Breaking Dawn release date is November 18, 2011; Two films?

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Deadline.com is reporting that Breaking Dawn will be released on November 18, 2011, and that, most likely, this will be part one of two!

Save the date, Twi-hards: November 18th, 2011. the studio still has no official word on whether it’s be 2 films or one — but Deadline sources still say it’ll be 2 pics and Bill Condon will direct both.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julia-La-Spina-Bussa/100000732872813 Julia La Spina Bussa


  • TeamEdward93

    OMG! I can't wait! Hope it is two films!

  • inboysandvoodoo

    :( thats seems so far away!…..I'm hopeing its wrong :P an that first one is out sooner!

  • ilovekellan

    aahhh :| thats nearly a whole year we have to wait for more (after eclipse)
    ohh well im happy there making it ;)
    they should of made it the 29th though then i could of went first time on my birthdaay (:
    is the date confirmed? or rumor ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    ok so ive done the math, thats 505days after eclipse comes out thats 562 days from now -_- thats way to long :(
    i think im going to go into a depression :'( so long away
    just 7 and 1/2 months is way to long this is way over a year away :( damn

  • AnnkaHEART

    GOOD NEWS! :D But it's so far away. But that's good, too, because the saga won't end that fast. :) yay! Germay it will be out in December 2011, tho.

  • Team_Rosalie

    OMG i hope so!

  • isha

    woooow….. knwing n waiting forthe release date of eclipse was excruciating enough….
    and now breaking dawn…..
    omg…. hw will we be able to hold on till den????

  • KMac99

    Almost a year and a half after Eclipse? That seems kind of risky…and disappointing! That's a long time for fans to wait…not very smart. They should have planned it better. They release Eclipse about 7 months after it was filmed.

  • klbbaldwin

    If you think about this is the largest and most important film. It is the ending and it needs time to be done correctly. Plus it is a NEW director. Davis Slade did the other two previously and was able to know the cast and the run of things, which in turn makes it easier to crank out the movies. Even though it is a full year and a half away that means quality work. Which I am fine with. There are a lot of things going on this last installment. I am just happy that the ball is finally rolling! Yay for Nov. 11, 2011.

  • Gothic Rose

    I know the wait is going to kill me, but i want them to do a good job on the last movie/s, so i'll wait but painfully.

  • charliebabesss

    What do you mean? Every one has had a NEW director..
    Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz and then David Slade..

  • klbbaldwin

    you are correct. I will fix statement. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1239333338 facebook-1239333338

    It makes sense. Breaking dawn is a little more complicated than the other books. I'm fine with waiting. I don't want them to rush something that is important. It is the last book so they need to take their time and make sure they get everything right. Good luck to them.

  • ashleyrcullen

    UGH! It's sooo far away…

  • Victoria

    Well, I think Breaking Dawn will be great in two movies, but Novenber 18 is too much time to wait!!! They need to rush this thing,,!

  • Glo Cullen

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy !!!!!! i hope is two movies !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angela-King/610841380 Angela King

    Cant wait! 2 pics would be great!!! check out my facebook pg and c my new tattoo…i got “more than my own life” on my foot..a fav line from the book

  • twihardteamedward8

    i know this is wishful thinking but maybe thats will be the release for the second film (assuming they make BD into two movies), then they'll surprise us all bya sooner release date fr the first part?! lol

  • Team…I can't decide!


  • aliciaABOD2

    that's a long ass time away!! It is gonna be hard to wait for that one. I hope they just do it in one film…or if they do split it up they at least release the 2nd one closer to the 1st one.

  • makebreakingdawnearlier

    twilight saga fans !!!!!!!! i need your help i am planning to do a campaing so summit entertainment could heard us. I bet you all are kind of sad that the last twilight saga movie is coming out a year and a half after eclipse. So please send me a email if you want to help me and all the twilight fans to make the movie come up a little more faster( ideas too ). email: maakebreakingdawnearlier@hotmail.com

  • Morgan

    Hopefully it wont be too but if they do it better be a damn close date!! :D

  • gffwhales

    you can't rush perfection. I would rather it be done right then have it come out shitty and not show the books depth. all I really want is a more indepth Honeymooon night. none of this (and they walk into the water naked) SHIT!.

  • patience

    They have to have time to A write a screenplay, B plan out all the sets and costumes, C film the movie, D add in all the special effects, E edit the film, F promote the film, G… Besides, the longer it takes for the movies to come out, the longer we'll HAVE movies to anticipate. Let them take their time and put all of their effort into making the film. I doubt they would change a release date because a bunch of impatient teenagers all sign a petition anyway.

  • Laura

    The only problem with making Breaking Dawn come out earlier is the fact that if it comes out earlier there will be competition with Harry Potter.. Harry Potter is scheduled for November 2010 and the second is July 2011..

  • Team Me

    The more time they have to make the film, the better it will probably turn out. So Why don't we all be patient and if you can't wait read the books.. or make your own versions and put them on youtube.. wooo! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Thompson-Conrad/1166477554 Nancy Thompson Conrad

    Would love it to be two made back to back. The book needs two movies to do it justice. Just my opinion.

  • ninia

    cant they release it early next year????why its too far?

  • *Mrs*Edward*Cullen*

    All the movies were suppose to be release November each year, Twilight Nov 2008, New Moon Nov 2009, Eclipse Nov 2010 and then Breaking Dawn Nov 2011. However so it didn't coincide with the release of the final Harry Potter they brought forward Eclipse to June 2010. So really we are getting exactly what was promised, we are actually getting Eclipse early so stop bitching and build a bridge!

  • ninia

    how about feb next year? not november……you know we are all eager to watch the final chapter….

  • Lee

    I agree. Plus the longer they have the better it will more likely be instead of it being rushed job. For those who are too impatient to wait that long… read the books again.

  • robxxtaylorxxtwilightlover

    thats not too far away we had to wait much longer for new moon!! and i really hope that their gonna make it two because then they could fit more of it in and really explain the story! because if it was one they would cut out sooo many important pieces!!!!!

  • twilight_princess

    I think we all need to just be patient, the longer they have to work on the film, the better it will be, and I'm sure they've got their own reasons for that release date, it's not because they want to keep it from us, they had to work the dates around harry potter too, to give it it's full impact, so while it'll be hard to wait for it, I think that's what we all need to do, and I do hope it's 2 movies because breaking dawn is such a big story and so complex, that I think it's needed.

  • abrilnessiehernandez

    huum, I don't know, I'm just sure that i'm goig to watch both, but, I don't think that for that date, it will be the two parts ready, maybe the first, but the second?, and, well, I think that if they realese both on november 2011, it would be so fast, it would be more excited by parts, no??

  • Shannon

    I'm excited to hear Breaking Dawn will be split up into two films. While November 2011 seems eons away, I think it will be SOOOOOOO worth the wait!!! I'd hate for them to rush production and it turn out crappy. The last book is the best one for me, so it's going to be exciting seeing the entire thing unfold. =)

  • palmettogirl

    I really want it to be two films b/c I can't bear for it to be over;-)

  • PDub77

    I would rather the studio make 2 films for Breaking Dawn, then one film and cut half the story out.

  • missjasper

    breaking dawn shounld be good we got bellas book and jakes book then bella again theres alot to tell it will be interesting how they do it cant wait

  • littlejules50

    It is only a year and a half. Eclipse is out in June, the DVD will be out 4-5 months later to hold us over until November. Filming starts in October. Filming for Eclipse took about 3 months, so if they do make two films, filming should take 5-6 months, which would put it over in April for 2011. That only leaves 7 months for post-production, so the time frame is right for a November 2011 release. Summit took a little more time to decide what to do with BD so it pushes the release date. Sure, I want to see it as soon as possible, but am willing to wait for the finished product because I know it will be fabulous and well worth the wait!!

  • Edward_Cullen_Luver


  • msannie

    I`d like to see it be 2 movies, there be to much left out if its only 1.. unless it be a 4 hr movie.. Be 2 is good

  • taylor_for_life

    yay!! i no!! i am sooo excited as well!!!
    i sooo totally prefer the 2 picz thing….coz i personally found the first two moviezz reall short…
    dnt want tht happening again

  • sammygurl89

    well we get Eclipse on july 1st of 2010 this year :P :P im in australia though

  • TeamKellmett

    I keep reading articles about how the whole “Renesmee” thing is going to be a pain but I completely disagree. They'd be able to coz it'd be like with Benjamin Button. Summit would just have to get the people who created Benjamin Button to help with Renesmee. You just find a girl who's around 8 (I can't remember Nessie's age in the end), then do the whole facial scanning, then have other girls ranging from babies to children to be the body in the film, then edit the face in and do the whole speech and stuff. Good thing is that Nessie didn't talk much so it wouldn't be that difficult. I dunno, it seems pretty basic in theory, I understand how difficult it would be filming wise.

    Cannot wait though, Eclipse soon and a rough idea of Breaking Dawn. I'm content.

  • aini

    yep,i think tht you should make breaking dawn in two parts……………….i am waiting 4 eclipse as well as breaking dawn:-)

  • Aneeqa Bukhari

    FAN MADE LOGO IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/f_a_n_p_i_r_e_s farah

    nice logo

  • teamedward90

    what is with the team jacob thing read the books

  • teamedward90

    what is with the team jacob thing read the books

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