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  • Keep_Smiling

    Where are the boy Cullens? Jasper?! Emmett?! Carlisle?! :( ♥

  • inboysandvoodoo

    I KNOW! how can they miss the boys out :@

  • xTeamEdwardCosJacobSucks

    I KNOW! how could they :@

  • natasha93

    Rosalie looks gorgeous there..they finally got her look right.
    Riley is hottttt :)
    Ahh Eclipse is going to be epiccc.

  • megena

    Wow, photoshop the cullen girls much?

  • misssdandelion

    nice photo shop

  • Anitaplove

    I know right? rose looks better than eveer!!! and I really think eclipse it's gonna be the best oh the three *-*¨I love david slade!!

  • http://creampeach24.deviantart.com/ Peach2007

    i cant find bella alone and riley on the site wher are they?

  • team-jacob-forever!

    OMG what happened to alices hair!!!it looks thinned out or something…:/
    wow rosalie looks perfect!!!FINALLYY!!!lol

  • ashleyrcullen

    It's like there's some rule that vampires have to be photographed with their chin down. Esme, Alice, Jane, Alec and Riley all have that chin down-look up pose going on. LOL Maybe they think it makes them look scarier…Great pics though. Getting excited!

  • Donna

    Have done photo shoots in the past for different hair show, photographer always tells models to look down… rarely do you ever see a photo straight on

  • http://www.facebook.com/emilyrshook Emily Shook

    where are the cullen boys?!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-may-be-more-addicted-to-Twilight-than-Id-like-to-admit3/120736121275933#!/pages/I-may-be-more-addicted-to-Twilight-than-Id-like-to-admit3/120736121275933 Kelli C

    Fantastic pics!!

    Join My Twilight page on Facebook! :D
    “I may be more addicted to Twilight than I'd like to admit”


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kati-Johnston/100000454451888 Kati Johnston

    Oh my gosh… what happend to Alice? I mean Rosalie and Esme look good… but Alice.. I don`t like the new wig.. and WHERE are my Cullen boys!?

  • clb1484

    love love love the pic of the wolf pack and Jane, not so much the pic of Bella and the Cullen girls. Hope they look better in the movie.

  • Jacob

    why does the pic of bella look like that it looks all pale

  • Jacob

    i really dont like that pic of bella and i dont like that way alice looks i dont like the wig but rosalie and esme are looking pretty

  • Cullen Lover

    The [ics are cool but what about EMMETT CARLISLE and JASPER

  • em_cullen

    That's exactly what I thought! I thought it looked like they pasted a picture of a blonde wig over a picture of Nikki Reed… Esme and Alice were a little better, but still… I think they look better in the movie, though :D

  • Team_Rosalie

    I know right! It's only taken them 3 movies!
    lol, i don't like alice's look either- where are the spikes?!
    esme looks beautiful as ever, love the others.
    Riley! <3
    LOVING Rosalie's look

  • taylor_for_life

    omg i jus noticed tht ae…
    why does tht make me feel bella is a vampire…even tho she doesnt hav the eyezz…but still
    something to think about

  • ilovekellan

    emmett hasnt been in like any stills or anything ;'(

  • Dee

    Where the heck is Rosalie's Cullen Crest?!

  • MrsDuckyFuzzles

    OMG kristen is paler than the lot of them by MILES!! gawddddda! i want to see a jasper promo shot.

  • TeamEmmetAnEdward

    OMG lolz where are they??? i want that pic to!
    but im loving alice's new wig its so much better i think she looks more beautiful!

  • :)

    guys shutup. atleast there making the movies. they change the people.. like you do in real life, duh.

  • RachaelRB

    i like the new wig looks like ove time they all kinda change their just like everyone else does for real loving it

  • TwilightMummy

    Oh my god, what have they done? Alice's hair is different, Rosalie doesn't even look remotely the same, Emse's hair colour is different. I hope they look better in the movie, because making big changes to the way they all look, will get some fans pretty upset! Don't mess with the fans dream world.. We're on to you!!

  • Jennifer

    I think Bella looks really good in those pics! I like Nikki Reed (Rosalie) better with her blonde wig in New Moon and Eclipse then when she died her hair for Twilight! She looks really good. I think Esme and Alice looked better in New Moon! And I've seen how Jasper's hair looks, and I'm still undecided about it. It's longer and not really blonde. Emmett's hair looks darker, but he always looks good! And Carlisle's hair looked best in Twilight! I think because it was his hair, dyed, whereas in New Moon and Eclipse, it looks like a wig, because it's so blonde and thick! But I love them all no matter how they look! Can't wait for Eclipse! Best book in the series!

  • Jennifer

    meant dyed, not died. lol.

  • Isabelle Cullen

    I like this picture very much :) In New Moon Rose and Esme didn't look very well, I think, but on this picture they're pretty :D

  • Karenlyl

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Karenlyl

    It took them 3 movies to make Jasper's look/hair perfect :P

  • marianieto


  • team-jacob-forever!

    and i was wondering where emmett and jasper were!?:(

  • supertwilightfan

    yeah! and i think that Esme's and Rosalie's hair are so fake and they are too photoshoped But i like Alice even though her hair is different

  • team_jedward0327

    well i think that they ALL look very beautiful i dont really see a big difference

  • phianne

    wow!!!!!!!vampires pic!
    they look wonderful and gorgeous!
    you rock twilight cast!!!!!!!!!!

  • samanthacullen

    rosalie looks totally different! and since when do vampire's change their hair color !! what is going on?!?!?!

  • hzlhckyl

    bebeim cok tTLISN

  • hzlhckyl

    bebeim cok tTLISN

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