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This week’s topic comes to us from Ashley, and I love this idea! In a few weeks, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will be released. Stephenie Meyer has also mentioned an interest in continuing the Twilight universe with stories about Renesmee and Leah Clearwater. If you could choose any character(s) and get a full back-story or continuation after Breaking Dawn finishes, who/what would you pick?

Ashley is interested in seeing how things play out between Renesmee and Jacob, or possibly seeing the human pre-vamp lives of some of our beloved “cold ones.” I’d love to see more of Jasper and Alice finding each other. Or maybe some of Carlisle’s time with the Volturi!

  • http://twitter.com/Bellanieve Aida Azcuy Lazzarin

    The Renesmee story would be the one for me :)

  • sammijo5

    Would love to see the Renesmee and Jacob storyline proceed. In my mind it is fabulous.

  • brookeb3393

    leah clearwater! hers would be interesting and i feel like her story was kind of cut short in breaking dawn and i'd like to see her heal from her broken heart and move on. :)

  • http://twitter.com/DontCryMyAngel Margret

    All of them, I would want to know when and how the Cullens would fight with the Volturi, who will win and who will stand with the Cullens during the fight.

  • Karenlyl

    I wouldn't mind Renesmee's. I would want to see Edward's view in New Moon and I wouldn't mind Leah's aswell.

  • sarah

    i would love to see how renesmee and jacob get on, and still get an insight of bella and edward through her thoughts, it would also be interesting to see if the volturi would keep their distance from the cullens or would they try and claim them for their gifts, it would be amazing if the cullens took over the volturi after the endless breaking of their own rules. i do hope stephenie continues the storey :)

  • Chelsea-leigh

    I would love to see Edward's view from Breaking Dawn to see how he reacts to everything, that would be interesting.

  • marianieto

    Im agree with you Aida i will continue the Saga with the story about Renesmee her point of view and how spend the life of Bella and all the characters that we all know

  • team_switzerland5

    I would love to see Alice, and Emmett before becoming vampires! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/jessicastsoto?ref=profile Team Bella_Edward

    I would love to see Edward's point of view af the whole stiry and also I would like to see how is the relation ship between reneesme and jacob and what happen when renee and charlie gets old and also how they continue with their lives

  • CaroolinaCullen

    I could't care less about Leah haha. I would like to see how Reneesme and Jake get along and also more from Edward and more from Bella as a vampire and their life together :) I want to see MIDNIGHT SUN FINISHED and Edward's point of view from the rest of the books

  • CaroolinaCullen


  • Team…I can't decide!

    I'm not sure :/ To be honest i'd rather just to read about the rest of Edward and Bella's life! They're my favourites after all! Though Renesmee would be interesting too ♥ oh and how Bella tells Renee! That's the one thing that aggravates me about Twilight – we never find out that!

  • EdwardCullenLover626

    I would love to see Renesmee's story

  • RJLarrieu

    I would like to see what happens with Renesmee and Jacob. As Jacob states when the vampires leave he will begin to age again. So as he begins to age and Renesmee stays young what will happen! What will Renesmee's life be like without Jacob? maybe Jacob becomes a new hybrid of part wolf and part vamp so he could remain with Renesmee forever? Just a thought!

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/jessicastsoto?ref=profile Team Bella_Edward

    Even if the vampires leave he won't age if he doesn't decide it. he will age when he starts to control the change into a werewolf, it says in the books jacob explain it, so I think he will never stop changing just for reneesme

  • bexiie

    i would love to see Bella and Edward carry on there story, but with a Renesmee chapter, like with Jacob in Breaking Dawn (:

  • Team…I can't decide!

    Me tooooo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.0194 Ashley Hawley

    I wish Stephenie would finish Midnight Sun first before doing all of these novellas!!!

  • lilycrazy4rob

    I, like everyone else would love to see Reneesmee and Jacob as well as the whole Cullen family and Bella and Edward, but I would also love to read about the humans, such as Charlie, Renee, Angela, Mike, Eric, Jessica, to see if they would ever find out about vampires and Bella. I would also love to read about the Volturi. Such as the beginning of the Volturi, all the vampires joining, about a bit of their past, because even though we learn a lot about them throughout the stories there still is so much more to it.

  • RJLarrieu

    Also Charlie and his “need to know” seeing Renesmee stop aging at 7yrs of age.

  • firefly128

    I agree, I want Midnight Sun finished and would love to have the whole series written from Edward's point of view. I want to hear the tent scene (Eclipse) from Edward's point of view….what was Jacob thinking? I also think the part of Breaking Dawn that was written from Jacob's point of view should be done from Rosalie's.

  • http://twitter.com/supertwilighter Emily Ko

    kay. i def agree with Carlisle with the Volturi cuz than it be fun to watch the movie(think costumes ;D) maybe she could go back and forth or write one with Renesmee and one centred on Carlisle. either way, lotsa twihards like me would buy them. i'm def buying The Short Second LIfe of Bree Tanner. “what Bella never knew….” sounds intriguing. and i hate whoever leaked Midnight Sun cuz the twelfth chapter end RIGHT b4 the meadow scene!!!!! how dare they? i bet several twihards like wanna kiil them.

  • bb

    I would like to see what happens between Nessie and Jake and what troubles await the Cullens in after Breaking Dawn. I would also like to see what happened to the Cullens before twilight picked up

  • team-jacob-forever!

    omg defenitly renesmee and jacob:)
    i havee always wanted a back storyon them when renesmeesn older! xD
    if stephenie meyer starts writing a book about them too i will be soooo frieken happy!!!!:D
    i think that leah clearwater would be cool to read too:p
    bur defenitly the renesmee storyy!!!

  • edward_forever_and_always

    i would like.. no, i NEED to know every little detail that was put into those books and never exlpained. like alice going to the assylum, then meeting jasper. more about emmetts human life, and a scene where rose finds him in the woods. more about EDWARD before he was a vampire. Carlise and his whole story. how jake and renesmee turn out.
    i dont think that i will be TRUELY satisfied, until every little thing is explained.

  • shan

    i didnt want it to end so i wrote an ending to the story..
    its wear renesemee grows up and her journey :) i liked it

  • sbellacullen

    Edward and Bella, Im sorry thats the point of the twilight saga… not Jacob nor Rennesme… but if I had to choose it would be Alice and Jasper, they are perfect for each other.

  • Culloth

    if you go on s. meyer official page, you can find some outtakes and extras regarding the first 2 books. in one of them emmett explains that scene when he was attacked and rose found him. don't know if you read it already…

  • ILoveEdward13

    Ok…. First, nobody ever told us about Emmett's human life! I would love to read that! And while they're at it, I think every Cullen's story needs to be told! More about Alice, and Esme, and Carlisle before he created the Cullen clan. Second, I think we need some more Renessme!!!! When she becomes a teenager, and falls in love with Jacob… All of that. Edward's point of view for all four books, of course!!!! MIDNIGHT SUN, WE NEED YOU NOW!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnniemarie Johnnie-Marie Jones

    i would contiune the story from bellas point of view like the first couple yrs as a vampire and what not rasing a half huna half vamp child then i would start to do renesme point of view also i would then follow up on carlise and the rest of the cullens

  • Kristen Stewart

    I would like Renesmee story but for God's sake, people, jacob and Renesmee aren't gonna end up together, Renesmee deserves more than a dirty dog and it's not fair jacob imprinted her without saying to Edward and Bella, he's a jerk, i hate him

  • rileyfan

    I think maybe the time from when renesme was born to when she is about 19 na d how her and jacob get together and stuff !! it would be soo cool !
    Oh and maybe in esmes point of veiw cos you dont really hear alot about her !

  • rileyfan

    OMG how could you hate jacob !!!

  • betty jackson

    team EDWARD , i dont care about bree i want to here about how edward really felt when he first saw bella

  • betty jackson

    i, agree, i want to see midnight sun finished to and Edwards point of view about bella . personally i think Edward and bella are a great pair and they should get married and have there child and we there fans should be able to read and watch everything jake needs to find his own true love and leave bella and edward alone once and for all please finish MIDNIGHT SUN

  • Kristen Stewart

    I hate jacob because he's just trying to separate Edward n Bella, then he wants to be with Renesmee cuz he couldn't get Bella and he's selfish

  • Red Robin

    you no what you can go to hell right along with everyone else who doesnt like jacob i like jacob and when your around me and you say you dont like jacob your likely to get your lights punched out he's just playing that way he's not lke that in real life and i would no because my mo interviewed him you cant judge somebody you don't no

  • Entoucas

    I would love to see Jacob and Renesmee's story and how everybody else reacts. Bringing in a new character might also be interesting… supernatural, but not the same. A witch maybe, I don't know… :) Just want to see everybody happy!

  • Kristen Stewart

    Oh, guess what, i forgot to reply u a long time ago and now i will, you're the one who can go to hell, and for ur information the one playing jacob is taylor not jacob so who is the one that confuses real life with fantasy? he thinks he's the best thing in the world when he's not so the one that is gonna get the lights punched out is gonna be u

  • Kristen Stewart

    Oh, guess what, i forgot to reply u a long time ago and now i will, you're the one who can go to hell, and for ur information the one playing jacob is taylor not jacob so who is the one that confuses real life with fantasy? he thinks he's the best thing in the world when he's not so the one that is gonna get the lights punched out is gonna be u

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