Hardwicke continues casting ‘Red Riding Hood’

Almost-Edward (and Ashley Greene’s Skateland co-star) Shiloh Fernandez has joined the Catherine Hardwicke-directed Girl with the Red Riding Hood, which will co-star Amanda Seyfried. The film will begin shooting in Vancouver any time now!

Catherine Hardwicke has found the male lead to star alongside Amanda Seyfried in Girl With The Red Riding Hood: Shiloh Fernandez.

The Heat Vision blog Reports that Fernandez, who has had small roles in the likes of Cadillac Records and Deadgirl, but has worked more solidly on US TV, was won the part of Peter, an orphaned woodcutter who Seyfried’s heroine falls for even as her medieval village is terrorised by a werewolf.

It’s a chance for Hardwicke to give the actor a bigger break at last, since he originally met with her when he tested for the role of Edward on Twilight. He was also up for the starring turn in Speed Racer, though he’s probably glad that Emile Hirsch got that one.

Hardwicke is gearing up to shoot the film in Vancouver this spring.


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