Discussion topic: Happy Mother’s Day to our TwiMoms!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Today’s discussion topic is about Twilight MOM’s and Twilight fans’ moms!! This is your place to tell us how great your mom is and how much you appreciate and love her. If she is a Twilight-lover, then that’s just great. If you are a Twilight Mom and want to talk about your kids, you can do that, too!! We love our TwiMoms and hope you have a wonderful day!

Also, we just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to Stephenie Meyer and to fictional mothers Renee, Esme and BELLA!

  • twimom101

    Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all you Twimommas!! *hearts and hugs*

  • YouAreMythicalAfterAll

    My mother is so cool! She isn't into twilight, and then one evening she asked me if we should see New moon together cause now we had seen twilight a few month ago she thought it was time to see the sequel :)

  • avm927

    My mom is sooo awesome…..and is IN LOVE with twilight! Total twimom! haha I love her so much and I thank her for being so supportive of everything I do! :)

  • twi_hard

    but its not mothers day, it was like 3 or 2 months ago!!

  • Team…I can't decide!

    Even though Mothers Day in my country was like 2 months ago or something (UK) I ♥ my mum! – she used to moan that I was too involved with the books but eventually I got her to read them. I used to find her sneaking upstairs when she was supposed to be going to work just to read a few more pages! Love you mummy! ♥♥♥

  • TeamEdwardxx

    i love the bit at the end about bella being a mum :D DDDDDDDD

  • Edward051386

    I'm a Twimom and loving it!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL TWIMOMS!!!! *muah*

  • Amanda

    My sister is a twimom, I hope she has an AMAZING day. She deserves it.

  • Michelle Piñero

    I'm a twimom & love it! being a mom is the best thing in the world I love my daughter with all my heart and won't change a thing

  • Michelle Piñero

    it is mother's day US, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada and India

  • Liane

    I am a 38-year old twimom, and it is definitely my “guilty pleasure” (we all need one, right?) my 2 sons, aged 10 and 12, don't get it, but that's okay! :)

  • curleigh

    I'm a 38 yr old twimum, and it's funny cause I fight with my youngest kids as to who loves Edward more…it's fantastic!!!!

  • tammyeileen

    I'm a TwiMom and I wouldn't have it any other way. My dgtr Bella is the best & she's just like Bella in the movie!

  • curleigh

    I am a 38 yr old die hard twimum, and its fantastic because I fight with my youngest 2 children who loves Edward more!!!! Thank you Stephanie for making such an amazing series!!

  • team_tayward24

    My mom is the best! Thanks mom for making me read twilight, I love her so much for that!! She read the books before I did & I made fun of her because she wouldn't stop reading…. Now she makes fun of me because I have read twilight 3 times, new moon 5 times, eclipse 6 times, and breaking dawn 5 times…. Lol.

    Happy mothers day to every twimom out there!!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cheryl-Helgerson-Gibson/1499106268 Cheryl Helgerson Gibson

    I am a 59yr.old TwiMom HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you TwiMoms

  • Team Edward

    I am not ba mom, unless you count that I have a dog! But I love Twilight and I am Team Edward all the way! Happy Mother's Day!

  • student777

    I am a Twimom. At first I wasn't interested in Twilight but after seeing the first movie and reading the books I was hooked. I eve received all the books for Valentine's Day last year just weeks after reading the first book. I have two girls who like Twilight as well.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Twimoms out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennypoo1985 Jennifer Robinson

    I am a Twimom and I am proud of it. I thank the other Twimom's that I used to work with who talked me into reading this. Happy mother's day to all the Twimomma's and to all the mom's who are not as obsessed as we are!

  • Twimom40

    I too am a Twimom. My son thinks I am obsessed, but I just love the movies and the books. Have read them over and over and watched the movies enough times to almost know them by heart. Am counting down until June 30.

  • twimum71

    I am also a Twimom and love it! My kids got me a New Moon dream catcher for Mother's Day! They are so cute!

  • rmatatt

    i am a twi-mom also, and my name is renee same as bella's mom!!! and my daughter's name is isabella which is crazy lol, i love my kid's mikey n bella for making my mother's day perfect!!!

  • emma kal

    Im a twimum, Thank you very much.xxoo

  • phianne

    for ALL the twilight cast moms happy happy birthday!!!!!!!!! twimoms!
    xoxo love you all twimoms

  • Julie

    I am a Twimom and proud to be one! Love my boys, Jack and Ace-Jack is 3 1/2 and when he sees Edward or Bella, he says “Mom, there's the movie you like!” Which is funny, because I didn't realize he payed attention! Happy Mother's Day to you fellow Twimoms!

  • lrhine2315

    I am a TwiMom, Happy Mother's Day to all the TwiMoms – I am def TEAM EDWARD – He sparkles like a Diamond – and Diamonds are a girls best friend!! – I have two beautiful daughters 8yrs and 3yrs – last year my daughters 7th birthday was a Twilight party this year a New Moon party – I have read the entire saga 5xs just starting my 6th so I can be finished Eclipse in time to see it in theaters. My 3yr old watches Twilight and quotes even the backround music and picks up random books and reads them …blahblah Edward blahblah Edward….priceless!!! My 8yr old & I watch the movies atleast 3xs including the midnight showing!!! cant wait until June 30th!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cyndi-Lay-Kidwell/1699020268 Cyndi Lay-Kidwell

    Funny…my husband bought Twilight for me because all the women at his work were reading it and talking about it. I was not an avid reader and when he brought it home I was not interested..I don't read…and he talked me into reading it. After the first chapter I couldn't put it down…I went to the store the next day to buy the other 3 books because i didn't want to wait to see what happened next hahaha. I read all 4 books in a week. I literally could not put them down…that is saying something for someone who didn't really get into reading haha Anyway since then I have read them 4times and I am on my 5th now so that Eclipse is fresh in my mind when the movie comes out next month hahaha I am 47 yrs old and a mother of 4 sons and a daughter. I am a Twimom, no doubt about it and my youngest son and daughter love the movies…of course we own Twilight and New Moon…counting the days for June 30th <3 I am Team Twilight…I love both Edward and Jacob…just like Bella :)

  • samanusmanie

    Happy Mother's Day Ammi(that's what i call my mom)!!! i love uu!! :)

  • gina

    i have to admit i am a twi-mom and tuesdays are twilight days in my house!my son is 15 and doesnt really understand the obsession i have with it all but my daughter(bless)is 7 and dont have to work so hard on her as she does like watching the films with me not as much as i would like but hay ho i can but try!!!!!she loves alice and even played my ds game and managed to get more of the questions right than i wouldve expected what a clever girl!!!!!

  • ndbs15

    I'm 20 and a mother of a beautiful baby girl, at 1st i was not into twilight but my sisters and cuz were, then i saw the 1st movie and now i had seen the 1st, the 2nd and i'm waiting for eclipse to come out, now i'm obsessed with twilight. i'm going to go watch eclipse the 1st day of the movie because i don't want anyone to tell me about the movie. I LOVE JACOB BLACK MY FAVORITE WOLF!!! i can't wait for eclipse to come out i'm so excited.

  • lastcntrygirl

    That's awesome!!! I'm reading the series again also, sixth time. I am a 34 year old Twi-Mom, and I just can't get enough of either!!! Jacob is okay, but I love the depth & intensity of the love story between Edward & Bella.

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    oh my.. when i saw this post i though aw nooo… i havent got my brilliant mum anything! Then i realised that it isnt Mothers day in the UK!! Few!!!
    but happy mothers day to everyone in countrys where it is!! :)

  • twi_hard

    oh my mistake!!! cos in england and like the Uk it was mothers day in February/ March time!!!

  • team_jacob_baby

    My mom isn't a Twilight fan but she isn't against it. She thinks I am crazy for being so obsessed but she supports my obsession and doesn't object when i wanna buy all my Twilight goodies. Most of it she buys for me :)

  • Katy Bells Cullen

    If you are a Twimom & have Facebook, please join us!


  • Katy Bells Cullen

    If you are a Twimom & have Facebook, please join us!


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