Kellan Lutz for Interview Magazine: photos and interview

Kellan Lutz is featured in Interview Magazine with an interview in what will now be referred to as my favorite Kellan photo shoot ever.  Do yourself a favor and click through for interview and photos!

JACOBS: Why acting?

LUTZ: In L.A., I was meeting people who were all actors. My mind started to open up to what acting was. I didn’t realize that Brad Pitt was a real person. I didn’t think he was a robot or a machine, but I thought you were just born into acting—that it’s a family tree, kind of like NASCAR. No one can just say, “Hey, I’m going to be a

NASCAR driver.” They need to have some way in. Once I was in L.A., I realized anyone could do this. Why not give it a shot? I started going to a ton of acting classes, and I found I had a real passion for it, probably the biggest passion I’ve ever had in my whole life. So I decided to put school aside, put all my scholarships aside, put everything that I worked hard on for my mother and myself aside, and pursue this roller-coaster ride.

JACOBS: You really don’t think you’re pretty?

LUTZ: It’s funny when people say you have sex appeal or call you the next Brad Pitt. I just laugh. I’m not that. I don’t want to be that. “You’re a sex icon.” Why? Because I played a vampire in a movie? It’s all very unearned. If I had the best freaking abs in the world or if I looked like Brad Pitt does in Fight Club [1999], then cool, but I’m not starving myself. I eat what I want, and I’m not a workout fiend. My genetics are good, but they aren’t crazy He-Man style. I don’t get it, but I appreciate it. [laughs]

JACOBS: And sometimes you just like to go on a shirtless run with your dog, and people need to deal with it.

LUTZ: I don’t see why it’s special. I know a lot of people who run shirtless because they don’t want their clothes to get sweaty. I’m just a normal person. And I have four paparazzi who sit outside my house all day.

Interview by Mark Jacobs; Photographs by Mikael Jansson

To read the rest of the interview (and it’s worth the read!) head over to Interview.

You can also watch a video from the shoot here.

Grab my blood pressure meds, quick!!

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  • http://twitter.com/h29ank Holly Ank

    Ha! Thanks Lindsay! I grabbed my bp meds before taking a second look! ;) BWAHAHAHA! You're too much!

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    He's that hot, and modest too? What a guy! Love Kellan!! (& not just because he plays a vampire. lol)

  • Team_Emmett_Kellan

    HAHAHA he is right he is not pretty….he is just plain SEXY!!!!! And I would so love to have a mud fight with him on the farm!!!

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    Kellan is so hot …. sexy i just want him!

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    AHHH :D
    we dont just love you because you played a vampire, even tho yes i do love emmett
    we just dicovered you because you played a vampire :D ;D:D:D
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    i really love him!!
    good, is so hot!
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  • Daaani

    i really love him!!
    good, is so hot!
    (L) (L)

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