Official ‘Eclipse’ horizontal poster

You may have noticed the great Eclipse banner over at Apple Trailers today. This is actually the official outdoor horizontal art for Eclipse, and here it is untagged! I think it is super cool with Riley and his newborns on the right and Victoria on the left! Click for BIG!

  • queensarcasm

    Why does everyone look overly airbrushed? Or am I just mad?

  • piggalop

    They DO look airbrushed. They almost look fake like dolls or something like that. Especially Edward :-(

  • team-jacob-forever!

    im sorry but i am veryy disappointed with the posters for eclipse:(
    they aree all very photoshopped…they need to bring the people back who made the new moon posters:/

  • Glo Cullen

    They look like dools !! But at the same time the poster is asome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anitaplove

    I guess they are a lot photoshoped but anyway I like it I love it.. even tho victoria has a really bad cut, you can see the pixels.. so.. but I like it it's cool, I like the newborns

  • http://twitter.com/Joanneh1987 Joanne H.

    i could do better by myself…= but is ok…I guess

  • joannehs

    i could do better by myself…= but is ok…I guess

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