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The final trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will premiere next Friday, April 23, on Oprah! What parts of the story do you hope to see in the trailer?  Click through for my thoughts! I, of course, want to see LOVE TRIANGLE in action, but I would also like to see a bit more of the wolf pack, and the Cullens, as well as a bit of the battle royale!

  • Ely

    Well, i will like to see something about the tenti scene and a little of Edward's fight with Victoria.

  • http://twitter.com/weliss melis köse

    new borns, tent scene, werewolves, love triangle,…. more action… and ım really curious about movie's darkness so ı want to see that too.

  • livthediv333

    I don't think we should see any of the newborns in the trailer. I think it would be better to keep them as a surprise else we end up seeing everything before even going to the cinema!!! Also, some people wont have read the books/know the story so it would be better for them. I think that the first trailer was kinda love triangle-y, so maybe more action in the next one, without showing the newborns.

  • Lauren

    I'd love to see some of Jasper's background story, even if it's just a second of it.
    I'll take whatever I can get of it! :D A little bit of Emmett would be nice too, hahaha.
    And yes, the tent scene and the newborn fight would both be fantastic too!
    I don't need to see all the lovey mushy stuff between Edward and Bella.

  • AshleyFanatic

    some alice and jasper! or atleast some jaspers backstory parts. and the newborn fight, i want to see a bit of that.

  • Team Jacward :) x

    Hmm… I think definatly the proposal scene and the tent scene, with maybe a clip of the proposal followed with jacob finding out? But just snippets not whole scenes :L x

  • sophie567

    i think to show some of the cullen's past wuld be good! and maybe abit of action :) x

  • ceals

    love triangleee pleaseeee, and some more of the cullens :D .
    and i duno, just generally more excitingg things (:
    and the full eclipse trailer better be available in englanddd!

  • alyssa1991

    I want to see alittle bit of Jasper's background and maybe and little of Rosalie's and then some wolfpack no more love for now cuz we saw some of that i want to see more victoria becuz all we saw was her fly in the air but no newborns they should stay a surprise

  • Kamilla

    I DONT want to see telt scene, because they promise its great, and I want to see it the first time along with the right mood in that part of the movie :)
    More action would be nice, and showing more of the rest of the Cullens as well.

  • twihardfan09

    I hope they show more of the love triangle, some battle stuff, and a little bit of the tent scene couldn't hurt :D

  • ambars237

    the wholw movie??? hahahahahaha

  • Destiny

    I want to see a little of the love triangle, the werewolves since they changed them, the cullens, and maybe some action. Im just curious for the whole movie!!

  • Vouta87

    a piece from everything I would say..I'm toooooo greedy.:)))

  • rawwrrrr

    Deffo The Tent Scene && Some Fight scenes && EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twilightuniverse1264.blogspot.com/ cici1264

    I want to see the wolves, some of the tent scene, the newborns, the cullens, ect,And I hope there's more than the other one.


    a lot of Edward, a lot of Bella, not so much jacob and clips of the rest of the cullens!!!! TEAM EDWARD

  • Twilight_Aggiegirl_2012

    I'd just be happy to see more action.

  • sofie

    the movie! ;D all of it now! I need it !! it is my life..!!
    – but I relly need to see the part wiht jacob kisses bella.. ;D !!!

  • OliviaNiamhCullen

    Definately up for some Cullen's, wolf pack and new born action!
    Also, some more Edward and Jacob interaction.
    Oh…and Bella of course, can't leave her out. :L

  • emily_k_vamp

    i want to see the tent scene or i'll die before the movie comes out =P

  • http://twitter.com/knagle1117 Kelsey Nagle

    a little part of the stand off with victoria, edward, seth, and riley would be great! and a lot more of the rest of the cullens! the less wolves the better ;)


    the scene with Bella and Edward in his bed and he's trying to seduce him!!!
    and are you guys crazy? the tent scene is like the most iconic of the movie! no tent scene!

  • MarenTwilight

    not too much of the proposal, tent scene or new borns. That would just be wrong really, since it is such an important part of the story. But some glimps of Jazz` and Roses backstory, and the werewolves and the rest of the Cullens too !

  • Deedee82

    I would like to see the wolves, and I am at a cross road if I want to see some of the fight scenes I am affraid that it will take away the impact of the scene when I watch the movie…

  • amy

    the tent scene defo !! <3

  • misssdandelion

    i want to see the tent scene or i'll die before the movie comes out

  • Team…I can't decide!


  • team-jacob-forever!

    i want to see…
    JACOB!;) lol
    ummmm…the cullens backgrounds(jasper and rosalie)
    mabeyy a tiny part of the tent scenee:)
    someee action…and somee of thee proposal scene
    and somee short clips of the LOVE TRIANGLE!!!;))

  • Team-Edward4ever

    i would like to see a lot lot more edward and bella…. umm…. the tent scene, more action, and a little part of love triangle =D!! and it would be better if the trailer it's more longer than the first one ^^! <3 Team Edward<3

  • Estr3lla

    I'm with everyone No tent scene it would ruin it for me. But I would like to see a glimpse of Jacob kissing Bella… I think for those who haven't read the book a scene where Bella calls Edward to tell him that she think something is wrong with her hand from where she punched Jacob.

  • http://lindsay@team-twilight.com lindsay

    I can't argue with that. For Eclipse I am all about saving the best bits for the theater, and not the trailers and clips beforehand.

  • Rizam


    i'd like to see more of newborns and cullens back story…!! ;) ;)
    The rest should be kept for the movie..
    i mean c'monnnn… I WANT SURPRISES !!

  • Rob4Deb

    I don't want to see anything! Would much rather not have it ruined like they did with New Moon. And I'm going to try really really really hard not to see any of it on Friday.

  • ProTwilighter

    I don't wanna see the tent scene it would ruin it for me and lots of others maybe some shots of Bella slapping Jacob and hurts her hand, or maybe when Jacob cuts his hand, some wolf stuff, some of Rosalie's and Jasper's Story, and maybe some tiny peeks at graduation sounds good enough for me.

  • miller37

    nothing too epic..just stuff we havent seen already and some wolves!!..i want to see how different they are from the new moon wolves.

  • twihardfan10

    I am most looking forward to Jasper and Rosalie's background stories. As well as the action and more of the cullens. Im not talking the trailer I mean the movie lol… in the trailer more action would be nice

  • team-jacob-forever!

    yahh i want to see the wolves too:))

  • Team_Rosalie

    More Cullens, more wolves, more love triangle and more battle!

  • noonixoxo

    i rllllyyyy wanna c part of the tent scene!!!! i loooooveeeee dat part in eclipse

  • itsmetami

    DEFINITELY some WEREWOLVES! :) And some action. Some flashbacks (Rosalie's past, etc).. Some vampire bites.. AND the all important TENT SCENE!

  • TwiFlora

    EDWARD, I would be quite satisfied with just loads of close ups of Rob. I just want tons and tons of Edward!!!!!

  • megena

    I want to see the fight scene and more of the cullens… perhaps Rosalie and Jasper's story bits?

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    I just really want to see anything that makes it more exciting.
    I felt the first trailer was really boring and dull.

    But I don't want to see too much. With New Moon, it seemed like I had watched half the movie without even going to the cinema. :

    I am soooo excited for this movie.
    I think it's my favourite book! :)

  • thetiffn8r

    I wanna see a lil bit of everything in quick flashes lol

  • http://pcdcreviews.blogspot.com/ Pablo Cohen

    Honestly? The real Victoria. (Rachelle)

  • thetiffn8r

    I wanna see a lil bit of everything in quick flashes lol

  • http://pcdcreviews.blogspot.com/ Pablo Cohen

    Honestly? The real Victoria. (Rachelle)

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