Alphie from Twilight Lexicon Reviews Eclipse

Alphie from Twilight Lexicon was extremely lucky and chosen to be in the audience when Oprah interviewed Rob, Kristen and Taylor. She was also able to get a very early peak at the new Eclipse film during a special Oprah audience screening.  Here are  some of her thoughts.  I am not including the entire review due to length but you can head over to TwilightLexicon to check it out.

Overall, I honestly feel this is the best of the three films, and I’m not saying that just because I’m a Twilight fan.  That comes with the addendum that I also feel it is the best book in the saga.  So take my opinion for what it is worth on that account.  However, with the intensity of the romance and the fast-paced action sequences, I  expect every Twilight fan will be thoroughly pleased with the end result.  More than pleased – I expect this film to crush some box office  records not because it’s a Twilight film, but because it’s a great summer movie!  Bravo David Slade.  And bravo to the cast and crew for truly bringing their A-game for this one.  I can’t wait to see the final product on June 30th!

I am so excited to see Eclipse and Alphie’s review just increases my excitement as I know she has high expectations that were clearly met!

  • BLACKEYES :) Rileward<3

    OH MY LORD !!!!!!! THIS IS IS AMAZING ! i cant wait for this movie at all anymore !

  • NO 3D for BD :)Rileward<3

    OH MY LORD !!!!!!! THIS IS IS AMAZING ! i cant wait for this movie at all anymore !

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