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This week, Team-Twilight reader Louise would like to know how much of your time you spend obsessing about Twilight.  Are you a casual fan? Do you check the Twi news once or twice during the week? Or do you spend hours and hours online, talking to friends about Twilight, watching the movies, dreaming of the stars, reading the books, trying to convince someone of the validtiy of Team Jacob/Edward?  Do you fall somewhere in between?  TELL US IN THE COMMENTS!

I’d say it’s probably pretty obvious I spend most of my free time doing Twilight-related things.  If I am not blogging or tweeting Twilight, I am very possibly gabbing about it to a friend or my sisters, or re-reading the series, or watching the films for the umpteenth time!

  • Team_RobwardX

    I'm always checking up on my laptop for news on Twilight and the stars! My walls are covered in posters and calendars to do with twilight and Robert Pattinson, and I always talk to my friends about it. And i'm always watching the films, i know like the whole script to both films and talk along with the films. Most of my friends are Team Jacob so we're always arguing about whose fitter (Rob Obv. <3) I also have recurring dreams about it!! God! thats actually kind of sad, oh well, i'm truly obsessed xxxx

  • peanutty222

    Well Im glad i'm not the only obsessed fan ; ) My husband thinks I've gone crazy, I have read the Twilight Saga over and over again, oh probably 10 or 15 times, I just start back again when I am done. I check online every day, twitter, facebook, thetwilightsaga.com, eclipsemovie.org, the list goes on…….. I have also tried to start other books, I just cant get into them.
    Team Edward!!!! He's so flippin sexy……yum!

  • HannahTwilight

    I'm always talking about twilight and the other movies to come! I love Rob and the whole cast for that matter. I think they are just awesome!! the movies so far are amazing and eclipse is looking even better! i cannot wait and well i really do think i could be THE BIGGEST TWILIGHT FAN!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carmen-Cloutier/731861764 Carmen Cloutier

    A LOT i love twilight so much <3

  • Twerdlife

    Agreed I also turn fast when someone mentions Twilight ;) My next tattoo will represent Twilight :) I watch and read about it constantly :) && I'm 28 years old

  • chantie_lexi

    u should see me when a new moon/ twilight anything comes on… ill just be jumping up and down like an animal screaming… ive watched everything so much times.. i own alot of the clothes, pins posters and such… i have the twilight scene it.. the collectors dvds for new moon and twilight… and alot of things.. ive read the books sooo much times.. i get every single twilight question right that i have been asked and i will beat anyone who disses twilight…. and i join so many twilight fan pages and check all of them everyday…

  • Samantha

    Everyday i think of something twilight related to my everyday life it just happend and all my friends get pissed they hate it. i absolutley love the series and Robert. i tried to read other books related to vampires but couldnt get into it. there just something with the way she writes. it really is like a drug!

  • aliciaABOD2

    OMG…yes that describes me pretty much to a “T'. I always try to explain the dynamics of the series to non twilight fans or people who haven't read the books. I have watched the new trailer like a zillion times, plus when they said they would be releasing a new trailer last week I marked it on my calender to watch. LOL I have re-read all of the books 6 times, I am now re-reading eclipse just to refresh before the movie comes out. So yeah, I am obsessed. But I don't care…I love IT!!!!

  • Twerdlife

    I am also this way, I tell everyone that thinks i'm weird to find there own obsession don't worry about mine :)

  • tasha team jacob

    i am like obsessed with twilight. its like the best series ever. i never stop reading it and people always ask me when i am gonna stop reading it and i tell them never. i almost started crying with excitement when i got the movies. and every time i see something about twilight i freak out and start talking non stop about it. i <3 twilight!!!!

  • Twerdlife

    OH && I wish i was a teenager again so that it would all look normal ;) I have a 6 year old and i'm married, but yet I do have the posters on my wall and a special place for my Twi-related stuff ;) yep i'm obsessed… my laptop has a skin with Twilight on it, my truck, my body and soon to be my skin…although i have a tat that looks like a smiley faced vamp that does not represen Twilight, i just love Vampires in general

  • paintedwings2008

    I'm a twihard fan! I have read the books three times and have watched the two movies more then a hundred times! I have pics of all the cast members. And dream of meeting the in person one day! I eat sleep and live TWILIGHT!!!! Always look at all the different web pages for Twilight!!

  • kikoulass

    i'm absolutely addicted too i'm re-reading the books i've watched the the films so many times when eclipse sneak peek came i was totally crazy it took me so long to find it i'm tunisian and when i watched twilight for the first time i did not know that it' s a book and then because i like it alot idownloaded the books imprinted them and read them over and over again everything must be about twilight i always look for every thing related to it and my brother hates it he gets very upset every time he find me watch it but i don't care i love twilight and i want it to last forever.loooooooooooooool

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lesa-Goncalves/100000860697431 Lesa Goncalves

    Best I can sum up my time spent on Twilight stuff is a brief diary of my day (that is Mondays to Fridays)
    6.30am Get up and get dressed (including putting on my Edward wristcuff – never lleave the house without it!)
    7.15am Catch bus to work, read whichever book I happen to be on this week, Twilight for the 16th time, next week New Moon and so on and so on.
    8.00am Arrived at work purposely an hour early so I can log on and check my Twitter news and Facebook news (regularly have over 300 most recent items to read all Twi related of course!)
    9.00am Do some real work! LOL
    12 noon – Lunchtime, bring my own lunch which takes 3 mins to microwave so spend rest of lunch hour catching up on Twi news on Twitter & FB and other fav twi websites
    1.pm Back to work.
    5.30pm Back on bus home, more reading of whichever book
    6.30pm 1 hours housework
    7.30pm Log back onto internet and check all my news feeds again for whats happened since lunch time, chat to Twi friends, watch one of the DVD's, or listen to one of the soundtracks. (Sometimes a combination of all!)
    11.pm Bedtime, then the whole day starts again tomorrow!
    Saturdays and Sundays spend about 8-12 hours over the 2 days again checking all the news feeds, gossiping about Twilight, taking Twi quizzes etc.
    And as if thats not enough if anything exciting is going on (like last weeks Eclipse trailer release, I will be online at least an hour beforehand checking every few minutes for the moment the news breaks! Yep totally devoted to Twilight – Its my life! Team Edward all the way!!!!

  • Robert

    oh wow…some people seem really obssesed about twilight…but i shouldn't judge…im kind of obssesed also ^_^, i've read Breaking Dawn, last part probably 10 times over now, i think about twilight like everyday, and i wish so many times i lived in twilight, i look at new moon and twilight moves probably 10 times also now. I really looooove Twilight, and im glad a lot more of people love it probably more then me…or i would feel crazy ^_^

  • amzyangel92

    I'm so glad i'm not the only obsessed fan!! .. i spend ALOT of my free time doing twilight related things.. I think i've watched every twilight video on youtube.. love them.. I check team twilight a few times a day. I don't go a day without thinking about twilight. Definitely at the top end of the scale. I LOVE IT xxxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Jackey/100000821387017 Jennifer Jackey

    I'm not obsessed with the actors. I like the ones in my mind, but I'm totally obsessed with the books. I have read them, I dont know, I lost count after 20. I keep reading and reading them. I love TWILIGHT AND NEW MOON AND ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!! Lol : )

  • laura

    i am soo obessed wit twilight. i dont like to see the characters outside the movie because it makes me realize its not real lol but i watch the trailers over n over n over…and i listen to the soundtracks a lot

  • chrisichka

    you go girl!!!! awesome!

  • Twilightaddict12

    Jus one word-twenty four seven/ 24/7 :P xx

  • KikiKiera

    Im crazy about it!! I actually wish I had someone to talk about it with. My sister is the one who got me to watch the first movie and then I just couldnt stop. Most people think Im mad.. when I talk about it. Im always re-reading the books. Watching the films over and over. And.. now even better.. I got the Eclipse trailer to feast my eyes on, haha! Cant stop watching it. Im sooooo addicted ;)

  • angels63830208

    To much.. reading the books again, read Eclipse in less then 8 hours with two kids, cleaning and cooking. Now starting Breaking Dawn soon…

  • terroristgirl

    i loved it im so addicted!! in my phone there are 900 pictures of twilight saga and my computer has the merits of all sagas, and I did a photo shop I have no words to express how I feel about twilight

  • ProTwilighter

    24/7 and my friends hate that

  • ClaudiaxXxCullen

    OMG!!! i dont know how much i talk about twilight…but it can never be to much. My friends tell me to shut up…i think my family are now going crazy because of me haha…i just cant have to much of it i LOVE it lots… :D i read the books over and over….watchs the movie when ever i can…and is always cheaking this site and reading fanfriction all he twilight storys…have twilight stuff as in books, movies, keyring, posters and more …. XxI LOVE TWILIGHT..NEW MOON..ECLIPSE..BREAKING DAWN :D

  • Anna

    I am so obssesed that my parents are getting mad at me. i make calenders that count down the days untill the movie, and DVD comes out. i watched new moon 3 times in 2 weeks when i came out. i love it so much. and when a Q comes out somewhere about what is ur fav movie or book? it is twilight. i watch vids on my ipod at night on youtube when my parents dont know, and watch interviews of the actors and actresses on it. i cant get enough of it!

  • cssfroggy

    i'm not that into twilight anymore. it's getting SO old! come on people – find something new to obsess over!

    eclipse doesn't even look that good…

  • TeamEdward23

    I'm closet obsessive… I check this site daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day and I am constantly re-reading the books and watching the movies. I would love to have someone to talk about it with but my friends and co-workers already think I am obsessed with it and I barely talk about it at work. I have finally gotten my one friend hooked on twilight but she is nowhere near the obsessive level I am. I feel somewhat stupid being 26 and totally obsessed but how could you not be. Wish I had some obsessive friends around where I live to talk about it!! It's nice to read on here though that I'm not the only one!! I can't wait until Eclipse comes out and in the mean time we have The short life of Bree Tanner to look forward to!!!!

  • Marce

    My mom always said that I have to read others book, not only the twilight's book. I always told her that I would find others books, but until i find it I will reading twilight again and again

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521298078 Rebecca Dillard

    My sister got me into Twilight last year and I'm so glad she did. Because of Twilight I love reading now, I've read other books but nothing compares to Twilight :) I'm obsessed with it, constantly thinking about it and staying updated about Twilight on websites. The down fall is I don't have anyone to talk about it with..really. Where I work I don't talk about it cause they aren't into it and apparently everyone else thinks I'm crazy for being so obsessed. Reading everyone's comments makes me feel better that I am not alone :) Twilighter's are awesome!!

  • tink_73

    I am continously reading the books I aggravate my family and friends they think I know everything about twilight which I do I was so happy to see the new trailer for Eclipse cant wait till it comes out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Thompson-Conrad/1166477554 Nancy Thompson Conrad

    I am team Edward all the way he is Bella's other half. I like Jake but, not with Bella

  • misspebbles2573

    I think about it day and night love all the books and movies to the ones already out!!!! NEVER REALLY CARE ABOUT VAMPIRE BOOKS OR MOVIES!!!!! but twilight is my fave everything love it all the books,movies and the cast too!!!!!!!

  • maryelena

    I spend pretty much all of my spare time (and also @ work) but I don't get anxious anymore if I can't read or talk about it. I had to join a support group for this; it was supossed to help but it didn't LOL

  • Leslie

    That's me too!!! I'm 39 and trying not to be too obsessive about it! My husband thinks I need serious help as do my coworkers! I have backgrounds on my computer at work, I check these sites at least once a day, I listen to Twilight music all day long at work and I've only been a fan since this past December!! I have quite a few friends into it as well but I still don't think any of them are as obsessed as I am! I can't help it! I LOVE IT!

    I actually did get my husband to read Twilight and watch the movies with me. He won't read any more books although he has said he might read Midnight Sun just to get Edward's perspective.

  • Melissa

    Sooooo much time!!!!! Waaaay more time than I'd ever admit… every day and sometimes I dream about Rob… Sigh

  • bella1981

    it's pretty much any everyday thing with me… alot of the people i follow on twitter are Twi related, i'm in a butt load of groups and fan pages on F/B i'm on this website daily. And my friends know if they need any info re Twilight/KStew/RPatz etc… they just have to come to me!!! LOL

  • Alice

    OMG i looooooooooooooove twilight! its all i think about all day. I totally agree with the people above that said that they turn when someone says twilight! i do that sooooo much and people stare at me like im a freak. And my parents dont let me read the books cuz they think im to addicted so i just read when there gone. Its not a big deal with anyone else though because all my friends love twilight too! I do get super pissed when people diss twilight and edward…GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!

  • itsmetami

    I like, go on team-twilight everyday and all of the other fan sites and stuff to check out what's new with Twilight.. :p And, of course, swoon over Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black. :) LOVE.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zanneya Zanneya Pomales

    Most of the day talk about it to my family i told my brother id kill him if he said edward or jake was gay or retarted or ect. i go to collee and ill talk about it to ppl in my classes and once a this guy was sitting by me when i was talkin about it i said yes i kno im obsessed like to the point its overly geeky and sad so dont comment i will kill u. lol. i read it all the time especially before bed i even dream about and did an essay on it lol. its horrible ikno i read the books literally like 30 time or more each ive tried to read other books but im to addicted n cant stop thinking about twilight

  • TeamEdward23

    I listen to the twilight soundtracks on the way to and from work. I can't listen during the day because I am a teacher and we can't really be playing music all day :) but I do play twilight's score while we are at quiet reading time :) Tell your husband he will like Midnight Sun, it's a very interesting read and I enjoyed it a lot myself, I have it on my desktop at home, on my laptop and at work….

    It's nice to know there are others who are not teenagers that are as obsessed as I am :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/susan.haygood Susan Haygood

    i check the site at least 2-3 times aday sometimes more.. yes i am a twilight fanatic.. at first i didn't think i'd like the books but once i got into them that was it.. couldn't stop reading and re-reading them. Also watch the movies over and over again. Can't get enough. Eclipse can't come fast enough. then we'll want Breaking Dawn to hurry too.. LOL. just love it.

  • twilightlover_Edwardcullen

    I've ALWAYS got teamtwilight open. I've read the series about 5 times each, and still not sick of it. Watched twilight about a billion times, not so much new moon because i havn't had the dvd as long. Watching youtube video non-stop. I'm a major twilight fan and i LOVE IT :)

  • saakshi

    i frequently reread the twilight series books………… i m so hooked to itdatmy normal routine suffers..lolz
    bt its worth twilight -the perfect love story and d saga of eternal love……………..
    in my freetym i see the pics of edward and bella i luv them…. and dream twilight andedward dreams…… i remember the incidents of book and sleep wid them…………………

  • Mikki Zie

    yeah i would have to say im closet obsessed as well for the most part cause my parents and sister think im insane when ever they catch me re-reading the books, i listen to the soundtrack like everytime i take a shower, and i come on this website almost everyday, and like “youaremythicalafterall” said i react to the word twilight like its my name, my dad says im an encyclopidea for twilight cause i can answer any question he gives me and im the one giving my friends the updates about trailers, release dates and a bunch of other stuff
    i cant say why i love it so much i just do =D

  • shatha

    sooo much time!!!!

  • Tanita T.

    I can't really tell how much time I spend time each day obsessing over Twilight maybe it's because I obsess over it that bad lol I definitely be wanting my life to be like Bella's …I do think about Taylor Lautner alot I mean I have the guy as a wallpaper on my cellphone I have a freaking poster of him hanging on my door so I guess I kind of got it bad and I have this thing where I make every Saturday a Twilight day where I watch both “Twilight” and “New Moon” on DVD and wear my “Edward shirt” for the first film and then my “Jacob shirt” for the second one lol…I shouldn't switch up like that but I can't help it I like both of them, but I'm mainly with Team Jacob.

  • TwiFlora

    I am totally and completely obssesed. I check this sight, which is fab, every morning before school and i replay scenes from the book and films over and over in my head at night. I even dream of Edward and Rob. But then when i wake up in the morning to grey skies and dripping rain i feel like crying as the realisation hits that i haven't actually met Robert Pattinson at all :(

  • Amieeeee

    I would say 90% of my time is spend obessing. I go on tis site and many other like 5 times a day and watch the trailers 2 times a day and watch the film (Twilight & New Moon) 3 times a daay

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    I have over 1500 photos of twilight or the cast of twilight on my iPod and USB.
    I get up early every morning to watch the entertainment reports incase one of the stars is mentioned.
    I have google alerts for twilight, new moon, eclipse, Robert pattinson and kristen Stewart updating me in everything
    I go to this site millions of times a day ad ussually read it so much that I forget about assignments and hve to rush them.
    I re watch interviews of the cast about the movies they are doing
    I watch anything movie or tv that has a person from twilight in it or directs or whatever.
    have all the music from the movies
    double disc of both movies
    stay up when an award show or trailer comes out so I can watch it on YouTube asap because I live in Australia so the times are different
    has preordered DVDs, CDs, midnight screening tickets monthsin advanced
    I have a small shrine with twilight stuff like the books, movie tickets, popcorn box from new moon etc
    I buy any and every magazine that has rob or kristen on it and keep it
    analyze the movies with friends who like twilight
    get excited about anything twilight related.
    read the books about 5times each
    watched twilight about 15times (only cause my sister won't let me due to being one of the biggest two-HATER)
    will mention anything about twilight wen if the topic has nothing to do with it
    compare everything to twilight
    it has made me apprciate celebrities forthere job and how much they get hasseled and I want to stop that but also become an entertainment reporter so I dunno how that's going to work. I now want to work in the media cause of it because I want to be part of something like that even if it's behind the scenes
    dream about my life being twilight, wishing I was bella or alice.
    AND I am willing to camp out for Robert and kristen and Taylor or anyhing twilight if they ever come down her to australia (iwas just at re justin beiber Sydney concert and I stayed over night and I don't even like him or his music)
    <3 twilight is now my life
    I think that's all
    so am I obesessed………yes I think I am :) but why wouldn't you been, what's not to love :) and I love meeting new people on these websites and the premieres cause we have so much in common that's what I love about and twi-hards :)
    the only thing I'm worried a out is when breaking dawn finishes what am I going to read?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I guess I'll stalk the cast if twilight :P

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