Kristen Stewart reports for jury duty

Apparently, Kristen Stewart has had to report for jury duty at the Los Angeles Superior Court, according to a security guard that got this photo with her.


In addition, you can read the report of a wife of one of the other gentleman that was in jury duty with her. Check it out here (en español).

[Via KStewartFansLJ]

  • Miranda

    Looks like she had fun. Can't be anything better then doing Jury Duty. Doesn't bother me as much as the elevator ride up and down. If i had the choice i would take the stairs next time i do it.

  • ashgott

    Thats funny! I just had Jury Duty too.

  • misssdandelion

    that;s funny

  • edward3

    not the best kristen has looked but she porbley didnt want to draw attention to herself

  • abbis

    what would you do if you were in court and Kristen Stewart walked in and sat down with the rest of the jury
    that would be cool!!!
    i mean it would suck if you were in court in the first place but…

  • Skylerr

    I was in the court ahaha it was so funny I couldn't believe it and I even rode the elevator right next to hero even know what the case was about. It was cool.

  • Skylerr

    Hey I was in the same van nuys court and court room it was 119 on the 7th floor and I didn't believe it was her until she started talking and then we even rode the elevator right next to each other she left but I heard the judge tell the jurers to come back at 1:30 so I had to go back too so I saw her again.. We were in the same room for like 6 hours nobody bothered her inside or outside re court at all .since I am 18 I was all exited but I diet have a camera so I never asked her anything. She was dressed all regular with her hair all crazy and she looked simple. She was suppose to go back the next day again but I didn't have court again so I didn't go. But that was crazy.. I can't believe I was right there in that room with her out of all the places I couldve been or she couldve been.

  • lalaland2009

    if i was in court and saw Kristen, i'd either faint or run the other way or faint while running the other way, she's beautiful and she gets to kiss the hottest guys in the universe, she's my idol.

  • tikitommy1960

    I wouldnt have recognized her and I still dont know who she is . That security guard and or deputy are idiots though. Everyone knows you dont screw around with confidentiality of jurors . Whjat a moron to go home and post it to a blog.

  • jazminuckermann

    this pic was stolen from my sister! she posted it up on twilight forum in univision, which was a big mistake cuz it was a big thing in the court… pliz the person in charge of this blog take this pic off!

  • jazminuckermann

    thanx for removing the picture! i appreciate it much

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    Sure, hope it works out OK. That sucks.

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    Sure, hope it works out OK. That sucks.

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