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As you may know, we were nominated as the only Twilight fan blog on TotalFilm’s Movie Blog Awards! But as a result, I have found a lot of haters in the comments here and here. Thanks to JessW for coming to our collective defense! But what I want to know is, what do you say to the haters? And there are a LOT of them! Especially, for some reason, aimed at the older (and by older, I only mean like 20′s plus) fans of the series.


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  • Team…I can't decide!

    I get seeeeeriously fed up of all this crap. The people that say bad things about Twilight obviously have nothing better to do and it is all just jealousy! Today,I got an event invitation to “smack a twilight fan day” – what the hell?! I don't like football (soccer)! but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go around shouting abuse at them. It is jealousy that now most females who have read the saga have a shared thing in common and others are jealous that they are not part of the loop. Especially boys who are evidently upset that they aren't getting the attention. ARGH. It's ridiculous.

    Also, I hate it when they're like “all Twilight Fans think that Edward Cullen is gonna come and they're living in a fantasy world” EVERYONE know that the books are fantasy, tbh, that's what drew me too them. If Twilight was real I would be SERIOUSLY depressed as I really didn't have my own Edward Cullen.

    It is something we all have in common, I went to the UK Fan Event and met loads of new friends because it is something we can all talk about and twilight fans are just lovely!

    We don't abuse what they enjoy and so they shouldn't shout at ours. (sorry about the super long post)

  • Nirali

    OMG! for the last time…Twilight is not for screaming teenage girls! Obviously the haters are either just in denial or they're too stupid to read the series! If they read it, they probably wouldnt be Twi-Haters.
    I'm not a teenager, but I LOVE these books/films….so the haters can just go find some other group to annoy!

  • juanis_twilight

    i bealive its preatty obviuos that we r not gonna find someone as edward cullen or jacob black in this world…….and even more obviuos that someone like robert pattinson or taylor lautner r not gonna find us……but off course that we read it cuz somehow we believe in it, in the story, and the feelings that it makes us find in ourselves (ok, im getting too emotional and thats not normal here jajaja), this is not 4 teen girls only, as a proov, my parents have watch the movie and the actually like (not like me, that im kind of a addictive fan jajaja just kidding), but they actually c the kind of work that all of those person had put into this movie and all the books, and all the rest of the twilight saga's stuff!!!!! me as all of u, and thousands of people around the world, believe in this project with all of our strenght, and we know its only getting bigger!! (we dont know how it can get bigger……but im sure it will)!!!

  • Lauren1995

    I don't understand it when people say things like: 'Twilight isn't a really book!' or 'We shouldn't be encouraging children to read such appalling literature.' I'm pretty sure (and I've read a lot of books designed for teenage girls) that Twilight is well written and enjoyable. What else do you want from a book?! I read Twilight and it had to be the best book I've ever read. It encouraged me to start writing, and from there I've developed a very solid idea of becoming a journalist and I'm now top of the class in English.
    I don't understand why they join websites/visit them just to get upset about the posts/comments of the fans and tell them that they're wrong. If you don't like something, then don't read it. Something titled 'Team Twilight' is going to have a lot of fans who don't appreciate getting called morons on a site that's devoted to fans. I also don't appreciate it when people I've been talking for a few seconds – and have never met before then – discover I like Twilight and immediatly lump me in with the 'Screaming Fanatic' stereotype. I've loved Twilight for more than two years and I've never met anyone who actually fits that stereotype.

  • kelarch

    the haters are blind to the love story they really should sit and read all 4 books before commenting cos recon they would soon change there mind after reading them.Im in late 20s and love them i was unsure of reading books at first but my sister gave me them to borrow and couldnt stop reading i read all 4 books in a 8 days and beaking dawn only took me 2 days to read and wanted to start reading them all over again when finished.Also my mum likes the films and she 48 so is definately for all so ignore the haters and just enjoy what they missing out on.

  • Jess

    Well..I tell them that if they dont like it they shouldnt waste their time arguing about it… lol (:

  • meggypoo

    Twilight is a great story. It allows readers to escape to a 21st century alternate world. A place where true love and real friendship is always there. Why wouldn't ANY girl/woman like it? Every person young or old looks for that one person who will love them forever, teens read it because that's how we want our life to be. Older women read it because it reminds them of there first love and how they would have wished they would have found the one the first time. But we all know that's not how it works which is exactly why we all escape and dive into books. They're alternate realities.

    As for the haters . . . . they can read these comments. And after just ignore them, they want attention, if we as Twilight fans simply state our opinions they'll end up leaving it all alone.

  • LoveHale

    I find that the majority of the comments against Twilight and Twilight fans alike, come from those who have not even bothered to watch any of the films or read the books… I find this strange as I find it hard myself to form an opinion on something I have no knowledge of.

  • LoveHale

    I find that the majority of the comments against Twilight and Twilight fans alike, come from those who have not even bothered to watch any of the films or read the books… I find this strange as I find it hard myself to form an opinion on something I have no knowledge of.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5DE67QVDPV2MSHQZUWNL6VIQT4 Cy'niasis

    To twilight fans: No ones telling you what to do or what to like. We as people who don't follow Twilight as rabidly as you do are just getting tired of it being shoved in our faces,down our throats, and taking over nearly ruining our sci fi conventions. And that's why there is so much hate against it because of the fandom(mainly you guys…no offense well some of you) not the books and movies themselves.   It's okay that you think Edward Cullen is epitome of the perfect vampire/man although Jim Butchers White Vampire Court, Alucard from Hellsing, Anne Rice's Lestat, or Trinity Blood's Abel would eat him alive and in every culture's folklore about vampires if you guys would actually do some reading vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight. We as those who DON'T like Twilight don't think he's all that. Its all good that's just our opinion. Just like you guys have yours. And believe me  it's wonderful that Bella Swan is your role model even though she is the poster child for Mary Sue with no backbone who cant make up her mind and probably is worst example for teenage girls to follow because she thinks it romantic that she's being stalked and a possessive jealous broody potential violent individual that is the prototype for the abusive husband if he werent a vampire.  I read the book, trying to give it a chance and it failed…horribly. I just wanted it to end after a while. I saw the movie too and for the first time, excluding Robert Pattinson, the movies were actually better than the books IMHO because the guys of the Wolf clan were hot. In fact I thought Bella even more stupid/wishy washy for not staying with Jacob who was the more stable/sane between the two which pushed me further away from the series.  But hey it works for you guys and Stephanie Meyer because you all have made her rich and continue to make her rich

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