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Tab and I were discussing this week how there seem to be some unanswered questions and confusing parts about Twilight, especially after you finish reading the series and are able to look back over the whole story.  Some are just issues that are harder to grasp, like how the timing of the four books take place (that the last two books take place over a much shorter period of time than the first two).  One issue I always had with Twilight was understanding why Edward had to suck James’s venom from Bella when Carlisle was sitting there and had a lot of experience with stopping himself.  Or why Carlisle was out hunting the ONE time he needed to be there for the big birthing scene. lol

So this week, I want to discuss some of the hang-ups we have about the Twilight series (books and films).  What issues do you think were unresolved? What plot points didn’t make sense to you? What confused you while you were reading the story or watching the films?  What made you mystified?

By the way, I DON’T bring this up to hate on Stephenie Meyer, the books, or the films.  I wouldn’t write for this site if I didn’t have a massive amount of respect and love for Steph and the stories she created.  Mostly, I am hoping that if one person brings up an issue, someone else might have an explanation!  Or maybe we can just share in our lack of understanding. LOL

  • [Rob bite my pillows!] <3

    I have one question …

    In Eclipse when Edward put the ring on Bella's finger just after proposing (In chapter 20: Compromise) the book says he put it on the third finger. Well.. the third finger is the finger in the middle, and that's not where you put a ring !

  • izzysmum

    I think as with anything in life, hindsight is a great thing. I don't think Catherine Hardwicke meant to make so many mistakes with the film but she was working from a screenplay written by someone else which had Stephenies approval, so the whole Carlisle thing at he end of the film in the ballet studio, must've been ok'd by her. ( although I couldn't understand how Edward could've missed Victoria being there at the prom???)
    I read all of the books rather quickly, and have since re read a number of times, and I've found the questions and answers on here fascinating. I'd never even thought about her monthly cycle! I was too engrossed in the book I guess that I just accepted some of the things without even thinking.
    I never understood what happened with Renee after she'd changed? Maybe I'm just not remembering it all, but surely she must've told her or did Bella just fall off the face of the planet as far as her mother was concerned?
    I had assumed that the reason the Cullens laughed at Bella when she was first introduced to them in the film, was because she said what she thought were their fears in such basic terms.
    When I saw Twilight, I was disappointed to see so much changed (I understand they had to, but to change SO much?) I mean, Bella has never spoken to Edward, yet straight after he introduces himself she says “you were gone!”, as if they'd gotten to know each other to a certain degree before he left.

    That was a bit scattered and all over the place but all things that have gone through my little mind lmao

  • fizzysiany18

    Wow. I don't have anything to add to all these comments but just wanted to say thanks you to team twilight for starting this discussion and getting some of these issues out! This is the best thread I've read in a long time.

  • izzysmum

    I also wondered where Edwards car goes during the car crash scene? It completely disappears then we get a close up of Alice, Jasper & co stood next to it?

  • karenannCullen

    Lisa I'm really glad you mentioned Victoria at the Prom as no-body seems to have seen her except in the final scene when the credits are there. I have pointed her out that many times at the party to many many people. I also wondered why Edward didn't know she was there.

  • karenannCullen

    I don't think James did track Bella,
    *he tracked Edward firstly, which is why Edward didn't take Bella away
    * he had Victoria do some snooping in the school records to find her mums home address
    * Bella phoned home to leave a message for her mum, leaving her phone number
    *James broke into Bella's mums house, phoned Bella and told her to meet him at the Ballet studio which we could see on the fridge door.

    All this taken into consideration, shows thatJames was unable to track her.

  • karenannCullen

    Have you seen how they kiss? Its more like just lip to lip.
    Even in the book when it says that she let her tongue touch his lower lip, she could feel him tense up. I don't think there was ever any full on kisses, sorry folks, the only kisses that were there was all in our minds.

  • karenannCullen

    Sorry, I think your mistaken, it is the 3rd finger, don't forget you have 4 fingers on each hand and your engagement/wedding ring goes on the 3rd one/.

  • [Rob bite my pillows!] <3

    What? I think there's something wrong if you only have 4 fingers on each hand. I know I have 5 :D Doesn't the thumb count as a finger or what? That's discrimination against fingers. Just because it's a little bigger and shorter than the other once, doesn't mean it has to be an outsider ! :) LOL..

  • twlilightsagatotallyrocks

    1)idk how in twilight at the ending of the movie where they show victoria secretly watchng edward and bella ! cant he hear her thoughts ,cant he smell a vampire!!! He could have ended her over there in the first movie a sad thng though v wouldnt have to wait till eclipse.
    2) & wen bella punches paul doesent she get hurt then or does she punch him lovingly,huh?

  • 1221twilight

    Ok I found a HUGE mistake in the twilight saga, Jacob runs a really high temperature all the time right? well that would mean that he would feel the cold more than a human (see wikipedia for warm blooded animals) He said in the books that he was run a temperature of 108 degrees and he never gets cold. (google it if you're not sure)

  • 1221twilight

    I found a HUGE mistake in the twilight series, Jacob runs a tempreature all the time right? And he never gets cold? Thats impossibe because the warmer your blood is the more you feel the cold, therefor getting colder, jacob would feel the cold way more then bella and she should be the one keeping him warm in the tent in eclipse. ( see wikipedia warm blooded animals if you don't believe me)

  • scorpi

    What about James watching Edward and Bella at her Dad's house when they were planning to run. Why didn't James attack Edward then, while he had no one to help?

  • viccc :)

    This is a good point, and a good reason why this didn't happen in the book. The only real reason I can see for this, is that it is a poor, unthoughout cliff hanger to leave room for a sequel, and so that people rush to see New Moon.
    Of course, some will say that Edward was to busy and having too much fun to notice Victoria.

  • viccc :)

    I don't think it is, it's a good visual for the movie. It shows that Billy got a new car, and doesn't want the old one anymore, and that's why he wanted to sell it.
    They have modified cars for handicapped people, so Billy would be able to drive it- perhaps why he got a new car, because he could no longer drive a 'normal' car.

  • viccc :)

    But she would just swallow the venom, it wouldnt enter her blood stream. That's how I see it anyways. And that could be a factor of why Edward didn't want to get too intimate, aswell.

  • Kristen Stewart

    I always wondered why Carlisle didn't suck the venom instead of Edward, but to not confuse myself i thought Carlisle was helping Edward to decide between Bella and her blood,it was like a challenge for Edward

  • viccc :)

    Hahah it's called your 3rd finger :)

  • xJenny05x

    If you go onto the twilightlexicon.com they have personnal correspondance with Steph that answers loads of questions.
    Hope it helps =]

  • sofeebe

    I think (Only a guess, though), that Stephanie ensured that Bellas virginity was taken before she was turned into a vampire as once the change has taken place, the body remains the same forever. And as we know about virginity, you break the hymen. If she wasn't a virgin, she'd always have it! NOT GOOD.

    But then again, we don't know if the other girls were virgins? Was Rosalie married when she was turned? I can't remember. And seeing as in them days you wouldn't sleep with anyone before you were married… I think she was…

    It's that way in True Blood, anyway. I'm not sure if it would apply to Twilight, but I guess it would?

  • [Rob bite my pillows!] <3

    Well that's just weird. Here its called a ring finger. That makes more sense I think :D

  • Chrystal

    in the first book i always wanted to know why they ran bella anywhere when they could easily take out james and victoria where they were. wouldn't thast have been a lot easier

  • sillah

    So my husband just watched New Moon last night with me and guess what he HATES Bella! He think she is totally selfish and he is on Jacobs side. Crazy! Just had to get that off my chest.

    For me this is what bothers me:

    Bella is very selfish for staying with Jacob in Eclipse – always holding hands, etc. That really gets to me! I have had lots of “guy” friends and I did not hold hands and hug, etc. So I think she totally leads him on there.

    Jacob needs to back off at the same to time though. Like previous people have written…he can imprint any second and then who would break Bella's heart their!

    Also Jacob really needs to not be so mad at Edward! I mean sure there is a inner hatred for the vampire's but not towards Edward – he should be all mad at Bella.

    I guess I really don't like the love triangle. Me being a 30 years old I have had plenty of love experience, I just don't understand how “Bella” could love two people at the same time…you pick one and drop the other! It is just the thing you do.

    What I don't like in the movies: I don't like how the don't show the true connection between Bella and Edward. How often he sleeps over at her house, how they are always together. I don't like how they make it so that Jacob and Bella have been friends for a long time when they really don't know each other at all! I don't like that you don't hear Bella thought's (when she is saying to hear self – when Jacobs leans down for kisses in New Moon – no not yet…I haven't decided, etc.) In the movie is seems like Bella is ready for Jacob to kiss her and in the book it is not like that at all!

    Anyways that's all! I understand about all the other stuff though – oh to answer the some questions above: The Cullens do shower – Stephenie wrote some where – they shower after hunting and when the are dirty from the earth, dirt, etc. I believe she even said that Rosalie spends hours in the bathroom!

  • New Twilighter

    How can James (in Twilight) and the other vampire at the end of New Moon beat the crap out of Edward? Doesn't he know what they are going to do before they do it??

  • sillah

    No Rosalie was not married however she was (well they don't go into details in the book) but she was beaten up and possibly raped right? So that would mean her hymen was broken.

  • redtwilight

    non of this is meant as being rude about the books, films of stephanie herself because i love all three but…yeah it kinda pisses me off when they change stuff from the books in the films.. or when they miss really important scenes out, like in twilight when they miss out the blood typing scene which is like freakin key to the story ! and it's also soooo annoying when in breaking dawn theyre about to have sex and then it just says ” the next moring….” without any other explanation, what so ever ! and dont any of you pretend like you didnt wanna read about that stuff cos i know we were all waiting through three other books of sexual tension for that night. haha

  • TeamEdawardJacob

    The whole Alice & the paper cut thing might have been a different thing than in Twilight with Bella bleeding everywhere since it was more life & death maybe she just knew she had 2help Carlisle with her. But when the papercut happened maybe she also did not feed recently & was hungry…idk just saying

  • marianieto

    I have to say im not questions of some point of discussion, but i always aksing in the movie, in the prom Victoria is in the party and why edward cant read his mind and get out Bella there……About the other questions i dont know i think that in this wonderful and indescriptible world of Twilight there some questions….but little answers……

  • Team__Alice

    i've got a question 2 i think in Breaking Dawn Alice says when Edward gave Bella a diamond 'but you already have one' or something like that but she never really finished … i wonder what she meens with you already have one …..

  • http://twitter.com/anababeeyxO ana castillo

    okay so while i was reading eclipse this one like eternal question popped into my head ; when Alice tells Bella that Edward already has a diamond on her and its the hart Edward adds on to the bracelet Jacob gave her. For like maybe 2 sentences Bella is wondering about this and it left me wondering for months is like a diamond he made out of his skin or what im confused >.< and i wonder that to what happens when Bella gets her period ?

  • iheartEdward

    i agree with almost everybody my favorite book was eclipse but all the Jacob and Bella parts were getting on my nerves. And i ended up liking Bella less because i thought that it was just unfair that she was only thinking about Jacobs feelings. Like she thought “hey Edward is dead he'll probably get over it.” Breaking Dawn i only liked till the end of Bella's first book like idk but in my mind i wanted Bella to stay human because it was so much more romantic the little things that Edward would do for her like make her blush or how her heart started to race when she saw him. It didn't feel like the same Bella after she got changed into a vampire and i actually liked her [ except for eclipse ].

  • karenannCullen

    Sorry it's took a bit of time replying to you, but I thought I would just check before doing so. Edwards Volvo doesn't disappear Alice, Jasper and Rosalie are still stood by it, although it is hidden a bit behind their umbrellas.

  • karenannCullen

    The one Edward had already given her is the “crystal” heart for her charm bracelet that Jacob had given her

  • karenannCullen

    This discussion has been most welcome by me and a lot of others it seems. I would really like to thank the team for starting it. I was wondering though now that there are many, many posts on this, and I have noticed that there are many queries being repeated, I would like to suggest, perhaps, a FAQ section with all these queries and replies linked together. Does that make sense?

  • marivisse

    Hi, just some tidbit. In breaking dawn, she finds the blue box of tampons that alice has packed for her.
    In the end of New Moon or Eclipse, can't remember, Bella also comments on the Heaven part in Italy, and she also tells him that him might actually believe he has a soul! Possible, as for the hearing her call out to him – I think he honestly thought he was already destroyed.

    Yeah, I think we all have questions but I don't tink it made a real difference. I would still like the whole story. Although wouldn't it have been an amazing thing if in Breaking Dawn, it was Edwards struggle rather than Jacob.Sorry I am not really a Jake fan, he is kind of smug about Bella. And I do think she was in love with Jake. She definetly tried to lable it as brotherly love, but in New Moon – chapter Needs- she knows that what she feels for both is real, but she can live without Jake and not without Edward.

    First time I read up on Bella (Kristen) people said that Bella is weak ect, and then she became the bitch in other peoples eyes. Personally I think Bella is very capable of standing her own ground and that she really goes for what she wants. The catonic state in New Moon is very real and I think that alot of girls can relate to that. Hell, even Edwards depression is something I can imagine happening. My Fav was also Twilight, but I think that all the books in general fits in very nice. Happy endings….. not something I believe in but Steph created a little hope.

    Does anyone know if Steph started on Midnight Sun again? And is the Twilight guide more in depth of the books.

  • Cullengirl

    I have a question but its more about the New Moon film rather than the book. the months Bella is in a zombie state and the camera is twirling round her and she is sat in the chair (possibility is playing) why are the photo's around her taken down and who are they of? It can't be the cullens as Edward would have taken them, and if they are family/friends, then why remove them as they go gradually over the months. Being in the state she is in, ie: numb, staring out the window, why would she suddenly start taking a couple pics down a month? I only noticed them cos of the darker patches on the wall. Any ideas?

  • Donna H

    Chris Weiz discusses the decreasing photos in his commentary on NM DVD. He says it signifies her increasing isolation and despair. She takes them down because it is hard for her to look at them

  • marivisse

    Hi guys. on steph's website there is a part of the phone call that roselie made to Edwards. it's in the New Moon tab under Extras. Called rosalie's news. For anyone who hasn't read it. Answers the phoning back part.

  • kaywall

    I really love these books. I've only read them so many times that I've had to rebuy them so that they would stay closed!! But I really hate the ending of these books. It goes.. Ok, we had a baby, oh Jacob is in love with her, we are safe from the Voltori, but nothing else. You can't just end it like that! I want to see Renesmee get older and see Jacob and the Cullens react to it. I don't know, maybe its just me. I just didn't care for the abrut ending.

  • TeamEdwardCullen4Lifee

    This isn't really a question about the books but more about the movie. Umm.. Does any one, ANY ONE AT ALL have ANY IDEA WHEN THEY ARE GOING TO START FILMING BREAKING DAWN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • dark7oveprincess

    I like the movie twists. I like how she has to choose between Edward and Jacob. Id rather have Edward. Note, he is ugly to me, I'd just choose him to live forever, and also cause I lloovvee his sister, Alice! She is my favorite character of all time. I'd love to have her power, to see the future.
    And of coarse Bella doesn't love Jacob, she'll always choose Edward. One, she connected with him faster than she did with Jacob. Two, she think Edward is more interesting. Three, she thinks he is more handsome. And Four, she likes all the adventure, drama and unpredictability ness that comes with Edward.
    I can't wait to see all 8 of them, because they'll have to be amazing for 8 to be made. If so, the others will be better than the last.
    My favorite Character, movie, power, and part are:
    character; Alice!!!
    Movie; The 1st movie
    Power; See the future, and read minds.
    Favorite part; When they play baseball when it's lightning out. >:) ~

  • TeamKellmett

    I was reading the New Moon script, and Melissa Rosenburg had put in several things that were edited out. It's a shame – Melissa has done such a great job with the scripts, but they get edited heaps until there's basically nothing left. One of the scenes she invented is the Cullen's perspective after they leave. I wish they'd filmed it, it's a fantastic look at how they dealt with leaving.


    A one-story contemporary home, surrounded by snowy, barren
    land and woods. Through a LARGE PICTURE WINDOW we SEE Alice
    and Carlisle, arguing inside –

    BELLA (V.O.)
    But I'm sure it's better for them, not
    having me around…


    Alice faces off with Carlisle as the others watch on. Esme desolate; Emmett blank. He sits next to Rosalie who seems almost irritated. Jasper isolates himself in a corner.

    No. We promised Edward.

    But she won't do well without us. I get
    flashes of her, but they're unclear —

    Forget her, let's drag Edward home.

    He'll come back when he's ready.
    After Bella moves on.

    Yes. When she's living her life, safe
    from danger —

    (with self-contempt)
    You mean safe from us.

    Alice wraps an arm around Jasper, soothingly.

    (pointedly to Alice)
    And when will that be?

    Can you see him, Alice?
    They all turn to Alice… a beat. She closes her eyes,
    trying to get a lock on Edward — PUSH IN ON ALICE as –

    The only decision he's made…



    (Visuals are jumpy, unclear) START HIGH ON A MOUNTAINTOP in
    the middle of nowhere. SWOOP DOWN to its peak on which we
    find EDWARD. Standing still, face agonized.

    ALICE (O.S.)
    … is to be alone…

    – and suddenly, he starts running, like he's trying to
    outrun his memories, faster and faster — he races toward a
    CLIFF; a RAVINE hundreds of feet below —
    Edward doesn't slow, just blasts forward faster; then he
    LEAPS off the cliff, FLOATING, but the pain stays with him —

    It's such a great scene. Or maybe that's just me. Hope not hahaha.

  • teamedwardforever

    Where did you find this? Can you post a link? Can you post more if you can't post the link? This was fun to imagine…

  • izzysmum

    In Twilight ( the book) Bella comments on how weak she is. It's after the first biology class and she says she's going to have it out with him.

    “All morning I was dreading lunch, fearing his bizarre glares. Part of me wanted to confront him and demand to know what his problem was. While I was lying sleepless in my bed, I even imagined what I would say to. But I knew myself too well to think I would really have the guts to do it. I made the cowardly lion look like the terminator”

    I think throughout the books she's supposed to become more and more able to say and do what she wants to, maybe it's because of the dark months after Edward left? In Twilight I always got the impression she was quite weak, (probably not the right descriptive word?) when it came to confrontations. She was good at making decisions and being the sensible one, but she wasn't good at saying or doing anything that maight upset others. However in the film, she was made out to be ok with that sort of thing. They used part of the above quote, but they only used “i was going to confront him” blah blah blah bit.
    I'd like to see maybe an addition to BD, where we get to see Edwards point of view while he worries about Bella being pregnant, what's going to happen, at what point does he decide to make up the viles with his venom etc etc, but then I'm greedy and I'd like to read all of the books from Edwards point of view. I hope she does continue with Midnight Sun, and it gives her inspiration to carry on with the idea.

    I agree with whoever said about the blood typing class. I thought that scene in the book was pretty important, and personally, I'd rather have seen that and the gradual talking to each other rather than a field trip.

    I wasn't overly happy about the ending of BD like many, BUT when I read it I felt as though she had purposely left it that way so that if she got the notion she could pick it up and carry on. I have read that Stephenie feels she has gone as far as she can with Edward and Bella and that if she was to write more it would be possibly stories of othe characters, like Seth, Leah or Jaspers former life etc etc. I can understand why she'd want to stop it where she has, as in stop on a high and don't keep it going just for the sake of it. I think we'd all hate to read a rubbish book just so she could publish another of the series.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the series, and found myself totally immersed in the storylines, and i keep re reading through the books because even though I know what's coming I still manage to get so involved. And I have found this thread fascinating, the different ways people interpreted things that had never crossed my mind. The way people have explained things I hadn't understood, or things I had taken a completely different view on and how it got me thinking about that different view. I had never really liked Jacob, i think that was because he was the spoiler for our perfect couple, yet I've warmed to him a bit after reading this.

  • TeamEdward<3

    After reading a few more comments on here i thought up a few more thing that annoy me hahah …. well it really pisses me off that they fired Rachelle Lefevre & hired Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, i know the only real footage of eclipse we have seen is the trailer but i already think they have made a mistake re-casting the role of Victoria. by watching the eclipse trailer i don't think Victoria looks as fierce and evil as she does in Twilight & New Moon. It might be just because i have only seen little bits of her as Victoria but when i see the whole movie i suppose i can make a real judgement.

    Also probably everyone on this comment thread will hate me for saying this but i really dont like kristen stewart playing bella. i think they could have hired someone WAY BETTER for the job (i dont know who but im sure there will be someone out there) , there is only 1 scene in new moon when i actually think she does a good job, and the rest of the time i think her perfomance is just average. i dont really know how to explain why i just dont like her so i think i i'll just shut up now , hahah, however this will never stop me watching the movies as i just love rob haha lmao.

    I hope someone might be able to answer this next question for me …… when the two wolves take bella back to emily's who is who because i cant figure it out :S … if anyone knows the answer please reply to this cos its been annoying me for days now lol ..


  • TeamKellmett

    It's on IMSDB (Internet Movie Scripts Database). Of course I can post the link, anything for fellow fans =D


    And if you click around in the a-z listings you can get a draft of the Twilight script too. It's funny that people hate Melissa Rosenburg so much, sh actually tries to stay with the book. Damn editors. And she has a good sense of humour, Bella seems more real in her versions. Like we can relate to her, if that makes sense.

  • TeamKellmett

    I agree with the Rachelle/Bryce thing. And with Kristen too. But Kristen said with Bella it wasn't a lot of effort because Bella was a character that the readers would relate themselves to. So she tried to be herself or something like that. I dunno haha.

    And the wolves were Jared and Embry. Is that what you were asking? Jared's the fatter one (no offence to him) and Embry's the one with the huge eyes. Haha that's how I try to differentiate. Good effort on my part. Hope that helped.

  • TeamEdward<]


    here is the link to a website with the new moon script

  • TeamEdward<3

    BTW its only a second draft so its not the real thing but parts will be.

  • TeamEdward<3

    Ohh right …. lmao i still dont like her though, i think she is just dull and boring when you compare her to the other actors hahaha.

    And thanks that makes sense now lol … thanks for you help :D

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