Discussion topic: What is it about those darned vampires?

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What is it about vampires that makes them so interesting?

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This is a topic I have thought about a lot. The actors always get asked this in interviews. I was reading a book yesterday (Evernight by Claudia Grey) and my husband said, “Is that book about vampires? You are obsessed!” and I thought, “No, I am not really obsessed with vampires, as much as Twilight.” But after thinking about it, he might just be right. I have read or plan to read quite a few vampire novels/series, I like vampire lore, movies (Interview with a Vampire, Blade, Underworld), TV (Vampire Diaries, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Moonlight). So all that leads me to wonder, why the heck am I so interested?

Here is my two cents, and you can tell me what you guys think in the comments section. Someone was really creative to come up with the idea of vampires, but one thing I love about them is seeing how different minds come up with different ways to explain certain lore that tends to be associated with them: the blood drinking (which is pretty universal), the stakes, the garlic, the coffins, the sunlight. I love hearing different explanations for each of those. But then on top of that, they always seem to have some sort of sex appeal and are hot stuff, so then you kind of root for human characters to fall in love with them. You want them to have to fight their urges to kill/suck blood/eat people. Wow, I really am rambling on. Clearly, I don’t have any concise thoughts on the subject. Sound off below!

  • e2 cullen

    i don't know actually i mean they're vampires:D:D they're hot:D:D:D

  • TeamJasmett

    Its everything about them…

    Ever since Buffy the vampire slayer hit the screen, I have been completely obsessed with Vampires… there is just something so sexy about a cold, blood drinking guy!

    Twilight just brought the vampire world up another level… its brilliant!

  • HeidiKay

    My thought is that each of us girls goes through a “bad boy” phase. Vampires is another form of that. There is mystery and some danger involved. It is a thrill you can not get in any other way. I went through this phase @ 16, when my youngest daughter was going through it I understood. But then she kept bugging me to read this book she thought was so well written, Twilight. I told her no, “been there, done that, I am too old for that now”. But she would not leave me alone till I finally gave in and read it. Then I was hooked. So now I have lived through 2 stages of being in love with a Vampire. I think it is just fun to have a fantasy once in a while. And what better than a vampire.

  • twilighterr

    i think its the whole romance element that comes with them, a lot of girls like the whole 'im a bad guy but good inside' sort of thing. and they have cool powers ;D

  • thetiffn8r

    I don't really know. I'm not a huge vampire person but I have been drawn to them because it's crazy to think about something like that existing.

  • http://twitter.com/brandigolightly Brandi Brands

    i have to agree with HeidiKay with the whole “bad boy” thing…i so have a thing for Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) on “The Vampire Diaries”…and I think I started to fall in love with vampires when I started watching “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” which is my favorite show of all time…no show will ever be as amazing as Buffy for me…and I think vampires are so interesting in pop culture because you get so many different point of views. For example, “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” is the epitome of traditional vampires. Crosses, garlic, and holy water affect them. Burn them, put them in sunlight, stake them, or cut off their heads and they become a pile of ash. On “True Blood,” vampires aren't affected by holy water or crosses or garlic (though they hate the smell). Stake them, or put them in sunlight and they die…but the older they are, the different type of death they have. Godric was 2,000 years old and he died in blue flames…Bill isn't as old but when he went out in the sunlight, he looked like a burn victim. On “The Vampire Diaries,” vampires can go outside because of these rings they wear, and you've gotta stake them to kill them (or put them in the sun of course). I like the different storylines too. And, of course, I'm a sucker for a good love story :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Ko/1138245061 Emily Ko

    well, i do consider myself a vampire junkie. it's just that they're usually beautiful, really strong, really fast and hell they live forever! their inhumanness is really sexy, at least to me.

  • iisha

    Well, I actually have the same problem. I don't like The Vampire Diaries, and I have a really good reason not to. If you really are a Twilight Fan, then you will surely understand why. It is because, their taking “some of the dialoges” from Twilight (Stephenie Meyer) And most of the things wich is mentioned in The Vampire Diaries, is also in Twilight. But I can't really stop watching it. I watch the serial on the pc, and I watch one episode more than 5 times. And I don't know why, the serial makes me angry, but I still HAVE to see it. I think it is because of the vampires there…. What do u think? Send me an e-mail.. to answer :-)

  • Name

    i like bad and hot guys that can love you enternally

  • Eddycullenforever

    I just love movies with vampires …werewolves…headless horsemens…pirates…wizards…hobbits…and of course the man with the scissor hands..

  • Eddycullenforever

    Vampires are so laid back…not hyper and annoying…intellegent to talk to and non judgmental….in twilight version of course….who wouldent want to be friends with the cullens??

  • helenephoebe

    Vampires give a sense of the unknown and of danger. It can excite people into thinking that there is something more to life than what they know.

    To be fair, I didn't really think much of vampires until I read the Twilight Saga. I think that what makes Twilight different is that the vampires (the Cullens) aren't 'typical' vampires as they mix with humans and it shows a side of vampires that no one has really seen before.

  • Nikkilodeon28

    to me i think it's their devotion. how they stay true to eachother and their mates :)

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    You are obsessed, so even vampire shows you don't like, you still have to watch! :) To be fair to TVD, those books were written before Twilight was so I don't think they steal from Twilight, except they used the momentum from Twi's success to find success on their show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lydia-Eveangeline-Bailey/827703873 Lydia Eveangeline Bailey

    although vampires obvously have their appeal (especially the good ones) i dont think it is the vampires that are so interesting in twilight, i think it is more about the romance and that nothing can keep them apart
    btw, i just read that through n i know how cheesy it is, sorry

  • Gisele

    I really like those kind of vampires like Edward because of the contradiction that implies to have a relantionship between a human an a vampire. That's what i like most, but i don´t really like that much seeing vampires in action, all the blood and all that vampire stuff.
    But also, i agree with Lindasy about the different explanations they have for their lifestyle.

  • Briana

    I think they're kind of what everyone wants to be. They're beautiful, powerful and free. They're not tied down to anything or anyone and don't have to worry about the small things in life.

    And also, although not so much in Twilight, they are all about desire and passion and sex, and its just an ideal that modern society does not allow us to live.

    Oh, and they're hot too :P !!

  • TeamJacob16 ♥

    yeh i know me too whats not to love about them :)

  • Pepsipigen123

    It's the fact that they're everything normal boys arent, I think(:
    Normal boys are boring.
    We want badasses with mysterious eyes, you could just stare into for ever!

    -Oh, and they're HAAAWT!

  • kelly_17

    errmm i dunno why im so drawn 2 vampires i dont know i think its cos their so mysterious and and dangerous its just werird how much us girls likes vampires but im glad twilight came into my life =)

  • isamariecullenblack

    i think vampires represent the perfect guy we all need. they're hot, strong, gentlemen, and try to help the world, even though damon is the bad guy…still he's hot and perfect :D
    they represent danger and that's what most girls want…like a forbidden love haha

  • team_jacob_baby

    i think that people created vampires because they wanted to think that humans arent on the top of the food chain; something can actually destroy humans.

  • Team…I can't decide!

    I think it's the whole want-what-you-can't-have, seeing as vampires don't exist, it means that we want them more. That's what I think anyway :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcela-Gomez-Lugo/1197769242 Marcela Gomez Lugo

    2 words: Mysterious and and physical attraction :)

  • twiloverxx

    Lol yeh true!

  • meg

    I agree with Lindsay, The Vampire Diaries definitely wouldn't have it's success without the popularity of Twilight, and even the cast of the VD (Paul, Nina, Ian, etc) have said so themselves. But the oldest VD book was published in 1991 so the VD could not have copied Twilight.

    Personally, the Vampire Diaries show to me is so much more entertaining than the Twilight movies. They have really made an awesome show and it hooks you in every week :)

  • alisonallensworth

    i think they're awesome!!!

  • Sarah8

    I agree the Vampire Diaries show is a lot better than the Twilight movies, but I prefer reading the Twilight books than I do reading The Vampire Diaries books :)

  • nankeel

    Its the hot passion that you would feel if you had danger breathing next to you…moving toward your neck… making you close your eyes and giving into whatever may be. Hot!!!! Men would be way better off if they would only learn how to seduce a woman the way Edward could!!!

  • iisha

    Yeah, I agree! The vampire diaries (books) were out before Twilight. But I've read the books too, and nothing in the book have somthing with twilight to do. But in the serial they say (more than one time) something that HAVE something with twilight to do. And I it really annoys me, I don't want them to copy Twilight/New Moon :-(

  • iisha


  • meg

    Same here the Twilight books are so much better!

  • meg

    Thats just our opinion :) The Twilight movie was not close to being as good as the book…and TVD is an awesome show, for once they made the show better than the books. You should give it a chance it's great!

  • iisha

    Yeah, of course I watch The Vampire Diaries. And I think I kind of like it. BUT I CAN NEVER NEVER NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER SAY THAT ANYTHING ARE BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!

  • Rishiiiii

    i was reading twilight today…again….and i got this real bad impression of edward….
    i dnt no why…..
    and he get mood swingzz…alot of mood swingzz…
    correct me if im wrong

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