Discussion Topic: Do you care about the actors’ non-Twi projects?

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Do you care about seeing the Twilight actors in other films, or do you prefer to see them only as characters in Twilight films?

I’m updating this post to include a link to our article about MTV’s list of upcoming Twilight cast films, to jog your momories.

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My thoughts after the jump!

I love seeing the actors in other things. I not only love them in Twilight, but I genuinely want them to be successful in the long-term, career-wise. So I am a little bit nervous when I see their other work because I want it to be great. That being said, I can’t WAIT for some of the upcoming films to see what these guys can pull off (namely: Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, and Bel Ami).

  • e2 cullen

    me too I'm looking forward watching remember me and the other works of rob:)) but not only rob I really want to see other movies of our twilight stars:))))

  • edward3

    i am. i am manily looking forward to see how kristen and rob do and already at sundance WTTR reviews say kriasten is great in it. i hope them to have a long carreer but i do believe that a few members of the cast will only have twilight and no other success on a high level. i believe taylor will do well for a few years after breakingf dawn but not long term think he will go into the fittness side of things

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    yea i want to see then in other roles because it shows that they dont just need twilight to be famous they continue after it has finished and most of them have done other films kristen with the runaways, Welcome to the Rileys
    rob with remember me
    taylor with valentines days and a few action films
    kellan with nightmare on elm street and warrior
    ashley with warrior and skateland
    nikki with chain letter
    jackson with the last airbender
    and anna in up in the air

    and some of the others has some coming too
    not like the harry potter kids who havent found much to do since they joined

    i cant wait for remember me and the runaways :)

  • missnessiecullen

    i really wanna see the twilight stars non twilight stuff….i cant wait for valentines day, the runaways and remember me….i also LOVE peter facinelli in Nurse Jackie…what a ledgandry pogramme. I think some ppl say there fans when really they just like the characters which isn't total fandom really…..

  • twihardfan10

    I am also looking forward to other movies from the Twilight Actors. It shows that they are not depending on the series for fame. I think Rob and Kristen will go far in the movie business. I still cant wait for ECLIPSE!! But also looking forward to Welome to the Rileys, Remember Me and The Runaways. I wish them all the best of luck :)

  • edward3

    to ashley….twilightfreak :) the reason the harry potter cast havent done much other work is becasue it takes about 7-8 months to make a film then by the time it made they have the press tour then the next film etc and when they started they were very very young so had school and emma watson in at uni and a model rupert has to new smaller films coming out and damiel has been on stage and is in new talks about a movie… i get protected over harry potter aswell as twilight :D

  • sasharae2009

    Bel Ami is gonna be da shitz!!! Whoa

  • helenephoebe

    I think that it's exciting to see the Twilight cast in other projects as well as just the Twilight franchise because it shows that they are capable of so much more than what some critics seem to think. Like many people, I am really looking forward to seeing Remember Me, The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys as well as Up In The Air which I haven't seen yet.
    The comparison to the stars of Harry Potter is justified too because they're facing the same difficulties as Dan, Emma and Rupert, though most of the cast has finished school and isn't at college or university. They still have to juggle filming Twilight, doing interviews and promotions with their private lives and other work.

  • http://twitter.com/weliss melis köse

    ı absolutely agree. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    yea I see your point now I hope they get heaps of jobs after hp has finished it would be good to them in something different
    oh yay Daniel will be in something else yay I no he was in some play and December boys but I want something new so that's good, yea emma is at uni I knew that and she has done some modelling and she is really really pretty
    yea I had a few friends who love both hp and twi haha, I didn't really like the books that much but I can see why ppl love it :p

  • TeamJasmett

    I love knowing about their up coming films, because I know that if the twi-cast are in them, it must be a pretty good film, and so far i can say that… all their films…

    - Remember me
    - The runaways
    - etc, etc…

    I want to see them very much… so keep us up to date team twilight :) your amazing!

  • LaPushLuv

    Agree 100% with both of u!! specially looking 4ward 2 taylor in valentines day and ashley in skateland :D

  • Team…I can't decide!

    I really want to see them in other stuff, though it annoys me when my friends are like ooh look (as we watch the trailer in the cinema) Robert Pattinson is in this film – and oh look Taylor Lautner's in that. I knew that freaking months ago!! haha, but I suppose not everyone shares my addiction for the cast :L I'm really looking forward to Remember Me (if not feeling slightly jealous of Emilie De Ravin- and finding it hard to get rid of the picture that Rob should always have an onscreen partnership with Kristen :P ) and Valentines Day, because it has such a great cast that happens to include the gorgeous Taylor Lautner.

  • team_jacob_baby

    i love to see their other projects because i dont only like the characters they play in the Twilight movie but i like them as actors too. I am mainly excited to see Valentine's Day, Remember Me and welcome to the Riley's

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    hahaha same here ppl are like did u know that robs in this and he is working with.. and I'm like yea I knew before it started being filmed :p and they also say in yea twilight is up for this award and I'm like I knew that the day it was annouced haha, yes so I guess not everyone is addicted to what the cast us up to like some of us twi-hards

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    yay ppl are agreeing with me cause I thought not many would :S thnks :p

  • natasha93

    same, i agree :) they all deserve to be successful after Twilight as they are all amazing actors/actresses. Can't wait for all their new films! :)

  • Emily

    i love seeing them in other things i want 2 see Remember Me and the Runaways but Valentines day i would only go see it 4 taylor cause it looks stuiped

  • http://www.facebook.com/AradiaDawn Jenny Durst

    I care about the actors in general, not just their twilight roles. I want them to succeed in life as actors or whatever they choose to do. I am really looking forward to their other projects coming out over the next few months.

  • SOFisticated1

    I plan on seeing all their other movie, if possible. kristen and rob are really good actors, so are ashley and kellan.

  • ellie_cullen_girl

    I love all the twilight stars and whatever they do. I really cant wait for all the non twilight stuff (aswell as eclipse…of course) but im so excited to see our favourite people doing different things. I love them all x

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Carr/1577274014 Amber Carr

    i absolutely love seeing the actors in other films besides twilight <3 … but have a greater interest seeing other films by rob n kristen rather than the rest of the cast…and twilight is always the greatest!

  • team-jacob-forever!

    of course i love seeing them in others movie thean twilight!!!!i dont love them as just the characters in the book but love to see them in other movies as well!!!!like hello, valentines day with taylor lautner and remember me with robert pattinson….i have to see them!!!

  • djpm04

    I like them both ways, they do an amazing job at twilight and of course they can do whatever… Team Edward!! <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christina-Breit/1496605141 Christina Breit

    Ofcourse! Since they act so well I am also interested in their other films.

    Check out my Breaking Dawn fanmade trailer :D I just finished making it.

  • Michellehaab

    Looking forward to “Remember Me,” The Runaways,”and anything Anna Kendrick is in. Saw “Up in the Air” last night and she was great.

  • nisa

    AGREED. i think the actors that already had a a good career b4 twilight will do amazing..with the exception of anna kendrik..i dont think she had a big acting carrer b4 but i her she was wonderful in up in the air, i want to see that( and i want to see george clooney too)

  • lei_cullen

    We have the same idea. I also like Harry Potter..
    Im looking forward for Remember Me!!

  • twimomm

    Hey Ashley, totally with ya on that babe. It is great they are all so diversified and will not be typecast as a twilighter. Each is a talented and wonderful actor/actress and I look forward to everything any of them have done and will do in the future.

  • watermelon0788

    really? i saw Up in the air last night too and I didnt like it that much, although Anna did a great job i have to admit

  • Team_Rosalie

    I was just going to comment about that!
    I also get protective over HP as well as Twilight, i love them both!!
    They have all done smaller things and besides which, it would be really hard for them to get a decent job cause everyone is going to always remember them as Harry, Ron and Hermione.

  • fieken

    Hi there, i am also very excited to see all of there movies!! can't wait! i check you tube every day to see if the eclipse trailer has come out yet!
    Don't forget kristen's other new movie , the yellow handkerchief.
    who knows when welcome to the rileys is released?

  • fieken

    I can't wait to see their movies! Don't forget kristen's new movie the yellow handkerchief. i've seen the trailer and it looks very good.
    Who knows when welcome to the rileys will be released?

  • fieken

    Hi there, i am also very excited to see all of there movies!! can't wait! i check you tube every day to see if the eclipse trailer has come out yet!

    Don't forget kristen's other new movie , the yellow handkerchief.

    who knows when welcome to the rileys is released?

  • fieken

    I can't wait to see their movies! Don't forget kristen's new movie the yellow handkerchief. i've seen the trailer and it looks very good.

    Who knows when welcome to the rileys will be released?

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