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Abby brings up an interesting discussion topic. Some of the names in our beloved Twilight series are not the easiest to pronounce.  Her example is that she pronounced Aro as “R-O” whereas I pronounce it “Arrow.” And you would think the movie could clear that up, but they pronounced it both ways in the film!

Also, how many of you (like me) thought Laurent was prounced “Lor-rent” until you saw the movie and her its fancy French pronunciation?

I recall Peter Facinelli talking about a fan encounter where they told him how much they loved “Carlizzle” in the series.

A few other fun ones: Didyme, Nahuel, Siobhan.  Let’s face it, most of the ones I don’t know how to pronounce are international names.  Feel free to fill me in down in the comments.
And let’s not get started on Renesmee, right?  So fess up, which of the names in the Twilight series are the hardest for you to pronounce?  And if you aren’t sure, throw out your own suggestions on pronunciation.

  • dianacpattinson

    actualy, Twilight in spanish pronounce Crepusculo….. Crepus – culo jajajajajajaja…. a dirty word in spanish (the final 4 letters in the word means ass uuuuuu). And Laila, you make me thing in the word Caius, because that in spanish pronounce Cayo….. something nasty that grows in the foot sometimes…….

    poor Stephenie….. if she knows all that when she wrote the names all the caos and the laugh when the books are traslate……

    and Reneesmee its just impossible, and it sounds better in spanish I thing…..

  • jess7565

    I had most of the names pretty close to correct. But I was SOOOO far off on Carlisle. I have never seen this name before and had no idea. So in my mind while reading the books back in 2007 I pronounced it Car-lis-l haha!! Wow, its so much better now knowing the correct pronunciation.

  • Seraphine Cullen


  • mgirl12

    ok how in the world do you say caius?????? i love that guy but i dont know how to say his name!!!! i've onily seen the movie twice and i'm almost pasitive they dont say his name!!!!!!!!!

  • Tayloor

    I'm Welsh, and the only things I can't say are most of the new vampire's in Breaking Dawn :P

  • IvyxenAxxe

    Renesmee seemed to be pretty easy to pronounce for me. Perhaps I'm wrong, but is it not “Renn-EHS-may”?
    That is, Esme and Renee smooshed together, therefore the double-e sound would replicate those of Esme and Renee?
    I guess, if you were being really particular, there should be an acute above the first e after the m. However, I'm on a laptop and there is no number pad :P I can't to the alt+130.

    Do we agree, or am I wrong? Let me know! ^^

    On another note, I was going to explain how I'd mispronounced Caius, but with my Kiwi accent, there really is no way to phonetically spell out how I did it XP Silly accents.

  • IvyxenAxxe

    I do believe it's “KAY-uhs”.

  • IvyxenAxxe

    I found this today:

    37. [kwoh-LAY-yoh-t!] “Quileute”

    They do have how it is spelled in Quileute text, but it won't show up unless you have the font XP Take a look at the link down there.

    Which is on this: http://www.quileutenation.org/images/stories/cu
    Which is part of the Quileute Nation site. It's quite interesting. Their history etc is on there.

    Myself, I pronounced it “KWIL-e-Yoot”. There is another way of spelling it, which is closer to the pronunciation. That is “Quillayute”, which is the name of a river near La Push.
    I, uhm, have nothing to do but research sometimes XP What a boring life I lead.. haha.

  • mgirl12

    ugh! its toatally killing me that breaking dawn eclipse isnt out yet!!!! none of my friends really care! am i the onily one that cant wait!!!!! i hope caius has more to say in eclipse i am toatally in love with him!!! the onily problem i've had with names is rosalie i thought in twilight they pronounced it rosalite!!!! am i the onily one who thought that, because i haddent read the books when i saw the movie!!!

  • mgirl12

    i think i'm the oniy one in my class that can pronounca carlisle wright!!?? everyone else calls him char-lise instead of carlisle!! the lisle part i get but the beginigs arnt close!!!!

  • pixie16stix

    Siobhan — “Shi-vawn”
    Nahuel — “Nah-well” (there is a national park named after that and it tells you how to pronounce it)
    Huilen — “whee-len”
    Didyme — the pronunciation for “didymous” in the dictionary is “did-uh-muh” so i would say the prounciation for “Didyme” is “did-uh-mee”

  • pixie16stix

    Siobhan — “Shi-vawn”
    Nahuel — “Nah-well” (there is a national park named after that and it tells you how to pronounce it)
    Huilen — “whee-len”
    Didyme — the pronunciation for “didymous” in the dictionary is “did-uh-muh” so i would say the prounciation for “Didyme” is “did-uh-mee”

  • RavenD

    Didyme is a name that bugged me. I found a site of Roman names and as far as I can tell it is pronounced Dee-DEE-May, Dee-DUH-May, Did-UH-May, Did-EE-May

    i = short as in “pit”, or long as in “pizza”. When used as a consonant, = Y

    The E at the end would be pronounce as AY

    Ave = AH-way
    Salve = SAHL-way
    Vale = WAH-lay

    It also says that 'J' (Which is not used in proper Latin) -represents consonantal i and is pronounced as Y. Which leads me to believe that 'Y' is pronounced as an ee as in “Mary”. (Didyme = Dee-DEE-May)

    Here's the link if you wanna tough it out yourselves.


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