Twilight cast celebrates Young Hollywood Awards

Several members of our cast hit up the Young Hollywood Awards.  Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed both received an award, and Peter Facinelli and BooBoo Stewart were also in attendance. 

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  • Anitaplove

    I LOVE asley's dress! soooo hot! and I hate nikki's hair.. I mean it's ok but it doesn't look good on her :s don't know why..

  • shewolf99

    BooBoo “seth” is so cute!! I think team jacob and team edward are going to be obsessed with Seth! and ashley is beautiful as always. but where's the rest of them?

  • Lisita

    Hate Nina's hair =/ Ashley looks stunning all the way

  • amber

    i know this is really rude but i have to ask. is it the dress thats making nikki look bigger than she was in twilight and new moon? by no means am i callin her big or nothing like that. she just always looked really really little in the movies and now she looks alot better to be honest!

  • salonirocks

    these pics are gorgeous!! ashley looks really pretty, and i loove her dress!! (she looks taller) and nikki, …. well she's ok but her hair? ugghh a mess!! its like she cut her hair really short, she should have left it open …

  • ShonaB

    Nikki's gorgeous legs hanging out of that dress save the outfit :) She is super beautiful as is Miss Green. Love Ashley's dress, very 80's/00's glam. First pics I've seen of 'Seth', can't wait to see him in action. Yeah, where were the rest of them and what did the ladies win their awards for exactly?

  • Team_Rosalie

    They all look gorgeous!!

  • Anitaplove

    she always looked big to me XD yet beautiful

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    ashley looking beautiful as ussual and i loveeee nikkis shoes!!!

  • donnahays

    I'll be glad when the belted waist dress fad goes away. Its not flattering to anybody. And for Nikki's hair, I'd love to see the side and back, it probably is very elegant. Ashley's dress is amazing. AM SO WORRIED about the current situation as reported re: contracts and possibility of Summit dropping Ashley and Kellan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ideliz-M-Mora/529196965 Ideliz M Mora

    Peter and BooBoo look so cute, Ashley as beautiful as always.

  • Rizam

    Ashley is gorgeousssss…!!
    i loove her…
    and Peter and BooBoo are just awesome..!!

  • marteczka

    omg girls are super cute… look fantastic.. Peter is beautiful!! love all of you

  • ashgreene

    ash looks absolutely perfect! lover her dress<3

  • taylorhot

    loving ashley's dress and shoes, but i think that nikki is horrendous, i mean she looks fat, that dress does not sute her and the shoes…OMG awful

  • nikkirox

    I love both the girls shoes but the dresses are too showy. Peter's outfit is awesome!!!

    TEAM NIKKI!!!!!!!!

  • nikkirox

    I love both the girls shoes but the dresses are too showy. Peter's outfit is awesome!!!

    TEAM NIKKI!!!!!!!!

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