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This week, Amanda and I want to know: What is your favorite “little” moment in New Moon (the movie)?  Yes, there are the obvious “big” answers, such as the Bella/Edward reunion, etc. but we want to know what parts of the film considered a little less climactic do you love?

Amanda says her favorite part is Edward’s parking lot strut at the beginning of the film, in slow-mo, with Hurricane Bells’ “Monsters” playing.  RAWR! I gotta agree.

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But a couple others I love: The months lapsing by as Bella sits in her chair with Lykke Li’s “Possibility” playing. I really enjoy Charlie and Bella at the beginning when he teases her about how old she is.  And I enjoy the scene in Jacob’s garage where they are fixing the bikes (especially when she picks up a tool and he takes it from her).

I can’t wait for the DVD to come out.  Only a couple more weeks!

  • tink_73

    my favorite little scene is at bella birthday party when emmett says to edward “dating an older woman thats hot” it was so funny and one of the few scenes with emmett.

  • Robbins1989

    I love the part at the end when Emmett hugs Bella. It just kinda cements the brother/sister relationship that they kinda had in the later books. I also love the part when Edward was like “You can't trust vampires. Trust me.” It makes me laugh every time. I also love the scene when Carlisle is stitching Bella up, and I like it when Jessica was like, “Well, that 'homeboy' could've been a psycho!” LOL! Makes me laugh!

  • ash0905

    I love the very end when Edward proposes to Bella in the forest!

  • jolynnco

    The vote scene is great. I love Emmet and Jasper's reactions to the vote. I also love Bella telling Edward to shut up, it's done in such a playful loving way makes me laugh.

    I love the don't trust vampires, trust me scene at the school.

    Hearing Edward do Shakespeare in their class was great.

    When Alice comes back. Her and Bella's entire interaction. “be back as soon as you put the dog out”

    Loved the entire movie

  • Twilightfeathers

    when charlie is in bellas room and says he is a “famous ladies man” you gotta love charlie :)

    harry saying “those bears dont get to drop on me, my kung fo is strong” lol

    edward leaving and the months, just love how they captured the real pain of it all even though its sad you really do feel bellas pain (and edwards)

    emily saying “so your the vampire girl” and bella saying “so your the wolf girl”

    jake saying he would run away with bella if he could *cries*

    oh and there is soooooo many more, lets just face it the whole movie is fantastic, cant wait for it come out on dvd so i can obssess even more lol

    fingers crossed they soon announce they WILL make breaking dawn :)

  • aplaksa

    OMG! I thought it was just me that loved the entrance of edward into the movie, in the parking lot. It's to new moon what the lunch room entrance of edward was to twilight!! he's sooo f'in hot!

  • myvotebelongstojacob

    i really like the scene where he fights to protect bella from the voluarti

  • kendra0223

    I must agree with the first one. I sigh everytime I see him walk across the parking lot. That is one of the best little scenes in the movie a happy moment!

  • epip

    I love the scene when Bella is drowning and she seems serene and happy to be with Edward at last within arms reach of him. Happy to be dying. I choke up when she is pulled away from him so close yet so far away from him.

  • Kali

    My favorite little scene is where Bella and Carlisle are talking about Edwards soul.

  • Autumn

    I loved when they where in class and the teacher asked Edward to repeat the last few lines from romeo and juliet. Bella just watched him while he recited them. Very romantic.

  • WishIWereAlice

    OMG thank you for reminding me about that :)
    That's my favourite scene :)

  • Autumn

    I loved the part where Bella and Edward are in class and the teacher asks Edward to repeat the last few lines from romeo and juliet to prove he was listening. Bella stares at him with love as he recites the lines beautifully. Very romantic.

  • eRiCk

    well… for me.. the best scene (s) that i love are… edwards looks XD… hahaha there are 2 looks that i really like… the first one.. when he's in Brazil and he “knows” that bella is death… he's face awww so lovely xd… and the second it's at volterra.. when bella stopped him from showing himself on the sunlight xd… when they enter that building.. he smiles!! in a perfect way xd that looks so real and warm x3

  • TwilightCrazed

    I like 2 parts!!
    First when Jake jumps through the window and Bella hits his abs!!(:
    when he's like trying to give her a hug or something…
    And second when edward crushes his phones!!!!

  • nz_bunny


  • wicked92

    i would guess that one of my fav's scene would probley be when bella shows up with these big massive bikes on the back of her truck and she gives them to jacob as a gift 4 him..also that part where jacob teaches bella how do train herself to ride on a motorbike!!

  • charlotte_swan

    I like the seen were Bella and Jake were about to kiss then the phone rang( I was so hoping for some lipaction lol) but then you see Edward :-( maks me cry that bit

  • team.edward23

    My fav is the parking lot scene with Edward. He is GORGEOUS!
    Also, my fav is when Edward asks bella to marry him =)

  • April

    My Favorite Scene
    is at the beginning when Edward’s does his parking lot strut.
    I also like When Edward is in Italy and He And Bella Reunite.
    Especially when he says U are alive and that he lied.
    I too like the Part where Bella says Kill me Not him
    Also the Bedroom scene when they return from Italy
    and when she tells him to shut up.
    When they are in the car and she tells him she wants him to turn her not Carisle.
    and Especially when he propose to her and Bella says what are U waiting for and he says Marry Me Bella.

  • phianne

    they are so hot!
    that is my best scene in new moon!
    god i really want to kiss edward!
    of course i cant kiss him because hes only for bella!
    bella… your the best! c=

    i totally love twilight saga!
    and i love all the film!
    i really like the twilight cast and new moon!
    they have the best act!
    this is the best movie ever!

  • teameverythingtwilight

    i love the bit when bella dives of the cliff and when jacob saves her and says “what the hell were you thinking”, also the part when jasper say's “happy…nevermind” make my laugh, there are lots of little parts the get me for diffrent reasons and the music…..

  • mrs_lautner_hahahah

    MY fav wud hafta b wen bella && jacob r in the movies, && mike is is the bathroom sick && jacob goes What a marshmellow.


  • claireyloucullen

    wow sooooo many to choose from, i like edwards comment you cant trust vampires “trust me” makes me smile evry time, the parking lot scene is fab, the passing of the months was done really well, bell and jacob in the bedroom and jacob sees the dream catcher on beller headborad and has a little smile to himself i like that. the list is endlesssssss. xx

  • ivisitedforkswa

    ONE of my favorites is after Bella jumps and she is floating suspended in the water with Edward next to her while Slowlife by Grizzly Bear is playing. My others are the parking lot strut at the beginning and the zombie phase.

  • hurstkathy

    I also like it when Edward struts across the parking lot, but the scene I really like is when Bella throws a piece of pizza at Jacob in the garage and he catches it the way he does. I so can't wait till it comes out in 2 weeks, I will be in front of the TV all weekend long watching New Moon over and over.
    Kathy H.

  • Yanax

    I love those scenes :

    when Bella & Edward break up : ''is it about my soul ? take it ! I don't want it without you''
    when Bella & Jacob break up : 'It's killing me ! It kills me' ! &'' you cant break up with me I mean… your my best friend you promised me”
    and in the cinema ;p
    team Jacob

  • EdwardsMine

    Yes, I agree TOTALLY with Amanda: Edward's slo-mo walk at the parking lot IS one of my favorite scenes! I love the scene where Bella gets her present from Alice, and she says as they walk away: “Hey, Jasper, no fair with the mood control-thing.” and he says: “Sorry, Bella. Happyyy… Never mind.” and then Edward says: “You can't trust vampires. Trust Me.” XD XD XD <3 <3 <3

  • baldywrights

    Bella's “Zombie” months is brilliant! especially with the soundtrack and her nightmares…..awesome!

    One that makes a huge impact on me is Victoria's scene where she confronts Harry and he has a heart attack…his face foe those few brief seconds is magic…so real….and the music through the chase is powerful!

  • Lexie

    Is new moon gonna win any awards?????????? I just watched the oscars last night. New mo0n is not really a horror movie. Did you all see how they put it in the horror category last night? I hope people pick this movie to win some awards.

  • STwilightmommy

    I like the scene when Bella and Edward are in class talking and the teacher stops the Romeo and Juliet video and makes Edward repeat a portion of it. It makes me melt. I love Romeo and Juliet and when Rob I mean Edward says that line “Oh, here Will I set up my everlasting rest; And shake the yoke of inauspiciouse stars From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and, lips O you The doors of breath, seal with a rightous kiss A dateless bargain to engrossing death! “
    WoW! I love that scene.

  • STwilightmommy

    I totally agree about the New Moon not being a horror movie, I was miffed when I saw it up there with all the real horror movies.

  • Rob4Deb

    The parking lot scene – I nearly fell off my chair when I watched it just … its been far too long since November, I had almost forgotten just how good he looks. I play that Huricane Bells song all the time, as it reminds me of his strut! gorgeous!!

    The passing of the months is awesome, and so well done.

  • Ronja

    i looove it when bella's under water and nearly dying and seeing edward and then he got pull out of jacob and her hand is kind of bluring his face

  • CrescentMoon12

    I love this scene!! And the one at the end…Bella will you marry me? That was sooo annoying but I loved it!!

  • blancag15

    I loved the whole movie? But I like the scene when the wolfs where chasing after Victoria?

  • twihardfan2010

    My all time favorite part of the movie is in Bella's room when Edward is telling her the reason he left and that now he will never leave her again. And when they vote and Bella tells Edward to shut up haha it made me laugh

  • Oo0dicle0oO

    hey i like the scene when he that he leaves her. It's so heartbreaking! that he see's ” your not good for me” the complete scene from the leaves it's zo hard. Each time which I has seen him I have cried. it's to hard for a heart to carry this way something your heart it is indeed unbearable. I understand her this way well for this reason that I cry.

    And The months lapsing by as Bella sits in her chair with Lykke Li’s “Possibility” playing.
    She can act complete well.
    I love the story Twilight and Robert Pattinson.

  • Oo0dicle0oO

    hey i love the scene when Edward was leaves. then he see's ” you not good for me” that's so heartbreaking ! I like the complete scene from when he goes gone. I understand complete well how she feels. each time if I saw that scene I have cried. This way experience something real something is unbearable. For already if you love a lot much that person.

    and the other scene is: The months lapsing by as Bella sits in her chair with Lykke Li’s “Possibility” playing.
    the music is appropriate well at the scene. and she is complete good actror. them can play complete well.

    I love the Twilight movie's and Robert Pattinson.

  • team-jacob-forever!

    my favee scene is when bella and jacob aree in the car together(:

  • misssdandelion

    I love the slow motion scene of Edward in the school's parking lot he looks gorgeous

  • Mel83

    i have to many cause i loves the whole flim. but if u had to say it would be… the one where she's drowning n they almost touch then jacob saves her, i think loving someone to that point where u can almost feel em is beautiful…. plus the one where she blocks jane n jane gets pissed

  • danigirl79

    Love the parking lot scene with 'Monsters' is playing, love the smile on Bella's face when Edward pulls up, like she's saying, 'yeah, that's right, he's mine'. And then of course Edward walking towards her – HOT!!!

    But I really think my favorite scene, that makes me smile no matter what is when Edward says “You can't trust vampires. Trust me.” It gets me everytime.

    And my second favorite little scene is at the end of the movie when the vote is happening & Bella turns and looks at Edward and says “Shuuutttt Up..” – It's just adorable, like they have been together forever.

  • team_jacob_baby

    GAWD. just give us new moon! i think my favorite scene is the slow motion of Edward walking up to Bella and then they kiss :) my second favorite is probably when Bella finds out Jacob is a werewolf, but i guess that is considered as a big one

  • Alice&Jasper

    I loved the part where he walked in slow-mo towards Bella. That was so weird… but awesome! XP I loved “Bella's Bedroom” scene where it showed the months passing by with “Possibility” by Lykke Li. It blended so well with the scene that I almost cried. :'( OMG! I'm crying now! I have to go watch New Moon now… >.<

  • Team_Alice28

    I forgot about the scene in Rio, thats another favorite scene….I just love the little moments they left in the book. I loved when Emmett grabbed Bella up and spun her around *swoon* I do wish they would have left Alice saying “I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her” in the Volturi scene but oh well I am glad with the way New Moon was done! My heart broke in the scene where Edward leaves while Bon Ivers Rosyln is playing…i cry every time! OH yeah and at the part when Bella tells Jake its killing her to hurt him :( omg im starting to cry hahaha Im a loser!

  • EdwardsMine


  • EdwardsMine


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