MTV: Who should direct Breaking Dawn?

With all the names floating around the Breaking Dawn director rumor mill, MTV asks the question: Which director would you pick?

Sofia Coppola: The “Lost in Translation” and “Marie Antoinette” director knows her way around nuanced female roles, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella is definitely that. She also knows how to make challenging relationships compelling for film audiences; “Breaking Dawn” also has a lot of that.

Gus Van Sant: Van Sant is admittedly an odd choice. He’s had mainstream success with the likes of “Good Will Hunting” and “Finding Forrester,” but he’s known best for his indie/arthouse work. “Twilight” is many things, and it does indeed have its roots as an indie, but “arthouse” is not a direction I can see Summit wanting it to go in for the final chapter (or chapters, if it is broken into two movies). That said, star Robert Pattinson is keen on Van Sant being the guy, and the director has proven himself capable of blockbuster success.

Bill Condon: The random nature of Bill Condon’s resume is exactly what makes him a good fit for “Breaking Dawn.” From the “Candyman” sequel to “Kinsey” to “Dreamgirls,” you never know what he’s going to do next. He’s directed a supernatural, hook-wielding psycho-killer, a sex-crazed scientist and an up-and-coming soul singer… a teenage romance involving vampires, werewolves and a violent, bloody birth feels like the culmination of everything he’s ever done!

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  • UnalCullen

    Picking a Director for Breaking Dawn is going to be Summit's most difficult decision because it could fit into so many different genre's. First, there is the love element. The love between Edward and Bella is going to have to be stronger during the honeymoon – more passionate. Then there is the horror/gore part with the pregnancy and the birth of Renesmee – which is also a seperate section all together. They need a director with A LOT of CGI experience because we all want Renesmee to look as real as possible [it'd be good if Summit got their hands on James Cameron's technology].

    So yeh – it's going to be tough but I really hope they pick the right person.

  • misssdandelion

    plz explain more

  • princessmaee

    hah , bill condon seems like he fits the bill (x
    plus, i loved dreamgirls! i think he can pull it off! :D

  • kdenali
  • kdenali
  • nic3

    oh god…gus van sant would be amazing, but i doubt he'll do breaking dawn. bill condon would be sweet, oh hell so would sophia coppola. they're all amazing.

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