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Here is a transcript, translated into English of the Q&A with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner today in Brazil. It’s a really great interview! Thanks to Maciel for the interview and Taty at Twifans for the translation!

How did you feel on the set of New Moon?

Taylor Lautner – Totally excited to have, once again, this opportunity. I had fun. It was very good.

In the beginning, even before New Moon started to be shooted, there were rumors and the possibility of you (Kristen and Taylor) do not work together because Taylor may no longer attend the filming. How was that? How did you feel?

Kristen Stewart – It was strange. But most important was that, although he was much younger, we all had a full conviction that it was the right person for the role. There wouldn’t be another person who could take his place. There were no fights. Nothing of the sort. Not really. The studio just needed to make sure that Taylor would play the role of Jacob again.

Taylor Lautner – I tried not think about it. I was always trying to focus on everything that I could manage.

How was the experience of you in the at Comic Con, in July this year in San Diego, with so many passionate fans and devoted to you?

Taylor Lautner – Our fans are really passionate. But that everywhere, not only in California.

Kristen Stewart – It was nice. It was the first time we had an experience like that. They were really anxious, excited. It was good to see the reaction of them all.

Why do you think the series was so successful in Brazil, since we don’t have this culture of vampirism?

Kristen Stewart – I think it’s because it is much more than a vampire story. The whole world can compare with the characters in one way or another. Okay they are vampires and werewolves, but they are basically characters. But they live human feelings. After all, is a love story. Put into most extreme level possible, but it is a love story. We use the plot as a metaphor for that.

A search by a large Brazilian site where children and teens voted for Taylor as the best actor of the moment, surpassing even the votes for Robert Pattinson. What you think about that?

Taylor Lautner – Wow! Wow (laughing a lot). It’s really the level of passion, right? I’m a lucky boy. I love my character. Much. As for Rob (Robert Pattinson), I think he can handle it.

The character of Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen, didn’t appear in the book like he appears in the film.

Kristen Stewart – It was a purely creative process. The reason that he appears in the movie more is because it’s basically a personification of Bella’s thoughts. In the book, he talks to her in thought. In the film, we see the illustration of this. He appears in dreams, in subjective ideas of Bella. After all, during almost the whole movie, she has he in mind.

Taylor Lautner – And this needed to happen to establish more strongly the idea of the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob, that Eclipse is fully evident. Bella really in love with Jacob. And she loves Edward. In Eclipse, the story is basically this triangle. So it’s important that this is very visual, that Edward is visual in New Moon.

Why, in the opinion of Taylor, the character Bella should be with Jacob?

Taylor Lautner – Well, I think that Kristen is the one that should answer this question(laughing). Edward and Jacob are totally opposite. You have to choose between go to the left or to the right, you know?

Kristen Stewart – Jacob is who she should be. She feels free with him. Isn’t tense beside him. But like everyone knows, the girls never make the best choice in these cases (laughs). For Bella, it’s a battle to deal with all this, with this choice.

You read the books before filming?

Taylor Lautner – Definitely read. I read Twilight before filming the first feature. When filming ended, I read all the others.

Kristen Stewart – I only read after reading the scripts. I fell in love after reading the scripts. I’m usually not interested in enter in a bookstore and walk in the teen session, so there wasn’t much that curiosity. But then, yes, read them all.

How was the process of physical transformation of the character of Taylor, Jacob Black (cut the long locks, 14kg of muscle), which are evident in the new saga?

Taylor Lautner – It was hard. A lot of exercises and tons of food (laughs). I started this routine right after the end of Twilight.

Kristen Stewart (interrupting) – He was not sure that would be called to New Moon and he was there, devoting himself, training. He didn’t know if he would play Jacob again. For that reason, he coming back was such a delight. He is dedicated. Deserves it.

What are your favorite scenes, in both: Twilight and New Moon?

Taylor Lautner – The flashback scenes that are showed in Twilight. Wow, can’t believe that I’m admitting it right now (laughs). And in New Moon, the scene where Jacob comes inside Bella’s room, climbing the walls. I practiced a lot to do this scene. From 3 to 4 hours per day.

Kristen Stewart – I agree. This part of the room was great! In Twilight, the scene that Bella pushes Edward is my favorite.

What the girls who idolize Bella must do to be like her, dress like her, since Bella has become an icon of fashion and behavior?

Kristen Stewart – I don’t know! You should watch the movie. And Bella isn’t a fashion icon. She doesn’t worry about it. She wears anything that makes her warm and comfortable. Just it.

Taylor Lautner – it’s because Kristen always stay beautiful, no matter what she dress (laughs).

What do you had the time to meet while you were here these two days?

Taylor Lautner – Not too much. But surely we gave a way to go in one of the most famous Brazilian steak house. I loved it. And I got surprised by the number of buildings in Sao Paulo.

Kristen Stewart – We are the last 24 hours inside the hotel

By Eliane Maciel / Special to BR Press

  • Team_Rosalie

    Wow kristen looks great in this pic!
    love the interview

  • Team_Rosalie

    Wow kristen looks great in this pic!
    love the interview

  • Team_Rosalie

    Taylor would look amazing in a paper bag!!! lol love him!

  • edward3

    kristwn looks got and even though u cant see her its seems sh handles hewr self better than b4

  • TazzyBW

    wow that ws sum BADDDD translating…..heeheheh

  • http://www.susmiedalath.blogspot.com/ Mz Dimple

    Yeah, she looks confident.
    But in the San Diego session, she was more like an awkward girl.

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  • NinaMD

    todos os fans brasileiros siplesmente AMARAM a vinda dos 2. Kristen é linda muito educada e tímida também!! O Taylor ahhhhhhhhhhhh o Taylor…. lindo e absoluto!!! muito educado também… eu já era super fã agora eu sou MEGA fã dos dois!!!!
    Brasil está com tudo e mostramos que nosso amor pelos dois e pela saga e enorme e incalculável!!!
    Parabéns para nós fãs brasileiras!!!

  • Kayla

    Kristen needs to do something with her hair!

  • http://twitter.com/magdline Shirlene TongChap

    Kristen is letting her hair grow out ! Give her some time . It needs to be long in “Breaking Dawn” ……

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    I agree. It already looks much better IMO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Renick/1391108718 Emily Renick

    I heard some of the cast was coming to the Galleria in my town, sometime soon.

  • lukil

    does Kristin say that Bella makes the wrong choise by choosing Edward? ??

  • Kristen Stewart

    After a while that Kristen cut her hair for The Runaways I cut my hair just like her and now we have the same look and I have my hair as long as hers,I'm so excited about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!I look just like her,how excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lukil

    Does Kristen think bella should choose Jackob?( sorry my English is bad…:P)

  • Keltie

    Yea. She thinks he's a better choice, because Jake makes Bella feel free not tense.

  • shataya

    I know he alway's wear's the right thing alway's
    and he look's hot in it :D

  • http://es-la.facebook.com/people/Cindy-Labra-Betancourt/1520029827 Cindy Labra Betancourt

    lejos lo mejor… pero no mas ke el vampiro mas lindo del mundo…..pero el lobo…igual da la pelea……..es lo mejor..la pelicula se viene con todo…..se nota en las pocas imagenes o videos ke muestran de la misma…
    bueno sera obligados a esperar el estreno por aki en Chile….no keda de otra…pero es demasiada la ansiedad……es mucho

  • http://twitter.com/magdline Shirlene TongChap

    I am so sad tonight , Rob is saying in an interview that he and Kristen are just good friends and its just hard for me to believe but would he just keep lying ? somebody encourage me ,please !!!!!

  • victoria

    in no i was like oh no u didnt , kristen doesnt no much edward and bella are sole mates bella and jacob are best friends . Bella made the right choice my milesssssssssss!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Aly.C.L.S ILuvtaylor Lautner

    Taylor is so fineeeee

  • KristenStewart98

    W.O.W.! Kristen looks gorgeous!! my hair is as short as her and as black!!! love it!! =D

  • KristenStewart98

    *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool**drool* *drool*

  • Kriishhy5

    does anybody know if there is going 2 be a new moon premiere in London? please let me know

  • mistressofblood

    keep ur hands off my man kristen keep ur hands off my man!!!

  • jamjess1

    kristen looks stunnin in this pic

  • mistressofblood

    keep ur hands off my man kristen keep ur hands off my man!!!

  • jamjess1

    kristen looks stunnin in this pic

  • Kriishhy5

    does anybody know if there is going 2 be a new moon premiere in London? please let me know

  • mistressofblood

    keep ur hands off my man kristen keep ur hands off my man!!!

  • jamjess1

    kristen looks stunnin in this pic

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