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Tab and I were discussing this week how there seem to be some unanswered questions and confusing parts about Twilight, especially after you finish reading the series and are able to look back over the whole story.  Some are just issues that are harder to grasp, like how the timing of the four books take place (that the last two books take place over a much shorter period of time than the first two).  One issue I always had with Twilight was understanding why Edward had to suck James’s venom from Bella when Carlisle was sitting there and had a lot of experience with stopping himself.  Or why Carlisle was out hunting the ONE time he needed to be there for the big birthing scene. lol

So this week, I want to discuss some of the hang-ups we have about the Twilight series (books and films).  What issues do you think were unresolved? What plot points didn’t make sense to you? What confused you while you were reading the story or watching the films?  What made you mystified?

By the way, I DON’T bring this up to hate on Stephenie Meyer, the books, or the films.  I wouldn’t write for this site if I didn’t have a massive amount of respect and love for Steph and the stories she created.  Mostly, I am hoping that if one person brings up an issue, someone else might have an explanation!  Or maybe we can just share in our lack of understanding. LOL

  • a$m3£

    hey, in da twilight film @ da end wottt waz wid bellaz backflash of da little girld sitting in the corner crying kind of thing with her knees up when shes just about to wake up in the hospital??? i dont get it? abuse or sumpfink??

  • Daniela

    It wasn't about money. Here's the reason.

    Los Angeles, CA July 28, 2009 — Summit Entertainment announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard will take over the role of “Victoria” in the studio’s upcoming production of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, who portrayed the character in TWILIGHT as well as the upcoming release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, will not continue in the role due to scheduling conflicts with another commitment the actor has made. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE will start filming in Vancouver this coming August.

    She had to be absent the first ten days of the shooting because of her other movie, but David Slade just couldn't wait so he turned her down and hired Bryce Dallas Howard.

    I totally love Rachelle she's the BEST and the ONLY Victoria.

  • edwardisawesome

    Well, I have lots,
    1. What about when they have sex, because, isn't it likely that she would bleed after that… Or would it be like the whole period shizz?
    2. When Edward and Bella are on isle Esme, when Edwards always running about, there, why don't Gustavo and Kaure (had to have a quick flick through my Breaking Dawn to check the names) notice that he is glittery?
    3. When Bella calls Rosalie, why can't Edward hear her if he has such superdy duperdy hearing?
    (most of my questions are Breaking Dawn based)
    4. When Alice was a human, she was put into an asylum because she had the visions and whatnot, but then it later says that her family weren't well known and didn't have much money. But in the time when Alice would have been human, you had to pay for someone in an asylum, so how did she afford to stay in the asylum and not go into a debtors prison or something? If that makes any sense…

    And the last one's just a random query, can vampire's hair grow? How rubbish would it be if you were this beautiful vampire, with a craptacular haircut…

    (And on the whole renesmee being a part of bella thing, wouldn't that also mean that jacob would be slightly in love with Edward too? heh heh)

  • iheartEdward

    Okay so i was reading through the comments and saw something that i had completely forgot ! about the asylum Bella gives Alice a tape about when she was in there that she got from James [ in the book] so does that mean that James made Alice ?

  • TeamKellmett

    I love these, because it's something I've gone over a lot when reading. It's so confusing sometimes! Okay:

    1. Edward had said Bella's blood wouldn't make him kill her any more. It was still an issue for him, but he couldn't have the urge to kill her (that was in Eclipse). So if there was bleeding then he would have just ignored it probably.
    2. I don't think Edward ever went outside with them. Actually, he may have just before part 1 finished. But the house was surrounded by rainforest so maybe there was shade?
    3. He wasn't really paying attention, and he was also at the boat loading the luggage, which was a fair distance from the house. The book said “a short while” so I'm guessing it was just far enough.
    4. The only thing I could come up with was that the government put her in there. She could see the future, so she would have been a lab rat. Alice said in NM that the date on the admission papers and the date on her grave were the same, so obviously they pretended she was dead. I sort of imagine with Alice that she would have seen things, then told people. They would have said she was mental, but if the things she saw happened, she would have been treated like an alien. Shock treatments and experiments. Poor Alice.

    That one made me laugh. No, their hair doesn't grow, so Jasper has some explaining to do (if you've seen the pictures of him in Eclipse). It would suck to be stunning and then have Kristen's Runaways hair. Bahaha. Bummer.

    I don't think Jacob would love Edward, because Jacob was straight. But good to imagine. Imagine in the future for them, when Renesmee finds out that her partner was in love with, and made out with, her mother. Burn! Who's betting it will be Emmett who tells Nessie? Good times.

    Hope that helped a bit. I may be wrong, but those make sense in my mind.

  • katie

    I have a lot of questions on the movie eclipse

  • JessXD

    In the “New Moon” movie is it me or in the scene where Kristen's character Bella is confronted by Laurent in the meadow does her hair change from like behind her ear to in front and flipped back overr her head every time the camera changes angle or swaps between her and Edi? this might seem like something really pathetic and small but it really bugs me!

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    I'm so glad loads of people have asked about the period thing.
    I thought I was just really weird in thinking about that ;)

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    I also wanted the blood-typing class in the film.
    And the bit before they play baseball, and Edward has to make her feel safer to “ride” on his back, she falls off,he laughs and she gets moody. I would have laughed so much if that was in it.

    I also would like to hear more from Edward's perspective, even more after the whole Midnight Sun thing ¬.¬. Really want to know whats going on in his head when Bella's on the phone to Carlisle and he realises shes pregnant,what someone in the Volturi are thinking(Felix or Demetri I think) that gets him pissed(when he crouches down and Bella grabs his arm to re-strain him) at the end of BD and when he leaves Bella in NW.

    Okay, I didn't mean to write that much :s

  • CullenILove<3

    Awesome! now i can get it (the period thing). It still looks kind of hard to understand but i guess i'll take that. Thank u :)

  • Lexxie <3's Twiguys

    I want to know how in twilight (film) jasper is able to resist bella's blood when she has just been attacked by james and blood is all over the place and is NOT able to resist her blood in new moon, when it is one little drop.?

  • Lexxie <3's Twiguys

    I want to know how in twilight (film) jasper is able to resist bella's blood when she has just been attacked by james and blood is all over the place and is NOT able to resist her blood in new moon, when it is one little drop.?

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