Kristen Stewart comments on ‘Breaking Dawn’

Kristen tells PopSugar that Breaking Dawn should start filming in November of this year.
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Kristen discusses potential director Gus Van Sant
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In this interview with FEARnet, Kristen talks in detail about her story in Breaking Dawn. SPOILERS!

In Stephenie Meyer’s novel, Stewart’s character Bella not only bears a child, she does it in an incredibly gruesome manner. When FEARnet asked if Stewart is ready to wrap her head around playing a young mother, she burst into nervous laughter. “Oh my god,” she answered. “I don’t know why that sounds so weird. That just blows my mind.”

The 19-year-old actress explained. “Actually trying to get my head around it, not that it matters right now, I wonder… the way they have a child in the book is so traditional and classic; she’s so happy. It’s not like I don’t want [kids], you know. I’d love to have a family – but not right now! That boggles my mind.”

FEARnet posed a similar question to Fanning, who plays the lead Volturi enforcer, Jane: Are you ready to portray a baby hunter? But Fanning, ever the professional, could not yet confirm her involvement in Breaking Dawn. “I don’t know if I’m going to be in it,” she demurred. Stewart turned to her. “You’re gonna be in the movie.”

Stewart’s mind turned back to Bella’s Breaking Dawn exploits. “It’s insane. It’s crazy. I have to do that soon,” she said. “Oh my god, I have to be pregnant, I have to give birth — I wonder if that’s going to be in the movie…”

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  • TeamJasmett

    I think its official guys :D like it wasnt obvious anyway!

    they want to rake in the money – but i cant wait for them to announce it :D and then the trailer with be next year … ohhhh!

    how can i be this excited for breaking dawns trailer when Eclipse has barely got enough footage out lol.

  • team_tayward24

    i learned this whe in was waiting for new moon 2 come out: not being excited about twilight stuff its imposible!!!!!! lol
    i was trying my hardest 2 not get excited about eclipse or breaking dawn so time could go by fast….. it was working but then the eclipse trailer ruined everything!! lol and now im excited for breaking dawn 2!!!! lol!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1628006250 facebook-1628006250

    O: great!!!! n_n i love breaking dawn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and btw!!! kristen looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • rob18

    omg i came after so many days in this site…..it still remains the same …………:-)love u ppl

  • Astro

    so they r going to direct the Breaking Dawn movie?? I've heard that they won't :(

  • teamkristenedward

    who's going to be the director….?

  • keelykroll

    She said that she wonders if they will put Bellas pregnancy in the movie. Well, they better!! its a big part of it!! I hope the do 2 installments of the movie. Cause the book has so much detail and it just won't be a Great movie if they leave any of it out!

  • lovejazzhale

    lol ikr. hahahahhahaha! two movies for B.D. would be better to get all the details.. but still, i think it's going to be a great movie :)

  • Katheleen11

    I am a grown woman and I can not believe that I am this excited about a movie. Eclipse is not even out yet and hearing Kristen say, “the way they have a child in the book is so traditional and classic” makes me want to scream. There is NOTHING traditional and classic about getting ripped open from the inside out or having your lover have to tear into your uterus with his bear teeth because it is like stone to everything NOT vampire! Has she even read the book. That part better be in there – it is key to how (and why) she finally becomes a vampire. Look if I interpreted it wrong, someone please tell me. I read it last year. I will pull my book back out but I am sure that is part of what happens…

  • jacobblack333

    Omg Omg! Okay, i don't know if it's true but i heard that Breaking Dawn Was going to be put in two movies because people want the most of breaking dawn in the movie! So tada! We get 2!! And i didn't hear who the director was but there is one…(?) haha and so yea, i think the Pregnancy will be in it! Not sure!! Just i think it will be, if their having two movies!.. So now i am REALLY excited!! Woot Woot!!

  • jacobblack333

    Yeah it is the part were Bella becomes a Vampire… Ugh i want to tell you who is all there helping, but it would spoill stuff for other people.(Who haven't read it, YET) Tehe! Haha

  • jengan07

    i wonder how they will do the wolfs. cuz half the book the wolfs are like talking to each other in their minds!!???

  • team_jacob_baby


  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.cameriero Kate Cameriero

    Ummm they have to have bellas pregnancy in the breaking dawn movie its like a huge part of the book and the end of the series!

  • elena

    I think she meant about the getting pregnant part, good ole fashion sex. Waiting to be married, then getting prego. That's how i understood her. :)

  • katie

    i rely rely like the fact that they r going 2 make breaking dawn into 2 movies….but that means we hav 2 wait even LONGER for the whole story!

  • katie

    i rely rely like the fact that they r going 2 make breaking dawn into 2 movies….but that means we hav 2 wait even LONGER for the whole story!

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