Twilight in 30 seconds…and reenacted by bunnies

Amanda sent me this and it is just too funny!! Click here to watch Twilight in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies!


  • gabby1578

    hey i was wondering if you realized that the oscars were today and that kristen and taylor and Anna were there? i mean thats major but there is nothing here.

  • franchi_R

    soooo funny , i love it

  • misssdandelion

    so funny :) ))))

  • twilightnews

    You may include some more description on new moon the ,you don't concentrate on twilight.

  • djpm04

    soo funny ..! =D

  • tori13130

    Haha thats hilarious!! :D

  • Black Widow

    hahahaha !! thats so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [Rob bite my pillows!] <3

    Well.. I prefer the real thing. The one WITHOUT FANGS !!! And the one where Rob is looking &”%¤”#@ hot :D

  • twihardfan2010

    haha thats so funny, good work to whoever made it

  • Kristen Stewart

    hahaha,that was funny and so fast lol

  • Gezz

    OMG. youv've only jut found this!!! I saw it about 6 months ago!!!! New moon is meant to be coming out soom

  • twiloverxx

    omg! lol soo funny!

  • RobeliF

    so funny:)))

  • RobeliF

    so funny:)))

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