Taylor Lautner at Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party

TeenVogue just posted this on their Twitter. Taylor Lautner was on the red carpet earlier tonight at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood event.


The photo was captioned with this: “Taylor lautner looking dapper in dolce suit”

They also tweeted this little tidbit about Taylor and Selena Gomez.


  • http://twitter.com/RominaLautner Romina Lautner

    aaah he's just adorableeee
    i love him <3

  • robstenonline


  • SallyCullen

    ewwww???!!! why he is sooo yummy XD
    but im team edward…:D

  • lauralsrob

    I love edward more but he is hawt<3

  • robsessedellie

    i'm team edward for sure… i hate jacob in eclipse..
    but taylor is pretty lush

    i prefer rob though (:

  • vampirerenesmee

    ii feel sorry for celebs because every move or bad move they make it ends up on the internet,news, or rumors spread &+ magazines start to twist it around &+ paparrazzi start stalking them or questioning them all the time.

  • nobodyxiii


  • samanthaburdette

    omg i dont c how ppl dont like taylor hes ahhh-mazing

  • Tacylla

    ikr! im team Taylor ALLLLLLLLLLL the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tacylla

    team taylor/ jacob ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shae3

    That is so sweet that Selena went and said HII welll not like that but im Team Taylor all the wayyyyyyY! :D and he's so00oo hansom :)

  • Mo2

    He's so perfect …!

  • Matt Bubp

    When did the distinction in the Twilight universe change from Team Edward vs. Team Jacob to Team Rob vs. Team Taylor? The actors don't play themselves, they are representing the characters…It's disrespectful to the original work in my opinion to focus more on the actor than what they are respresenting.

  • xX_dont_judge_Xx

    taylor is so hot… lickable hot. not just hot. he's hot enough to lick. chocolate syrup here i come! lol

  • holymoly

    Not a fan of this vain kid at all

  • http://twitter.com/1cutey1 Ayesha Ahmed

    Awwwww taylor is just sooooo cute and hottt, team jacob all the way :D :D

  • Team_TL_4eva

    then why read something all about him?? idiot

  • Jo_Seph

    Team Jacob!! ; )

  • Jo_Seph

    Team Jacob!! ; )

  • Jo_Seph.. Team Jacob!! XD

    Team Jacob!! ; )

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