Discussion Topic: Which original vampire myths should Twilight have kept?

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Which original vampire myths/characteristics should Twilight have kept the same?

This week’s discussion topic will be hosted by me! :D You can read my thoughts after the break!

We all know which reason will top this list:

1. Real vampires don’t sparkle.

I’m sorry. Maybe you think sparkling is super pretty, but come on. Vampires are supposed to be dangerous! Next myth that shouldn’t have been changed:

2. Vampires have fangs.

I extremely dislike the fact that Twilight vampires don’t have fangs. How do they bite without sharpened teeth?

I won’t list all of the vampire myths since there are many, but I want YOU to list what you think should have stayed the same!

Talking about oooollllddd vampyres…


Haha don’t you love Nosferatu, the first vampire that ever existed?! :D

  • LaPushLuv

    I guess i kind of agree

    but i love the fact that they sparkle = ( im glad she changed that one!!

    Who agree's that the pic above is freaky and ugly?? im so glad vamps have discovered hotness since that!! can anyone imagine a hot Jasper,Edward or Emmet looking like that without having nightmares?? I cant


  • lishabean

    They should have fangs

  • Claudia

    I Miss the Fangs, thats the Classic Vampire-without them, Vamps are just Pale People =L
    And it Would be Pretty Awesome if Meyer kept the 'No Reflection' myth in there, because she couldn't have them Disintergrate in the Sunlight, so why not keep the no-reflection.
    She makes the Vamps a little TOO Indestructable!

  • Briana

    I agree with the fangs, definitely! They add a kind of badass hotness to it! But I kinda like the sparkling, I like how Stephenie added her own twist, which is, after all, how the 'original' vampires became what they were!

    The night-only things pretty cool too, but not very practical or a love story :P !!

  • Team_Edward_For_Life

    I think that the vampires should have fangs but like they would just grow when they need them..because then Edward wouldn't have been able to go to school or kiss bella without hurting her. as for the sparkling…come on!! edward looks hot when he sparkles…so im glad she changed that ;)

  • charmingholly

    I think that Stephenie should have kept the way a vampire can change a person – the good old bite and then the victim's drinking of the vampires blood – which is another change – not the venom circulating but the blood they ingest.

    Now that I come to think of it The Vampire Diaries vampires are pretty perfect, that's what I think the Twilight vampires should have been like.

  • twilightmaniac4ever

    I think the way Stephenie portrayed her vampires is PERFECT. But again, I agree that she should have never changed the fang thing. VAMPIRES SHOULD HAVE FANGS! As for the part where the Cullen's wouldn't be able to go to school…. Stephenie could have easily said that the fangs only 'popped' out when they were ready to kill someone. My opinion <3 But I still love twilight exactly the way it is. =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Ko/1138245061 Emily Ko

    sparkels are cool but yeah…. and fangs would have been sexier!
    just sayin

  • Name

    I agree that the vampires from The Vampire Diaries are perfect. They combine the right amount of old vampire lore with a current mannerism that allow them to blend into everyday society. I also love the fact that in Vampire Diaires that the vampire does not have to entirely drain a victim of blood, but can take a small amount of blood–allowing the victim to live.

  • becca3589

    i like them as they are there meant to be the most perfect gorgeous people youve seen and i cant imagine alice or rosalie with fangs lol! they cud pop out when they kill for all we know u never see them kill anything so who knows they might write it in 2 the films lol

    i like the sparkly skin its better than melting lol! it wud ruin the entire story infact theyd be no story cos they cudnt live in forks otherwise lol!

  • http://twitter.com/x_dizidani_X Danielle Hall

    im glad they dont have fangs wouldnt really work would it i think people would notice them with fangs !!! the story wouldnt work if they burnt in the sun either

  • Team…I can't decide!

    I don't think they should have fangs, they would be noticed that way! Also, sparkling gives them a new dimension-if you think about it: burning in the sunlight is just as silly as sparkling. At least sparkling is pretty to watch!

  • misssdandelion

    i'm glad too that they dont have fangs

  • lasweeney94

    I think you to make new myths and all that thing make fresh!!! lol :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Michael-Gibson/1750951267 Jennifer Michael Gibson

    I think they are perfect without fangs. Remember, they have razor sharp teeth and don't need them. Also, sparkling is sooo much sexier than burnt skin. Besides, how would Bella even know Edward and his family existed if they could only come out at night. It's not like she's a party girl and goes out every night.

  • Alice Cullen

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  • simyimp

    SM was right to change her vampire myths and I don't think they would have worked so good. Love them sparkling, love that they don't have ugly fangs (!!! yak – Bella would have run for her life if she saw them!!), love that they do have reflections and are able to show up in photos. Remember, SM vampires are another version of vampire that are more relatable that the scary, count dracula type from horror movies!! This is a romance and love story not a horror!! I think SM has been extremely creative and made her vampires a modern alternative! LOVE TWILIGHT SAGA SO MUCH – CAN'T WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!

  • TeamEdward<3

    If they had fangs they wouldn't have looked as beautiful and graceful as they do now ( they would look weird & freaky :|

  • edward3

    i dont think fangs as then people would notice them and they would be able to live a normal life and like she said before vampiers dont change looks way so why should their teeth :D

  • teamjacob95

    yea i agree cuz at first i didnt really understand how they changed and in the vampire diaries its not hard to understand

  • http://twitter.com/itsmetami Tamara Junor

    1. I don't like the fact that they sparkle; they should burn!! You have to stay true to the vampire legends.. seriously. VAMPS SHOULD BURN IN THE SUNLIGHT.

    2. VAMPIRES SHOULD HAVE FANGS! Come one people! I'd fall in love with Edward Cullen even more if he had FANGS.. It makes him mysterious and scary and stuff. :)

    Still, I appreciate Stephenie Meyer and I absolutely LOVE her books. :)

    TEAM JACOB! :) <3

  • Deedee82

    I think they are perfect just the way they are.

  • http://twitter.com/g0ddess01 ana

    Stephanie did her vampire the way she did cause she have to stay consistent with her story. It's a love story not a horror one. It's her way to incorporate her style of writing so I salute you SM for being bold and going out of your way to try new things. How often do you read vampires stories without fangs and sparkles in th sun? It's sexy cause it's unique.

  • http://www.facebook.com/theshortchik Tonja Tutor

    I think there should be some way to possibly kill or shun the vampires like the garlic or cross theory. The Twilight Vampires are only able to be destroyed by each other and the Wolves. That doesn't leave us mere mortals a chance. I think Bella should have had something to defend herself with other than Pepper Spray.

  • miss0609

    I think, vampire should be like Bram Stoker saw it. It's the original and best way to see a vampire

  • teamedwardalwys

    i agree. i like the whole fang thing.. not huge ones but definately more apparent. but i do like the fact that they can still be in sunlight and not burn to ashes but sparkle instead. i think she did a pretty perfect job with vampires!!!

  • dazzled_dreamer

    it would be pretty cool if they could whip out some fangs, i guess. :) =

  • terrbear

    I think I'll take any vampire, sparkle or not! BUT I did love the sparkle sequence. This is the format that SM chose to write her saga and she's done a fangtastic job of it! Fangs or no fangs. You can't take away Edward's chisled facial structure, nor his BEUTIFUL TEETH!! Carry on…………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1450103324 facebook-1450103324

    Definitely the fangs!

  • damonsgirl

    i think they should be more like Damon Salvatore from vampire diaries like when he is reading twilight in the tv show this girl asks why don't you sparkle and he says because i live in the REAL world.

  • edward_forever_and_always

    ^^ damonsgirl hah i love that episode. I DO think that they should have retactable fangs like in true blood/ the vampire diaries, and i like that they sparkle! its hot
    I also like that they can't sleep.. it kind of explains why they live like they do.. just killing aimlessly(most of them) with no purpose to “life” there is no end to a day for them. no “new beginnings”

  • http://www.facebook.com/SteviOsborn1986 Stephanie Elizabeth Osborn

    As I have told my friends…. We have our Washington Vampires (twilight) (my local) then we have the Virginia Vamps (VD) don't forget Blade, queen of the damned… Lastate. GARLIC…. CROSSES AND HOLY WATER… glad those miths are gone and no Coffins

  • bellard

    I like the fact that they don't sleep, that way Edward can look after Bella while she's sleeping, very romantic!!!!

    TEAM EDWARD!!! (I love the new Eclipse stills, too!!!)

  • jacobfan1

    i agree tht the Vampire Diaries vampires are perfect, i mean i love the vamps in twilight but they shuld have been more like the Vampire Diaries vamps.

  • jacobfan1

    i agree tht the Vampire Diaries vampires are perfect, i mean i love the vamps in twilight but they shuld have been more like the Vampire Diaries vamps.

  • howsockgothappy

    I agree, I dislike the sparkling, but I love that they don't have fangs. Two tiny holes? FUCK THAT THEY'RE GONNA TEAR A VICTIM'S NECK APART!!

  • Anon

    If they don't have fangs, don't get hurt in the sunlight, can sustain themselves on animals alone, nor have any of the weaknesses of a vampire. They are not vampires. I appologize but no, They fit the Celtic mythology of the fair folk better. I.E. fairies and elves

  • Anon

    If they don't have fangs, don't get hurt in the sunlight, can sustain themselves on animals alone, nor have any of the weaknesses of a vampire. They are not vampires. I appologize but no, They fit the Celtic mythology of the fair folk better. I.E. fairies and elves

  • Liz

    Ok well I for one, Think that the twilight vampires are just  a little too fantasized. Vampires are supposed to be dark, deadly, and dangerous. They have a thirst for blood, and will feed when hungry. I do like the idea of the vampire/human thing. The glittering and missing fangs does confuse me, and idk if you should call these creatures vampires. I have never really been into the twilight saga, not one to follow the crowd, but I will not diss Stephanie for her work. Haters are going to hate, thats all there is to it. While the creatures Stephanie explains may not be true vampires, they are what they are and it can't be changed.

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