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This week’s topic is from Louise, and she wants to know: What are your expectations of Eclipse? Will it be good? Will it disappoint? Will it be the best/worst of the series so far? My SPOILERy thoughts after the break. Sound off in the comments!

Eclipse is my favorite book of the series. I think the progression of the plot with the Seattle murders and the love triangle are well-written and played out. The cast has repeatedly said how dark this film is going to be because of David Slade’s direction. Then we got stills and a trailer that featured romance romance romance! About that time, we also found out that the editor got replaced. Am I nervous? Alittle. Do I want it to be amazing? YES! But I am keeping my expectations low, so if it isn’t quite what I was hoping for, I won’t be disappointed. And if it is amazing, I will be that much more excited.

Most important scenes for me: tent scene, proposal scene, battle with Victoria and newborns.

  • lani

    im VERY worried about the turn out of this movie… its by far my fav in the series. i reallyyyy want the love triangle played out to the T. There needs to be a lot of development and dialog between bella and edward. lot of pressuring and agressiveness on bella's part which have not seen thus far; i feel thats a really big part of story. i get the battle scene importance and why slade might have played that up a lot more for the sake of not making the movie boring. its necessary, but i do believe the love triangle is the most important part and it should not be messed with for the sake of adding more action.

    i cant say there are certain scenes im looking forward to more; i really want the whole movie to shine =) i love every part of this book. i really just want to see bella's character develop more.

  • team_tayward24

    I think the same thing… eclipse is my favorite book of the saga and im really ecxited about the movie but i dont wanna get my expectations 2 high because i dont wanna get disappointed. Im really worried with the editor thing and the cast saying that is really dark…. and not so ecxited about victoria and riley getting their hands on edward…..

  • aamy

    Eclipse is my favourite book out of them, so i'm hoping the movie lives up to it. I'm even going to try and not watch as many trailers, as i felt they kinda showed too much with the new moon trailers? but yeah, the tent scene is a must have, and it'll be cool to see the cullens w/wolves fighting :D

    I'm also hoping this one will be more fast paced and keeps the viewer hooked, new moon and twilight were good because they showed the emotions, but sometimes you need that 'excitement' with films y'know? hopefully david slade will bring that given his background with jumpy films ;D but he's gotta keep that balance between the character developemnt, emotions etc and action. no pressure!

  • Team…I can't decide!

    I just want it to have lots and lots of Edward, Bella and Jacob. I find that everyone tends to build up their expectations really high and then get disappointed, whatever it turns out to be like i'll be happy! Of course it won't be EXACTLY like the book but no films ever are? I am looking forward to the newborns, background love triangle and also the introduction of new characters like Seth! ♥

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnniemarie Johnnie-Marie Jones

    this is one of my fav books of the series to read and i really hope that they get the bonefire stories in there along with the newborn fight also the propsal was asked at the end of new moon kinda anyways it would be really cool if they ended up doign it agian more foramll…..also i cant wait to see everyone fighitng to protect Bella just cant wait

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    Oh, good point lani! I agree that they need to appropriately convey the pressure that Bella puts on Edward to change her and to sleep with her. It is what makes later scenes (engagement and marriage) more understandable.

    Also, I should have mentioned it above but I am also REALLY looking forward to Jasper's back-story.

  • edward3

    this is my fav book and i have a feeling the movie is going to be good. David knows what he is soing done a lot of big movies and knows the pressure of a saga Harry Potter. From what i have seen it all looks good bella and edward chats ghood kepp it up the cullens i hope will be great as they are a massive part and flashbacks should be good. I love this book and have big hopes.

  • Team Jacward ;) <3

    Eclipse is my favourite too, iv got really high expectations for this movie but i think the reason it is all romance in the trailer might be to not give anything away about the fight?
    Maybe, but i just hope its the best one so far!
    The one thing that im not too sure about it the cast change for Victoria.. After watching the sneak peek on newmoon dvd, i think it might be a bit of a letdown from Rachelle LeFevre…..

  • inboysandvoodoo

    I am really looking forward/nervous about alot of scenes…I am already scared that they have Messed up the fight with Edward and victoria with one of the pictures that came out :( …That picture made me really angery :) I cant wait to see if the scene where Edward asks bella about the bed and why she doesnt like it. Erm i cant wait to see in the medow where Edward “Gives in” to Bella wanting Edward to sleep with him without having to marry her…Its a good little trick to make sure Bella was 100% commited :D … There is loads more. i just really hope they stay true to the book and dont change to many things. Like when they go to italy in NM i dont really like it cos Edward and that dont fight in the book NM

  • TwilightForLife

    I think they have done the bonfire stories because in one of the stills that came out a while ago, Bella and Jacob were sat with firelight reflecting off their faces:D

  • kriket2004

    im looking fowad to the bed scene when alice babysits bella. i am also looking forward to the history of the quilluttes.

  • true_twihard

    I am sooo excited for Eclipse, i literally cant wait! I think it will be great & i think David will make sure its dark but still with abit of romance. Can't wait to see the proposal scene & the fight scene with Victoria & the newborns. Eclipse is my second fav book in the series (my fav is Breaking Dawn) so i hope i wont be disapointed & im sure i wont! :)

  • Karenlyl

    I truly hope that this film turns out amazing. One scene that i'm looking forward to is the proposal scene, I expect the proposal to be EXACTLY like the book, well not exactly but the dialogue.
    In the trailer, Edward goes 'Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment, (of?)forever.' and in the book he goes 'Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever.' This part of the trailer made me pretty angry :@!

    I agree with all those commented saying about the still of Victoria, Riley and Edward… Victoria and Riley don't even grab Edward :P . But I suppose that they did do that just to put more action into it hehe.

    The tent scene I hope will also be a m a z i n g!!1

    Rant over :P

  • megan

    i think this movie has a lot of key features from the book that need to be put in
    1.the love triangle
    2.the fight
    3.the stories of how rosalie and jasper were changed
    4.the bedroom scene
    theres so many things that have to be included in this film and i agree the love triangle is a huge part and so is roslaies and jaspers stories i think thats a big part and i hope its a good movie !!!

  • tuwanda54

    I definitely think that there should be more E&B dialogue. In both movies that was lacking, some of the key conversations. However, I am looking forward to Slades direction because I've seen his other movies and really enjoyed them. Key points for me: E&B pressure/dialogue, why Bella wants so badly to be changed, there has to be the J&B break up after the war, and when Edward picks her up out of the car because she is CRYING so hard. K-Stew better shed a tear! I loved this book, and I too am keeping my expectations low so that I won't be disappointed. I am glad that they aren't releasing a bunch of stuff (yet) before the movie… I felt like a lot of the best scenes were leaked before New Moon came out and it really messed up the newness for me.

  • robedwardfan1

    Overall, I just hope that they don't forget the love triangle….beacause it sounds like all everyone is talking about is the action to attract boys to the movie. I am really hoping I will get to see Edward and Bella's constant struggle over sleeping with each other and getting her to become a vampire :D And the TENT SCENE!!!! lol hyperventalating by just thinking about Edward and Jacob and Bella being in such close proximity arguing over her!! And I really wanna see Rosalie's story and the lovely Proposal :) and the real diamond placed on her bracelet without her even knowing!!! I'm trying to not give my hopes up on all of this :D Eclipse is my fav out of the saga

  • http://twitter.com/twilightlover3C Katie

    It was my favorite book. So i have pretty high expectations. I wasn't even this exited for New Moon to come out. I honestly don't think I'll be disappointed , looking at the stills and knowing a little about it. I reckon It'll be better then i expected, FINGERS CROSSED.

  • twihardfan09

    I hope that they keep eclipse as close to the book as possible. Eclipse is my favourite book in the series and I hope that the movie doesn't leave anything out. I really want to see the love triangle and more romance in this one for sure. Also, I hope the battle scene will be good. I think that david slade won't disappoint us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessicastsoto Jessica Alejandra Soto

    I am a little worried as many people because eclipse is my favorite book and I expect a lot , but they always change part of the story so it is difficult if the movie is not what I am waiting for. And I want to see when bella says yes and the fight. I am not team jacob not even a litte, I'm 100% team edward so I also want to see when she decides choosing edward but I don't like how they both bella and edward suffer

  • http://www.facebook.com/karenbogardusthill Karen Bogardus Thill

    I, too, think that Eclipse will be the best movie of the Twilight Saga so far. I really look forward to seeing more of Edward than in New Moon. I also look forward to the tension between Edward and Jacob…especially in the tent scene. The big fight scene ought to be pretty exciting as well.


    Eclipse is definitely the best book so i hope that the film doesn't leave out any important scenes!!! I also can't wait to see the tent scene and hear about Rosalie and Jaspers pasts! SOOO EXCITED!!!

  • fanficfreak

    This is my favorite book of the series, so my expectations are already higher than they need to be. My main peeve for Twilight and New Moon was the dialogue. There were so many important things that they didnt put in that they should have, so Im really hoping that they will do the best book some justice. What Im most looking forward to:
    1)the love triangle
    2)Jasper and Rosalies back stories
    3)tent scene/proposal scene/fight in the meadow scene
    4)Bella breaking up with Jacob
    5)the scene that Ashley Greene recently mentioned, having to do with Alice and Jasper that she said fans would like
    6)more Emmett

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nikolai-Brooks/1245759008 Nikolai Brooks

    i think the website features need more of eclipse news like videos, pics and where the the people who are playing the characters what they have enjoyed most as well as the disappointments in the acting and directors cut.
    i still think my favourite book is between eclipse and breaking dawn but i almost cried over it i think but they are great books.

  • team-jacob-forever!

    omg i havee so many expectations since eclipse is my favoritee book!
    i except a lot and i want every little thing thats in the book to be in theree(but i know they cant do that i only wish they could!) onee of the things that i really wanna see in eclipse is the tent scene!!well duh, we all wanna see that and thank God they aree making it!!! one of the other things i really want to see is when jacob gives bella the bracelet with the wolf charm on it, and rosalies background storyy, and the part where bella gets on the back of jacobs motercycle lol, and of course the proposal<3 omg and jacob and bellas kiss!:) i wanna see a lot moree but i dont really feel likee typing it all down right now lol^^ but i honestly hopee they just stay faithful to the book:)) CANT WAIT FOR JUNE 30th!!!!!!!

  • asheartscollide

    I am looking forward to Eclipse! I've read the majority of the script and it's very funny and romantic. The one thing that bugs me is that the Victoria and Riley scene in the clearing has been altered quite drastically from the book. I HATE it when the film is really different from the book :( It makes me angry! It is very very good but other parts have been changed as well but I'm sure that it will be amazing! I am seriously looking forward to it. I think the thing i want to see most is the very end when bella says that they have to tell Charlie and the bit when bella breaks up with Jacob :D Team Edward all the way :) ) English people have to wait until the 7th of July :( but i will be downloading it as soon as it comes out on ipocketTV! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  • avm927

    I agree a hundred percent! I cannot wait for it come out! Im so freakin exctited! I have so many expectations!

  • teammjacobb

    This book was my favourite for so many reasons, and I think so many scenes should be in there and that a lot of them are really important to the entire story. The scenes I think should be in there are:
    1) Proposal Scene
    2) Tent Scene (especially the part where Bella realizes she loves Jacob too!)
    3) Edward and Victorias fight scene
    4) The Cullens and Wolves working together in the field
    5) Bella telling Edward what she wants before marrying him
    6) The bedroom scene between B&E with sleeping on the bed
    7) Rosalie and Jaspers stories
    8) Jacob picking Bella up on his motorcycle at the school, running away from Alice
    9) Jacobs elders telling the Quilette stories (because then Bella gets ideas for fight scene)

    I would love for way more to be in but I think one of the most important scenes is when Bella finally realizes that she loves Jake too. They better have a huge kiss scene :)

  • Evey

    the parts im looking forward to the most are Roselie's and Jaspers stories. Bellas character development and the tent scene

  • Lindsey

    This actually is not my favorite of the series…Breaking Dawn if ofcourse =] but there are definetly a few key points that they MUST have in the movie:
    1. how rose and jasper were changed
    2. tent scene (DUH!)
    3. bedroom scene (a.k.a. ch.20 Compromise)
    4. battle with the newborns
    I have learned not to get my hopes up but i was pretty impressed in how New Moon was better than Twilight. New Moon was my least favorite book but the movie was VERY good.

    And i know im changing the subject but how are they going to make Breaking Dawn without making it rated R. With the honeymoon and the violence of the birth they would have to cut out ALOT to make it pg-13. Also i think it should be in two parts…the first have when bella is human, and the second when shes changed. Just a thought….=] either way im excited for the rest of the series!!

  • edward_forever_and_always

    i completly agree.. i really want to see that part when jake is leaving to go fight and he pretty much says kiss me or i go die so she kisses him.. then leaves anyways.. i just hate jake so much but i feel like that would be a good scene!

  • edward_forever_and_always

    I have noticed that in the previous movies, the realtionship between bella and edward isnt as romantic/”lovey” as it is in the book and that sort of ruined the movies a tad for me.. but since this movie/book is alot more serious than the others (at times), i am hoping that i will be more impressed, especially by kristen who always seems too serious anyways ;)

  • Jess

    I am really hoping that the movie will be the best so far. I think they really need to put more jacob pressure in there, as well as the tent scene just before the fight, i think this is a key scene and dont cut it out. And im hoping they do really well with the graduation party, that was such a funny scene in the book, so i hope they do it really well

  • paintedwings2008

    I'm looking forward to seeing Eclipes! It is my favorit book! I can't wait to see the tent scene. And I think that the fight between Edward and Victoria is going to be great! And I want to see what the bed looks like! Can't wait till JUNE 30th!!!!!!

  • brenda

    I have high expectations and I also want to see the tent scene and i hope they have more love scenes with Edward and Bella I cannot wait until JUNE 30th.

  • Twilightsinger

    Well I do think that book is one of the best of the series. But it all depends at how the director sees it.. like usually the movies are like bad compared to the books. But if they leave out a lot of the stuff like NEW MOON…then I don't think it'll be….i mean it'll be a great movie, and itll do good…I just don't think It'll be the best movie to date. JST THE BEST BOOK

  • http://twitter.com/crazyedwardfan hollydisss

    I have BIG expectations for eclipse. In twilight, I felt, that was the ATTENTION THIS IS AMAZING movie and new moon fed our need for more and now we want a little more trouble. Then breaking dawn, if they make it, will have the biggest expectations for me. My friends and i made a new moon spoof because we thought it was so good, go check it out, there`s 6 or 7 parts and more to come

  • http://twitter.com/crazyedwardfan hollydisss

    I have BIG expectations for eclipse. In twilight, I felt, that was the ATTENTION THIS IS AMAZING movie and new moon fed our need for more and now we want a little more trouble. Then breaking dawn, if they make it, will have the biggest expectations for me. My friends and i made a new moon spoof because we thought it was so good, go check it out, there`s 6 or 7 parts and more to come:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysn9_rqXA6g

  • elizahale24

    Well, Eclipse is my favorite book in the saga, so of course there are some baselines for it to be AWESOME

    I'm trying not to get hopes TOO high though, because NM was completely NOT what I had orginally pictured. Don't get me wrong, it was good, just not the mood I had in my head.

    First off, we NEED Jasper's story, we NEED it. I've been waiting and they haven't had ANYONE'S backstory in the edited films. But since Jasper's story is relevent to the plot line, I'm hoping at least a few minutes, even seconds, will make it into the film. Oh, and we NEED to see his SCARS. I'm really interested to see how they make him look o.O

    Second, I really hope the love-story doesnt overpower everything. All of the actors/actresses are right: this should be a DARK film. Despite the love, the Cullens are getting their lives tampered with and their home endangered. They have to kill other innocent creatures and it's extremely hard (especially for Carlisle) to let loose and actually be a true vampire.

    Third, we need to see the fight scene. No question, we need to see the Cullens fighting with one another, it just shows how far they'll go and how much they'll give in to their instincts to protect one of their own :D

    Those are my requests/demands/expectations. Again, thanks to anyone who read ;)

  • samantha

    i hope it does well the book was very good, altho i liked breaking dawn the best

  • Lea

    I am like sooooooooooo excited 2 see Eclipse!!!! That my friend and I r goin on the day it comes out and we can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have read the whole series and it was great!!!!!!! I have a whole bunch of theories about Eclipse. 1.I think Edward is going 2 die. Don't want him 2 tho, or Jacob. 2. Bella is going 2 be really devistated and Jacob is going 2 help her out. 3. She will fall in love with Jacob.

  • samantha

    edward die ??? get real u need to read the books again that is too funny jacob is destined to b with edward and bella`s daughter

  • team-jacob-forever!

    omg samee! i cant wait to see that part too:)
    and i hopee bella and jakes kissing scene is totallyy hott!!!

  • team-jacob-forever!

    edward doesnt die…
    and jacob ends up with bella and edwards daughter in breaking dawn

  • mally2808

    I am 100% Team Edward!! so eclipse was not exactly my favorite book in the series, with bella being in love with jacob and all… but i am really looking forward to it, specially after reading the script that got leaked a few months ago, because it seems that the movie will be pretty close to the book, except for that part at the end of the fight scene when victoria and riley seem like they are going to kill edward… that really bothered me, because it never happens in the book! but the rest of it seems awesome and i cant wait till june 30th

  • itsmetami

    I'm really worried about how David Slade is making the movie, because Eclipse is my favorite book out of the series. ANd there's a lot of stories in there like the Quileute stories, Rosalie's story and Jasper story. And i'm very exited about the action, and I expect a lot because the stars have been talking about it a lot and they say it's very good, so i'm exited about that. And, of course, the all important tent scene. The starts better bring it, because it takes a lot to impress me :)

  • Meye

    Actually, my favorite books of the series are the first and the 4th one. Though Eclipse was my favorite when it came to background stories. I really hope that we'll see Jasper, Rosalie and the Quilleute's background stories. The tent scene is great, but I'm more excited about the last part of the book with Jacob POV, it's a short but emotional part for him and I simply adored that part of the book.

  • phianne

    eclipse is the definitely the best! because that was i think!!!!!!!!!
    im sure twilight saga is the best best best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xJenny05x

    I think you need the scene when Jacob says he wishes Bella would die rather than become a vampire, and also, the epilogue with Jake and Billy when he gets the invite to the wedding and reads the note from Edward becuase it will show a different side to jake we're not seen before.

  • [Rob bite my pillows!] <3

    Woooohooo !!! That me !! That's my topic :D

    My expectations are pretty low. I mean I'm trying not to set too high once, 'cause then I know that there's a chance that I might be disappointed. I do have some thing from the book, that I'll be very disappointed about, if they aren't in the movie. For example the make out scenes are priceless. And the proposal.. Uhmm.. the scene where Edward is dressing Bella up for biking and when Jacob insults Bella, by telling her he would rather see her dead, that becoming a vamp.

  • Team_Rosalie

    Edward die? I don't know what books you were reading hon, but it sure as hell wasn't the Twilight Saga. Bella ends up with EDWARD in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Jacob ends up with their daughter, Renesmee. Please read the books again and get your facts straight :)

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