Yummy! New Moon Valentine’s hearts

I saw these at Walmart and hadn’t seen them anywhere online yet. So I snapped a pic while I was there. Here are Twilight Valentine’s Sweethearts. They have Jasper, Jacob, Emmett and Edward on them and they each say something different.


You’re  my Valentine, but Edward has my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but Jasper rules my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but Jacob has my heart.

You’re my Valentine, but my love for Emmett is strong.

  • cellogurl618

    i bought a box for my self when i was there this weekend i only saw jacob and edward not jasper and emmett i have an edward box maybe i'll collect them all lol :)

  • lei_cullen

    I want the Edward boxes!!

  • Sarah

    At my wal mart they also have mini lunch box style tins with sweethearts inside…but only Edward and Jasper were on them.

  • J3rZ3y

    Ooo yes..Going to go get my Chocolate covered Edward..lol..(And Jasper &Emmett too!)

  • JMtoCullen

    Aww they r so cute. I love new moon candy!! :)

  • http://en-gb.facebook.com/alison.merritt Alison Merritt

    Where's the Carlisle one?

  • Name

    wtf no carlisle. not good enough.

  • thisfleetinglife

    I bought the Edward heart box, as well as the Edward tin lunchbox style, AND they have 3 boxes (Edward, Jacob, and Bella) in a collection as well…and I bought them all…lovely purchases…thanks Wal-Mart!

  • alexxxt

    they should have made a different saying for jacob or edward coz they have the same and i am ashamed. shame there is no such thing as walmart in australia maybe target big w or kmart will sell them, hoping lots. jacob all the way

  • djpm04

    i want one of Edward!! he absolutely has my heart!! <3

  • team_tayward24

    aww! iwan't the jacob one! no the edward one! no jaco! no edward! aaaaaahh! i can't decide!! how abour both? lol

    like in octouber they had new moon chocolate! it wasn't so good but they were so cute! lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yvette-Boutin/502589456 Yvette Boutin

    wow this is kinda dumb. I mean yeah, valentine's day.. gotta play up the love.. but who is actually going to buy these to give to somebody else? these are clearly meant to buy for yourself

  • insane4twilight

    I bought one of the tin boxes for each of my girls… one Edward for my 11 yr old.. one Jacob for my 9 yr old….Now I'm expecting another war in my house between them…lol
    They are both very passionate about thier lil crushes…. the only way to calm the storm is to go in the frount room and put Twilight in the dvd player… it's so funny… they immediatly sit down and don't talk the whole movie… then play when it's over.
    Just don't ask about the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward thing… it gets messy. But all in all .. people just …relax… it's just good entertainment … stop obbsessing & just enjoy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcela-Gomez-Lugo/1197769242 Marcela Gomez Lugo

    I saw the valentine's stickers and cards of twilight, i giggled lol people were staring at me haha

  • sasharae2009

    wow…lolz….i want a Edward box

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abigail-Marie-Comptois/1442486682 Abigail Marie Comptois

    I want them alllllll…… Im going to get them for my friends and for me.

  • team-jacob-forever!

    awwee!:) these r sooo cute!! i want the jacob one lol im gonna buy all of these for my friends and see what they say!!

  • Mandy_Black

    I went to WalMart looking for Twilight related VDay stuff but didn't find any. I may have to go again. :/

  • Mandy_Black

    I went to WalMart looking for Twilight related VDay stuff but didn't find any. I may have to go again. :/

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