Saturday Survey: Which of the soundtracks’ first singles do you prefer

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The first single from the Eclipse soundtrack, Muse’s “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)” was released this week, so Unal wants to know which of the Twilight Saga soundtracks’ first single is your favorite?

Hear each of the songs after the break.

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Meet Me on the Equinox
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Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
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  • Karenlyl

    Paramore's Decode :P but, I don't mind the other two either.

  • Luugianello

    I like all of them!!! Every single represents very well the Twilight Series, I think… But I'll vote for “Neutron Star Collition” cause is the one I'm most into right now…

  • Rizam

    Decode foreverrrrr …. =D
    i love the other two as welll…
    but Decode is like the best one for me.. ! =D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aisha-Kanneh/1479584316 Aisha Kanneh

    decode by paramore is the best but i like the other two as well.

  • RayJayGirl00

    I love Paramore!!! The song “Decode” is amazing! The others are good too!

  • PwoperCitizenErased

    Love all of them. But Muse is by far my favorite band of all time. I worship the ground they walk on. So a new song that was due in the Resistance era of things was great to see, and a fantastic song at that. So yeah…Neutron Star Collsion. And then Decode. And, I love it, but Meet me on the Equinox was my least fav.

  • MisguidedGhost

    My favourite band in the whole world is Paramore, but I don't really like Decode so much anymore, I've listen to it too many times xD So here I have to vote for Muse!

  • cherryzydrate

    I didn't like the second one but I found it hard to choose between Paramore and Muse tbh

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1024183947 Jennifer Allison Spence

    the muse one is blocked because of copyright it says, as of now–can't wait to really see it

  • elizabeth

    decode for sure, paramore is best

  • amanda

    Neutron Star Collision is os much better than Paramore's Decode, in my opinion. Muse is always original and awesome, whereas Paramore's song sounds like all the other songs that they've ever done…

  • Abigaile

    oh gosh it was sooo hard to choose!

  • http://twitter.com/ChiaraCullen10 Chiara Brr

    Decode then boring you…Meet Me At The Equinox is nice, well…but Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) is EPIC!!! AMAZING!!! Muse I ♥ you!

  • alicecullen13

    Well, I think they each fit there movie really well. I like them all. But Im tied with decode and neutron star collison.

  • phaenomena

    Decode sounds great and meet me on the equinox was a new band to me, but i'm and i'll always be a hugh fan of MUSE, so i have to vote for them!

  • phaenomena

    original and awesome!!!

  • phaenomena


    official video with eclipse moments!!

  • chris candy

    I like all 3 of the songs, with eatch movie, a new song for the movie's soundtrack, so, I like them the 3 and im sure I will like the last one as well

  • Kayla

    I feel like Decode fit Twilight and the feel of the movie so much. When I hear Decode I automatically think about the cold blue world of Twilight and Edward and Bella falling in love. I love that song.

    I like Neutron Star Collison also- that's my second favorite.

    And meet me on the equinox is my least favorite. I never liked the song- and I don't feel like it fit New Moon.. I love New Moon the movie but the two didn't go together.

  • team-jacob-forever!

    my lovely favorite band in the whole wide world PARAMORE<3
    but i likee all of them but paramore is my faveee!!!:)

  • nightmareb4x

    Anything but Muse. PLEASE!!!! So sick of this crap rip off band!!

  • AnnkaHEART

    Decode ftw!!
    I love it…

  • JacobsRenesmee

    Muse is compromising their artistic integrity in order to get songs on these Twilight soundtracks- Neutron Star Collision is proof, it sounds nothing like Muse, shame on them. Paramore all the way, but Death Cab For Cutie's song was great too.

  • Kristen Stewart

    Neutron Star Collision( Love is Forever) is the best single and Muse isn't compromising their artistic integrity in order to get songs on these Twilight Soundtracks, this is the best single and the best song, Neutron Star Collision is so much better than Decode or Meet me on the Equinox

  • PwoperCitizenErased

    I'm not trying to start anthing…I'm just saying…NSC was not intended for the twilight soundtrack. It was written after Matt broke up with his gf (ironically) back in December. The “twilight people” (as he puts it) asked them about contributing to the soundtrack afterwards. The song just works. But it had nothing to do with Twilight that's just Matt being Matt and switching up his musical styles. So that song is 100% Muse. Sure it was a little pop-y for a Muse track but that's what I love about them. They never stay the same but they always have the same characteristics. NSC is no exception.

  • Haarp

    I love Neutron Star Collision the best even though it was the only one NOT inspired by Twilight in any way hahaha.

  • Butterfliesandhurricanes

    Are you one of those people who think they sound like Radiohead? Because if that is the case, I just really want to know why because I've never seen it. And if its not Radiohead…than who?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julia-La-Spina-Bussa/100000732872813 Julia La Spina Bussa

    i think ive just heard decode too many times.

  • charliebabesss

    I absolutely love Decode simply because it was for Twilight and that was the first book and I just fell in love with it.. but I think Meet Me On The Equinox really suits New Moon and how Bella feels… I don't think I've listened to Neutron Star Collision enough yet though.

  • nightmareb4x

    They sound like EVERYONE else. Not really Radiohead. I hear Beatles, Queen, most 70's / 80's arena rock bands, etc, etc in Muse. Each Muse song reminds me of one better from another band. They just feel like been there done that to me. I would like some variety on these soundtracks. Repeating the same band over and over again seems just as lame as their sound.

  • nightmareb4x

    Also I want to apologize for raining on the Muse parade. I am sure their fans are very excited over all the attention they are getting. Just expressing my opinion and frustration here, no offense. Live it up Muse fans!!

    Some perspective: it could be WAY worse. We could be sitting through lady gaga ripping off every synth pop band in history, or fergie's mindless drivel instead of Muse. I shudder at those possibilities for the Breaking Dawn soundtracks!! I would take the derivative Muse songs over most current pop / top 40 artists any day.

  • nicole

    i wouldn´t change decode for anything!

  • Butterfliesandhurricanes

    I'm not mad at your opinion, if you hate Muse than hate Muse haha. I just really wanted to know why. And yeah I'm reminded of certain bands too but I have to disagree with you. I'm reminded but they have their own concrete sound. They especially cont. win me over with Citizen Erased, Butterflies and Hurricanes (I don't know a band who has a Rachmaninoff-esque piano solo slap in the middle of a rock song), and well I can go on but…anyway..I agree, I really hope Muse doesn't end up on Breaking Dawn just because it will finally put the Muse fans' bitchings to rest. (I'm highly involved in both fanbases and a lot of Muse fans are extremly nasty.) I respect your opinion, though, and I'm sorry you have to keep putting up with them lol.

  • ButterfliesandHurricanes

    ^^^that was “ButterfliesandHurricanes” I just forgot the e-mail I put it on haha.

  • nightmareb4x

    It is weird to me that Muse fans would be upset. This is a great opportunity for a band. In my opinion Muse really exploded after being involved with Twilight. I guess this success ruins their indie image? LOL

    I have friends who are near obsessive with Muse, so maybe that's another reason why I am just sick and tired of them. They aren't Twilight fans which is even funnier to me now that I read your post. Hmmmm …

    As I pointed out, the soundtrack choices could be much, much worse. I can say for sure that Muse haven't spoiled one moment of the films for me yet. Nothing ruins a great movie scene more than poorly chosen music.

    Glad I did not offend or upset you. Hope you enjoy as much Muse as Twilight can give you!!

  • and72

    Decode rocks and it IS original and fits the film to a T. It does in no way sound like all the other songs Paramore has done, they are a rock group and as such will perform rock songs? Their album Brand New Eyes is excellent and full of variation so for Amanda, try listening to Ignorance or The Only Exception, both brilliant songs off that album. PARAMORE ROCK!!!

    So, Decode for my fave then Muse, then Deathcab

  • Kristen

    I love Decode….but Neutron Star Collision is beauful!

  • anto cullenina

    i prefer neutron star collision by muse

  • anto cullenina

    i prefer neutron star collision by muse

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