Trio of New Twilight Eclipse Posters Fail to Impress?

As you all may have seen, the three new posters were recently released promoting Eclipse:IMAX. However, Summit has not been getting good feedback. People are excited to see their favorite characters, but the quality and creativity was lacking. What do you think??

Summit Entertainment has released a trio of new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse transit shelter posters promoting the theatrical and IMAX versions of the upcoming sequel.

The one poster shows Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner looking down at us like we’re peons while its companion has Dakota Fanning and her Volturi cohorts doing the same. The last has the newborn vampires emerging from the water as seen in the Eclipse trailer.

All the posters share one unfortunate trait: uninspired Photoshop work. These aren’t much better than the dreaded floating head posters that look like they were cobbled together in the moments before happy hour kicked off. Maybe Twihards will revel in the sight of their beloved stars, but Summit’s marketing team could have done a lot better with a little creative effort.      -The HD Room

  • lolann

    yeah but I think they are in the movie more than they were featured in the book. At least it looks that way from the clips and articles i have seen. They are certainly making a big deal of Riley and he is only in the book a few minutes before he is toast Hee Hee. o well, it will be a lot of action so will be fun. This director looks as if he followed the key parts of the movie so far but I think took a little liberty with some of the characters: example the clip they show of the Vol vamps watching the newborns and have dialogue so not in the book. But I hope it will support the premise of the book and not get us lost from the main point the love triangle and protecting bella.

  • lolann

    preach on baby!!! I so get what you are saying

  • Is it June30 yet ?! Rileward<3

    actually i love them all to be honest ! i thinkt they rock … i mean nothing is perfect but these are great and i am a fan of them ! :) YAY no werewolves ! woo hooo that's rite eclipse is a VAMP'S movie ! LOLZ

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elvira-Hujiniyazi/1803396037 Elvira Hujiniyazi

    No! Eclipse is supposed to be dark & mysterious. I'm glad that they are sticking to the theme of Eclipse. Don't expect edward and jacob to be on a friggin rainbow unicorn.

  • teamedward

    Don't like the posters of bella, edward, jacob and the volturi it would be better if they are not looking down. The poster for riley is good though

  • Brandy

    you took the words out of my mouth the only poster with any drama or emotion is the center one. but now days big comnpanys only do what they want at least they get the $$$$$$$$$ look at harry potter for example halfblood prince they coulndt make that worse then they did so go on and vent

  • kel

    well said hun, i completely agree

  • Alice

    Fail to impress? pfft… i think they are just as good as the ones for twilight and new moon, dunno what there moaning about

  • gyleches

    Well I like them better than I did the original Eclipse poster. They looked like cartoons almost. I'm wondering why Victoria is not featured on the Newborn one though? I feel like Bryce is getting the shaft.

  • Caitlin

    i honestly like them…i mean, sure, there could have been more action…but isn't the purpose of this kind of publicity to draw you in, not to give everything away? it's just showing you the characters…the harry potter promos are usually pretty similar to this too…i think these eclipse banners are beautiful, and they make me excited to see the new movie!!

  • Ptapio

    I dont like the posters. I feel like they could be of better quality. I feel let down as a consumer and die hard twilight fan.

  • Amanda

    I think the angle of the shot for the Volturi poster is correct. The Volturi think they are above everyone and looks down on them. Now the Edward, Bella, and Jacob poster should be more of a level angle because they are all trying to fit in and seem normal in a world that is so not normal for them. They need to seem a little more united as a trio even though Edward and Jacob don't get along that well, they do unite in this book and movie for a common cause. The newborns poster is pretty cool, but not the best either.

  • Amanda

    I agree with you. Victoria is pretty central to this movie and should be featured on a poster as well. She should have been featured with the newborn army.

  • TeamSwitzerland

    I think bellas hair is looking a little gray, anyone else think the same?

  • TeamSwitzerland

    I think bellas hair is looking a little gray, anyone else think the same?

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