  • Livy2313

    How come Jacob is bigger than Edward? :(
    They are really good

  • TeamEdwardfor3v3r

    woooo dats soo cool

  • aaRinah

    :O , no tienian nada que hacer jaja, team jake:)

  • alicefan

    exactly what I was thinking >.<

  • twilightfan_teamjacob95

    wow!!! awesome

  • jeleebbe

    cool but i wish it was edward lol xxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Monique-Martin/591538923 Monique Martin

    yeah the concept of corn maze falls on deaf ears with you. its an attraction (like a theme park) so they used this as their theme.

  • WendiMcCrory

    I totally agree, its very common for cornfields to do cornmazes with some kind of theme to make extra money, and I am sooo stoked to go cause I only live like 20 minutes from this maze!! Woohoooo!!

    Plus, logically, Stephenie graduated from Utah and Utah is filled with tons of Twilight fans, so it's really not surprising that they did this to honor her and the fans.

  • robsgurl

    yeah i get that. What i was saying was how they were convinced to use the twilight theme

  • mrslaunteriwish

    so true!!! lol

  • mrslaunteriwish

    so true!!! lol

  • Arike

    You can't see it when you're on the ground so whats the point?

  • twilightlover3

    SO COOL!!!!!

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