*EXCLUSIVE* New official Eclipse banner art: Wolf Pack

We are pleased to bring you this exclusive poster from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, featuring the wolf pack!  We share this exclusive with three other sites: Twilight Examiner, Twilight Series Theories, and Bella and Edward. Enjoy!

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  • http://twitter.com/meganconwy Megan Conwy

    Where the hell is Seth?? He plays a big part in the movie and he's not even in the poster. Stupid.

  • Maude

    Sam looks awful :(

  • BLACKEYES :) Rileward<3

    seth isnt here and quil is sooooo far away :( aww and sam looks bad and kiowa looks a bit … strange ! but i love the green with the trees and alex looks awesome ! and jake is jake and that leah :)

  • http://diradankriwil.blogspot.com dirascorpio


  • team-jacob-forever!

    wtf!?! they left seth out!!!:/ it looks just like the cullen onee…i likee the new moon onee better but still cool:)

  • Cheyanne

    what! where is seth, i'm pretty sure he is a big part of this movie

  • http://twitter.com/AgileMinded Ro

    Not my Seth..This is ridiculous..Hmph…

  • : )

    i agree with all of u !! where is seth!!!! he plays a huge part wtf , its just not fair ¬¬

  • (:

    i think he is in the way back of the poster but i agree he should be a bigger part on the poster

  • meeeeee

    WHERES SETH!!!!!!!! ): ):

  • crazy chick

    where is seth?! Quil is sorta invisible!! I say u redo this whole poster!!!!

  • Gir

    Seth was barely in this book, he was in Breaking Dawn more

  • http://www.facebook.com/amariet128 Marie Trevino

    I think it looks great…at least Jacob is right at front where he should be

  • rwheel

    I don't know what's with these posters and everyone looking down…

  • bb

    I don't like how Leah is so close up with Jake. I also find it funny that they almost replaced Taylor because he was not “buff” enough to play Jacob when the rest of the pack in New Moon was not buff and some of them had a little belly (Sam). I think if they made Taylor buff up they should have made the rest of the pack just as buff.

  • Marcie

    Seth has a bigger part in Eclipse than Leah does. He should be in the poster with the rest of the wolves.

    It's too bad that the posters are so over photoshoppped. I thought that they could have been much better than they are.

  • MYself

    Seth isnt a wolf till BREAKING DAWN you idiots!

  • Jellybean

    Actually DUMMY, he is a wolf in Eclipse! He is with Bella and Edward when Riley and Victoria find them!!

  • Melanie

    your completely right, i love seth. Its funny how they all feel like family when you are reading yet its completely different in the movies. I cant wait for the movie to come out and im interestested in seeing how they put it all together

  • Guest 1

    And this is why i am a wolf in the best game ever!!! Try it its Free!


  • twilight mom

    i think he is in the back….

  • twilight mom

    no he is a wolf in eclipse… he kills a vamp as a wolf in eclipse

  • Jennifer

    That's not Seth in the back, it's Quil.

    And I agree, Seth should be on here!!

  • Katie

    i agree completely! it was embarrassing to se them next to taylor!

  • http://twitter.com/ellie_jaymesx Ellie Beirne

    sam looks like jay z :')

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alejandra-Felix/668617916 Alejandra Felix

    yup he's in the back

  • polo_sugar

    In these photos they all look soo photoshopped. It's a shame, because they are all naturally good looking people.
    And I agree. Where IS Seth?

  • mariastina

    Why, why, why are they photoshopping my beautiful Jacob?! I don't get it.
    And i agree with you guys! SETH?! He should be in the front! :)

  • hanne

    just hope they diden't change the story so Seth doesen't fight Riley and Victoria with Edward!! (sinds Riley is leading the newborns out of the water to the fight?!)

  • GoldOnion

    I like the feel of the new Eclipse banners – just think they need to fine-tune them a bit.

  • queensarcasm

    Where is Seth…? I don't like any of the posters, they are overly airbrushed, which makes them look really plastic.

  • glo-glo

    all the banners suck!!!!!!!!!! i hate them… i hope they dont make the movie so awful like this because i'll be reaaaally upset :@

  • team-jacob-forever!

    i agree:)
    jacob is already perfect they dont need to photoshop anymoree…
    and yahh seth should be in the front, well they shouldve put him in the poster in the first placee:)

  • Katie

    NO Seth Is a wolf in Eclipse… He's a wolf and guarding Bella for the tent scene and is for most of the movie..But yeah, Leah has to move and Seth be in front with Jacob… NOt to mention, they don't need to photoshop Jacob.. He perfect… other wise though, its Sweet as*. !! <3

  • andreagriffin186

    why are they photoshoping all the pictures so much?! they're begining to not even look that good and why is it every picture has them looking down on us rather then just face on. :(

  • Patti Sauer

    It is a good pic and all but i have one question

  • Patti Sauer

    Where is SETH he is not in any pic i have seen from eclipse he is a key factor in the fight with edward victoria and riely

  • Heather Rene

    LOL Yeah he kinda does. I dont like this pic of Chaske he doesnt look like himself!

  • lolann

    yes at the most critical part, the fight with the vamps and is there when Victoria attacks. Confused by the placement of the wolf pack. Leah is a minor player in this book. Only mentioned at the end when she causes Jacob to be seriously injured. She should be all the way in the back and seth should be in front of her. dont know what they are thinking!!

  • skylili

    isn't leah's tat supposed to be on the other arm??… according to the movie anyway…

  • Kassssi

    That's not Seth, it's Quil, I believe. Seth's not even on this/:

  • tiffany

    Seth should not be in the front – maybe in the New Moon wolf pack photos, because then he was…but in the Eclipse book you come to find that Jacob is the actual leader.

  • Faye

    I agree Seth should be in the poster…Although i dont think he should be at Jacobs side untill Breaking Dawn posters, neither should Leah, thats when the pack is formed, so this poster should really be about the whole pack together? no flanks i guess, but Seth should deffo be in it. Re-do it!

  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    no kidding!

  • misshawkeye

    i agree with you, they fully go over the top with the photoshop, Jacob doesn't need it

  • mariastina

    Oh, yeah sorry. It's wierd that he insn't in it. I mean, what about the fight in the end? Seth is in it.. a lot! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/TamaraDi Tamara Van Hees

    I like the poster, but where is Seth? All you can see is Jacobs and Leahs breasts!

  • angela key

    I don't think they've photoshopped him – looks like he's had Botox

  • Kukis

    Seth is esencial part of the history, where is he???? WE WANT SETH!!!!! WE WANT SETH!!!!!

  • alyssa1991

    of course they r goin to photoshop them its a banner

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