Breaking Dawn confirmed? How many films will there be?


There are rumors a-plenty on the internet this morning, about Breaking Dawn, about Rob, about Robsten. Let’s talk about each one individually. First up: Breaking Dawn!

E! Online reports that one of their “inside sources” confirmed that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is signed on to write the Breaking Dawn script. However, the article reiterates that we don’t have any other details about the fourth installment in the franchise, including whether it would be done in one or two films. But they do hint that they might be leaning toward multiple films. Click through to see what they had to say.

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will definitely be finishing what she started when it comes to adapting the fourth and final book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. Deep Twi tells us that, although it won’t officially be confirmed for a while, Melissa is tapped to finish out the films.

Marc Malkin chatted with Melissa last week, and while she was playing very coy about BD plans (as well as Robsten), using the whole “everything is still up in the air” line, our well-placed source dishes that it’s a done deal.

Uh, well, want to know why that is? We’ve heard a bit of incredibly juicy info…

Execs over at Summit are going back to the idea of splitting BD into two films.

Remember, last time we checked in with Deep Twi it was looking like Dawn would only be one movie, but recently everyone internally has been referring to it as “the Breaking Dawn films.” That’s right, you didn’t imagine the plural ending there.

Still, nothing has been decided yet. Most likely what’s happening is Rob ‘n’ crew agreed to a fourth…not fifth. Once the cast determines if they are up for five, then Melissa can plan accordingly about how to pen out this fourth flick.

See the whole article here.

Hollywood Crush puts in their two cents, saying making two films, from a story standpoint, is a bad idea.

While there is certainly enough content in “Breaking Dawn” to drag it out over two movies, I don’t think it should be done. There are going to be spoilers for a little while I continue my rant, so if you haven’t read “Breaking Dawn” yet, go out and remedy that and then come back and finish reading this post. The first “Breaking Dawn” film would be what? Bella and Edward getting married, going on a honeymoon and getting preggers? And then us having to sit around and watch as she gradually kills herself for a baby? Sorry guys, but I don’t want to spend two hours on that. And sure, the second film will be cool to see Bella run around as a vamp for maybe 30 minutes, tops, but the rest of that book is just an anti-climactic battle-less sequence!

My thoughts: Prior rumors that Breaking Dawn may be made as three films is unlikely. There just isn’t enough story to carry three films. That is just MY opinion. I am back and forth on whether there should be multiple movies. While on one hand, I want as MUCH as possible. On the other hand, I kind of agree with Hollywood Crush about the material not being enough for multiple films. Mainly, I am just really excited that Breaking Dawn will make it to screen.

What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments.

  • mpsbrat13

    They are saying that there is not enough content for 2 movies, they are focusing on Bella & Edward. However there is a load of werewolf drama and then a lot of story between the birth and fight. If they did make 2 movies they would be able to cover more details rather than glance over them or leave them out completely as in the first movie.

  • colelynn

    I have to agree that while the fourth book was the largest, it was only so because of so much mental detail. Not actual action. Making two movies out of the one book could be a tragic mistake.

  • twihardfan09

    i think that they should just make just one long 3 hour movie.. i wouldnt mind sitting there that long watching BD :P but if they do make one, i just hope they keep all of the details…but at this point, i just want them to at least make A breaking dawn :P

  • foxyladylyn

    i agree that 3 films would be a joke… but 1.. ermm well am not sure if its a yeh or a no… erm would prob like 2 films.. but in first film must include transformation and then pick up 2nd film and see what happens other wise it will be chick flick breaking dawn part 1 and then complete vin diesel part 2… if you know what i mean lol

  • ♥LoveThemCullenBoys♥LTCB♥

    2 Breaking Dawn movies would be perfect!! Let's cross our fingers..

  • little_nelly84

    I think breaking dawn would be perfect as two films. I think the first film should end just as jacob comes down the stairs and see's renesme for the first time. I think it would be perfect since it technically leaves bella's transformation up in the air. It would totally leave it open for a sequal!! Imagine the last scene is edward and jacob doing CPR trying to save bella as edward starts the transformation, but jacob thinks its not working so edward kicks him out and then the imprinting happens!!!

  • lucyham

    The more Rob the better :)

  • Kayla

    I think it should just be one… the second movie would blah- we would just be waiting around for them to have a fight thats NOT going to happen!?

  • Anne

    People, Robbert PAttinson will continue to act, please remind that.
    I understand both arguments, the detail problem and the movie quality problem
    So, do you wanna see two really slow really detailed movies or just one detailed enough but good in itself?
    Why don't we leave details with our imagination and just sit back and watch a good movie (multiple times :P )?

  • tmade2514

    In a way I agree with Hollywood crush but at the same time I think 2 films would be good….but then I like the idea that twihardfan09 had about making one really long Breaking Dawn…..bc then you dont run the risks hollywood crush was talking bout and you also get enough time to make sure all the good details and werewolf dramas and all that jazz are in there. I think that Jacob's point of view in breaking dawn is extremely important and they'll need the extra hour or so to come up with a creative way to portray all of that.

  • Maferfer

    The movie should include the most importante and significative parts of the book and that way we can have everything in just one movie…of course that maybe means that some other things would be cut off, but i prefer it that way to not have it at all…

  • http://es-la.facebook.com/people/Aurora-Sevilla/1422211856 Aurora Sevilla

    1 is suficient the book in spanish(i talk spanish i dont know if the english book is diferent)have 850 pag and eclipse have 726(i think i forgot that) so is not so much diference!

  • http://twitter.com/EleanorRigby88 Emily Williams

    I guess it depends which direction they take in the fourth installment. I would like to see it made into two parts. Just because I actually really enjoyed all the werewolf drama in that book. I would hate to see it cut down. It's really hard for me to decide what I would want to see in that movie. I have a love hate relationship with that fourth book. A lot of people do. I love that Bella becomes a vamp but I hate how little time we get with just her and Edward running around doing vampire stuff. And I actually kinda wish she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. That's just me though. I'd like more Edward and Bella without a baby.

  • luvthesexycullenvamps

    as much as id love to see 2 or three movies,there really(just like some others have said)aint enough movie material in the book from bellas to jacob to back to bella,ALL of Jacobs is not really needed but some of it is to explain certain things.i just think they should make it at least maybe a 2 1/2 to 3 hr. long movie like theyve done with a few other movies out there. cuz there is enough material to make a good long movie the right way instead of trying to make 2 or 3 movies the wrong way,and trying to figure how to end the one to continue the second,then of course we would all have to wait even LONGER FOR THE FINALE. i rather get to see it ALL AT ONCE ASAP

  • TwiKayla

    I think they should do it in 1 film b/c the second part of BD is from jacobs POV so that isn't really needed it's different in films they can show more than one persons POV at one time
    I'd love to see it in 2 films obviously it means more details but i just don't think they will, i'm sure they can cut it all down to 1 film

  • Bere

    yeah! I agree! its perfect, One side u have Jacabo, lost the one he loves Bella and right after that he's imprinting Reneesme :D … and Bella transformation, finally she gets what she wanted :D love it!

  • vampiregirl121

    I think that they should make Breaking Dawn into a movie cause i mean they might as well since they are already do the first 3.
    I also think that they need to do Bella and Jacobs part cause if we miss the jacob part than that means we miss half the book. I dont think that it should just be about Bella and Edward, it needs to be about Jacob to. So thats my opion like it or hate it i dont care

  • Carley

    I think it can easily made into one 3 hour movie…. i think it would ruin the flow of the story to split it up.

  • TeamJasmett

    I would love to see breaking dawn as a film but I want it to stay as close as the book as possible… like Bella & Edward honeymoon, I want it just like it was in the book (not smutty) because unlike alot of people I liked how she did that. Sweet more than smut!

    Also the wedding is really important and the pre-birth/horror scenes also… but I love when Bella turns into a vampire, I just want to see vampire Bella so bad – but Renesmee… how on tiddly winks are they going to do her? CGI im guessing… or if the budget was like twilights then a baby tied to a rope! lol

    cant wait for breaking dawn, i just hope its def being done, it cant end at the end of eclipse… it would just be sooo wrong!

    peace out fanpires xox

  • iloverobert

    They really cant make it into 2 movies, because the vampires cant get older and if it takes 4 more years or whatever…. thats really not gonna work.
    Plus I CANNOT wait that long to see Kristen as a vampireeeee :) )))

  • hannahjane

    they HAVE to make it into a film :( thats like missing out a harry potter or lord of the rings film lol (not that i lyk either…)

    if it were made into 2 movies then the 2nd part wouldnt be out till at least 2011! and the characters would look waaay to old for their parts..

  • http://www.facebook.com/AradiaDawn Jenny Durst

    I think it should be two films but no more. However, like hannahjane said, the actors will have grown up and aged a bit more by the time they finish the series so I dont know if they could pull it off

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michelle-Pinero/532450388 Michelle Piñero

    In my opinion it should be just 1 movie they are so many things that they can leave left out that are not that important. It could me make into 3hrs and I wouldn't mind sitting for 3 hrs is my fav book =-)

  • Team_Edward_For_Life

    Well it could be like this.The first movie would end when she opens her eyes to her new vamp life and then the second would continue!!WHOS WITH ME??cuz i cant live without a breaking dawn

  • Wendy_TE_TE2

    As MUCH as I would LOVE multiple Twilight Saga movies, we have to be realistic: there's only SO much you can do with BD! Like many have said, when you cut out all the “mental” details and descriptions of how they're feeling, and see how much “action” there is (whether it's actual dialogue or action sequences) … exactly WHERE would be the breaking point and HOW would it “pick up” again?? It's not like there's 3 UNRELATED stories … they're all tied in, with the difference only being the POV.

    I agree with a longer (2 1/2 – 3hr??) final movie … go out with blazing guns of glory hehe :)

    What do YOU think?? Agree?? Disagree?? Just want me to shut up?? lol.

    PS – it's SO funny how we haven't even seen New Moon yet and we're discussing Eclipse/shootings/pics and potential BD …. it's getting harder to keep all the book details in order, isn't it??!?! HAHAHA

  • aimsieee

    i reckon they'd stop the first movie either right when jacob's going down the stairs: bellas heart has stopped, jake has JUST spotted nessie and is about to try to kill her, and edward is still furiously pumping away trying to bring bella back, with flashes between each of these scenes and black in between and no background sound XD

    OR moments after jake has imprinted on nessie and bellas heart begins to beat

    i reckon that would cause the most suspense and be the perfect place to stop :P

  • http://twitter.com/1virtuous1 Kaylinn

    Lucky for them they have forever to be together and their only daughter will be full grown in like 7 years, lol. ;) Not to mention all of the all too eager babysitters.

  • http://twitter.com/1virtuous1 Kaylinn

    I agree! Minus all the underlying mental details and when the film merges the point-of-views, there really isn't so much to work with that would require two films. As you said, and many others, one long film would probably be the best. I wouldn't want to have the book split, either. :)

  • reeshacullen

    yea but where wld they split it up? they cant. its a sequence that needs to be kept. theres alotta action but theres only 1 climax. imagine how it wld feel to watch the whole 1st half and then wait almost a whole year 2 see the rest.

  • Team_Edward_For_Life

    u have a better idea!seriously i sat staring at ur comment and like when u said edward pumping her heart i imagined it with the black in between!!!OMG UR RIGHT!!!I LOVE THAT 1!!!!!

  • sofieh

    i think they should split it at the end of jacobs pov.
    a little drama while we are waiting for the fifth movie, if you guys know what i mean;D

  • sofieh

    i think they should split it at the end of jacobs pov.
    a little drama while we are waiting for the fifth movie, if you guys know what i mean;D

  • sofieh

    then again, i wouldn't mind sitting for 5 hours watching it…

  • croatiangirl


  • croatiangirl


  • helena

    I am a big fan of the Twilight Saga Books, but not that huge fan of the movies.
    Yes, the second movie is quite better then the first movie and I did like the Volturi and Werewolf’s.
    Depending of the way the battle of the third movie is done, we can foresee the way the battle can come out in the fourth movie.

    Unfortunately, I really can’t see myself watching the Breaking Dawn drama for 3 hours in a movie. The story is great, but the actors are not that good !

    So unless they focus a lot in the battles and maybe in the rest of the story, I really hope, they don’t do a 3 hour movie.

    And by the way, I am one of those people that have the Lord of the Rings extended movies and can watch then, one after the other.
    Those are really excellent movies in ALL aspects.
    The some just doesn’t apply to the Twilight movies. Good stories … but very far to be great or even excellent.

  • Tambelina_2004

    I do not want all the movies being incomplete

  • Tambelina_2004

    I do not want all the movies being incomplete

  • Taviathegreat01




  • Taviathegreat01


  • Taviathegreat01

    ummm…. ok?

  • Taviathegreat01

    are you crazy???????!!!!! the movies are the big deALS around here your crazy or maybe i just dont like reading and u do!!!

  • Taviathegreat01

    i cant believe your not a fan of twilight!!

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