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Cohen and I were discussing Breaking Dawn, and we decided we need to have a Discussion Topic on what we want from the Breaking Dawn film. Do you want one film or two (I sincerely doubt Summit would consider making more than two films)? Would you want it on IMAX? Would you like to see it in 3D? How do you feel about the story being changed for the film? What scenes MUST be in the film(s) and what scenes are OK to skip?

I would love to see it on IMAX! I’ll tell you for sure after I see Eclipse on IMAX! I read on Twitter someone was talking about making it in 3D but I don’t see why that’s necessary. Not sure I want to see that birthing scene in 3 dimensions. lol Also, I am OK with one or two films. One because then we won’t have to wait as long. Two because then there will be less that will be left out, and it can drag out the obsession EVEN longer.

I love Breaking Dawn as a book but I think a lot of it will be hard to translate to screen (the pregnancy, the birth, the imprinting), so I won’t be surprised if they change it a good deal for the film. I am trying to prepare myself for that now so if/when they do change a bunch, I will be more forgiving.

OK, sound off in the comments!! Tell me what you want to see!

  • Checkmate95

    Actully Summit have considered making it into two films

  • iluvmyhummer

    I so do not want to see in 3D that seems a little lame. I never gave it much thought on what should be in or out. But the Wedding, Honeymoon and birth/and Bella's transformation (becoming inmortal) so have to be in the film. Also in the book Jacob exposes himself to Charlie that needs to be in the film. Leads to the need to know basis.

  • iluvmyhummer

    I heard two films also. But you never can tell. They would be stupid not to make it into two films. But I don't want to wait six months between films. That would be stupid.

  • Anitaplove

    I want a four hous movie hahahaha! why avatar can be so long and no bd? I hate that I just don0t want them to split it but just one movie would be.. I don't know.. I know that if they make the movie, it won't as bloody as the book which is bored.. for example the birth scene, that's a lot of blood, but they won't show edward opening bella with a bisturi hahahaha.. sad.. I guess they are going to just ignore all the bella-loves-sex stuff, wich is also bored.. that means emmet's jokes will be gone.. I am sooo looking forward to see the bunch of vampires comming into the cullen's house.. but they are going to ignore a lot of that wich is also bored.. I don't know I really think they are going to make it so.. commercial.. that they are going to ignore a lot.. and that's BORED!

  • teamedward1234567890

    not 3d, one movie. the wolf stuff is so repetitive and ridiculous, the movie can be over 2 hours we all won't mind
    i dont want to wait two and a half years to see this, especially because its my favorite book and they can't look older, i mean i want them to do it right but they should get started because i don't think the craze will last forever

  • natasha93

    yeah i agree, prefer it in 2-D.. and yeah the scenes i definitely wanna see is the wedding, honeymoon, birth and transformation. also the imprinting would be kinda cool, but i don't know how'd they'd show it. i'd like two films, as long as we don't have t wait too longgg :) woo!

  • twihardfan09

    i dont care how many films they make, as long as they bring breaking dawn to the big screen :)

  • miller37

    two movies…to better include as much as possible…i dont think they should change too much…maybe just cut some minor things…not 3d…definately imax

  • TeamIsabella

    i dont mind if they make one or two, i dont think many twilight fans will mind the film being over two hours long. i think the scenes there needs to be are wedding, important bits of the honeymoon, transformation, jacob 'showing' charlie, alice dropping the vase,Irina seeing Bella with jacob an Renesme, showing Tanyas coven, bella 'practising' her power and the confrontation with the volturi. If they are gunna do it as two films then they need to spilt it when jacob imprints on renesme then we dont see the imortal bella in the first Breakin Dawn.

  • team_jacob_baby

    3D makes movies look cheap. But i so do hope they make it into two films because Twilight is like my only hobby and when it is over i have no idea what i am going to do haha wow i sound like a dork but i am a twerd. i think thye should include everything even if they have to make it rated R. it would be worth it. everything is so important to the story and i dont see how they could leave somethings out (i.e. Isle Esme, birthing scene) Those scenes are very important and if they leave them out the movie wont make sense at all.

  • helenephoebe

    I want two films – and I think the must-have scenes are the confrontation at the end, the bit where Bella goes to get the passports because then we see her as a vampire interacting with humans, the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy and the birth and I also think we need to see the wolf pack splitting into two.

  • Nae

    I agree, 3D or IMAX is a waste of money on these films. I also agree that we need these to be longer. There is too much in this book to be sacrificed because they are trying to squeeze everything into a short film. I also completely disagree with the ridiculous fact that Stephanie wants all of it to be PG/PG13. They are going to have to dull/ignore a tremendous amount of book and story and most of the juicy parts really to make it such. And I seriously doubt that parents are going to forbid their kids to see it with some blood in it. It is a damn vampire series!!! We need to see a lot more than just all of the romance from the next films. That is all I hear about these movies now, it that the books are way better and they are dumbing the movies down too much…lets spice it back up and make sure we have all of what the readers want in these films. We are our audience, and so far…the movies have been utterly dissapointing. I know that they could be a ton better if they would just get rid of this ridiculous PG thing.

  • caro

    definitely no 3D! …more movies, better for me, so i'll have more twilight time! please no fake renesmee it will be so dissapointing. and no mailing-alice style narrative

  • JessXD

    What is IMAX? We have it in the Uk but I've never seen it

  • YouAreMythicalAfterAll

    I think that all the things that are written already is really important! I like the part with J. Jenks, but if you have to shorten a movie, well, i guess that will be one of the things that will be skipped!

    2films! because it could turn out to be a bad movie if they made one, 'cause i already think that there are a lot of things missing in Twilight and New Moon.

    I also thinks that the imprinting is important, Jared and Kim, Emily and Sam, Quil and Clarie and especially Rachel and Paul!

  • http://twitter.com/ashniss2005 Ashley Dawson

    Ok so definetly no 3D! They look horrible, I think 3D should be left for the cartoons! I wouldn't mind Edward popping out of the screen though! Haha…. As for the birthing sceen….. I think they should leave it as bellas POV…. She's blacked out for it… I don't like Jacob so they can leave him out of it! But he is a big part of the book…. So idk? I just can't wait for Edward to rip up some pillows :0)

  • http://twitter.com/ashniss2005 Ashley Dawson

    DON'T feel bad twilight is my ONLY hobby :0)

  • cullensmullj

    Yes and no about one or two movies. Most of all, I want one movie, as long as it lasts around 3 hours, if not, it would be nice with to. The scenes that MUST be in the movie(s), is when Edward and Bella make love for the first time, and maybe the times after that so we can see how ruin the bedroom is. That was kind of funny in the book. Its also important to see the birth of renesmee and the transform of Bella. Its many other things that is really important to, but i think i have said enough for now!:)

    But its ok to cut alot, because I thinked that the book was a little bit boring at the second part of the book. It took so loong time to get to the point with the Volturians, so i hope the film is better!;)

  • katies85

    i dont want to see it in 3d i just want normal and they cant take 2 much out of it because it wont be the same just make it into 2 movies to get as much in as possible i think

  • calla_lily319

    I thought I heard it was going to be two films. I think the first BD should end as Bella “wakes up (transformed)” and sees Renesmee and all the Cullens and Jake watching her (fade to black) and then the 2nd BD can start from there. Just random thoughts – I just cannot think of too many places to split the book. I think Peter Jackson (LOTR) should direct the 2nd BD movie. I guess I should just be glad there will be a BD movie (or two).

  • katies85

    i agree with u cullensmullj they all have 2 be in it and also the birth but not show the whole thing

  • Jaspers_Girll

    No, please not 3D…that would be weird, and in some scenes, quite gross. I don't know about splitting it into two movies…where would they split it?? I guess probably at the end of Jacob's book…but that's ruin the flow of the whole thing! Things they should include…err, EVERYTHING!! But the realist in me has to accept that that just won't happen :( But definitely the wedding, the honeymoon (please please make it good…we've been waiting three movies!!) the birth, the transformation and the imprinting…they are the basic essence of the whole story!! TBH, I don't really mind how they do it…I'm just gonna be psyched to see more of Edward!! Although, some more Jacob would also be very much appreciated I'm sure :P

  • ohyeahbitch

    im not sure if i want them to make breaking dawn.. i think they will ruin the book. (ehm.. melissa rosenberg)

  • Steph

    I just saw Avatar in 3D and, while the film was excellent, the 3-D took away from the experience. Too much of a gimmick.

  • teamwerewolf4eva

    wow. i have been thinking about it and i really can't pick any scenes that aren't important to the over all story line which leads me to decide i think we need two movies and i like everyone's idea of stopping the first movie right after bella wakes up perferably not seeing bella because that would make it so much more suspensful. but if they make only one they better make it long cause there really isn't a whole lot you can cut out. everything builds on everything else and its hard to cut anything out. plus pleaseee no 3D i just don't like that idea at all.
    but most of all i just hope they start filming soon and we get more details, just that they put it on the big screen will make me happy cause i'm expecting it to be different cause it's definitley a hard book to make into a movie.

  • team_jacob_baby

    hahah ok yeah i admit it, this is all i do xD

  • twilightlover

    i agree with absulotely everything you said!

  • kiwikrystal

    Edward ripping some pillows up sounds really hot! Hope they dont cut that out! Cant wait for the honeymoon scene! please dont cut that out! the antispation is driving me nuts lol

  • Team_Rosalie

    Yes, no 3D. As much as i would love ANY of the boys to be popping out of the screen, i think those honeymoon scenes would scare the heck out of people in 3D! lol

  • Matt

    I love BD the book except my big disappointment was all the build-up to the confrontation with the Volturi and then no fight ever happens. That won't play very well dramatically in the movie…I'm not saying I want an all-out war, but there should be some kind of action it seems, especially since it's the end of the saga. That would be one change I'd like to see for the movie, although it might change the story too much…of course, any liberties with the plot would have to be met with Stephenie's approval first…

  • team_jacob_baby

    Thanks :) im glad someone is on the same page as me and i hope we are right (;

  • emy86

    I would like that they make two movies for BD. maybe the first one could end with bella opening her red eyes. I hope they forget about the PG-13 thing, because there is so much story in the book that they would have to cut out. i wanna see the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, the jokes jacob said about rosalie, the birth of renesmee (just like it is on the book), the werewolves imprinting, bella as newborn, and when it comes to the volturies I would love to see a fight, that something goes wrong before alice shows up. I agree with calla_lily319 peter jackson should do the second movie, that would be great!!

  • misssdandelion

    what can we say??

  • misssdandelion

    what can we say??

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