A few more set pics: Kristen Stewart knitting on set?


I saw these shots and thought, “Is KStew knitting on set?” And it is general consent by my Twitter buddies that she is indeed. As a knitter, and with other knitters’ agreement, I can say I am fairly sure she is knitting. My guess is that this is Kristen knitting between takes, not Bella in the film.

Keep in mind there are often long breaks between takes for lighting or cameras to be reset and things like that. I have seen people knitting on sets before.

However, yes it is possible she is doing something else. Nat (who took the pics) suggested she is filing her nails. That is fine. I can’t see well enough to say, but it is kind of funny if she is knitting. That’s all.

Oh yeah, Rob, David Slade & Billy Burke are also in these photos. Also, there is continued discussion of the Volvo. yes, this is the Volvo we will see in New Moon and Eclipse. Instead of being sad, I have decided to accept the change and move on. There are worse changes that could be made. But I will let you mourn the loss of our shiny silver one.

Thanks to Nat for these great shots.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AradiaDawn Jenny Durst

    Haha, I mourned the loss of the volvo and have moved on as well. So edward got an upgrade, good for him.

  • cholcita

    hahaha!!!! in the second pic of the new Volvo she is knitting too!!!!!! Can you see??????
    hahaha… makes her more human!!!

  • adriannago64

    i dint think she is knitting

  • gaby47

    yep… she is definetely knitting! lol-… thats cool! i suck at it thou…….

  • Team_Edward_For_Life

    y is she knitting in the car????LOLZ

  • Team_Edward_For_Life

    shes obsessed with knitting just like we are obsesed with heR!!cant u see the car pic shes knitting!!

  • EAMC1918

    Umm i dont think she is knitting.. Because…

    A. she only has one knitting needle in her hand if that is what it is
    B. look at the way she is holding her Left hand, more like she is using it to get dirt from under her fingernails.'

    and finally

    C. I never remember in the book her knitting, not once. So unless she is making baby booties for Renesmee I highly doubt it.

  • TeamJasmett

    I dont know whether she is knitting but im sure OK mag will get this pic and decided to make up a story that she is pregnant again and it knitting baby stuff, I can almost see the headline now… it really wouldnt suprise me and i would put money on it xox

  • zina90

    i bet this is used for her granny dream… LOL

  • http://twitter.com/1virtuous1 Kaylinn

    I dunno what she's doing…hard to say she's knitting for sure since it takes two needles, and I don't really see yarn. As far as the volvo goes…I just don't get why they felt the need to change some simple details from the book that are easy to recreate, especially that one, since it was already that way in the first movie. Seems like an unnecessary change, but whatever… Anyone else notice that the birthday cake in the movie trailer is green? It's supposed to be pink, haha. Not really that important, I know, but it seems they could at least try to stick as close to the book as possible for the fans! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nadine-Nasralla/100000069285012 Nadine ✩ Nasralla

    actually in that last one you can see she is holding 2 knitting sticks, the other one in the background is very light so you have to look really close, it looks like the zipper to hr hoode. ut its not.

  • http://twitter.com/CreenaP Creena Parker

    if she is good on her LOL its soooooooooooooo hard to do. My mum gave up on me hehehehehe

  • nettie0909

    see, now i'm confused … why did they have to change the Volvo? … and if they had to change the model, why couldn't they keep it silver??? … this irritates me … something so little and minor, yet how difficult would it be to just keep it like the book?

  • LAuRAswan

    i still no understand why the silver volvo is gone =( im sad about it

  • tfortu2

    Tyra shouldn't have given the original one away on her show!!! LOL

  • meg

    i think shes knitting because that would be a really long nail file if she was filing her nails lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/queennekoyasha Amanda Ballard

    That's really cool. I hope she gets better at it. Maybe she'll be able to wear what she makes in the movies? XD

  • zoex

    Kristen clearly has knitting needles in her bag in these photos taken yesterday at LAX so I guess you're right.


  • zoex

    Kristen clearly has knitting needles in her bag in these photos taken yesterday at LAX so I guess you're right.


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