Where will they film Breaking Dawn?

There are continued rumors that Breaking Dawn may move down to Louisiana for filming, since they have such great tax incentives.  More and more movies and TV are headed to Louisiana.  But then there is the this article, which discusses Canada’s sagging dollar, meaning that they are forced to offer more incentives to bring films into Canada.  And since New Moon and Eclipse were shot in Vancouver, it isn’t out of the question.

After her star-turn on “On The Road,” Stewart will move over to the next installment of Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight” franchise, “Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn,” with a question mark over whether competing tax breaks will drive the shoot from Vancouver to New Orleans.

In addition, it seems Michigan is throwing its hat in the ring. Apparently they have great incentives, too.

Wouldn’t be cool if Taylor Lautner could show off his native Michigan to co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Bell while filming “Breaking Dawn” — the fourth and final installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series?Janet Lockwood, director of the Michigan Film Office, says her staff will contact the production company to suggest the Mitten State as a potential film location. Filming is planned for this fall with a 2011 release date, according to imdb.com.

“We would love to have them film here,” said Lockwood. “The film locations would become tourism sites for people who are fans of the movies and books.”

If there is any truth to the rumor floating around that Louisiana is being considered because of its generous film tax incentives, Michigan might have a shot.

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I can’t remember if Portland (where Twilight was filmed) is still an option.  But needless to say, Summit and Bill Condon have a lot of decisions to make before production can begin this fall.

  • sasharae2009

    kristen bell?

  • http://z3.invisionfree.com/Branded_Heroine/index.php?act=idx brandedHEROINE

    omg, is it supposed to say Kristen Bell?!

  • donnahays

    It doesn't matter where they film it, but they will need snow for the finale! Most of the shots, the Wedding, pregnancy, all need the back of a house near a river. They didn't have a problem building a house that looked like Bella's for the second movie. Shooting in Louisiana makes sense if filming thru the winter. It won't be so cold there. They'll fly to an island anywhere for the honeymoon. And maybe back to the open “baseball field” for the finale. Just guessing. Just so glad its going to be done and Cullens/Wolfpack intact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GoldOnion

    Louisiana needs the support now more than ever because of oil spill – sorry Canada! Anyway, I thought Louisiana was a done deal. And what about that pic of Robert (w/Kristen) wearing a Louisiana Swamp Tour hat? Oh and Kristen Bell?

  • breemariecullen

    Come to Michigan me and Alice Rose are here and I'd love for her to meet her namesake :P …No seriously come help Michigans economy its getting worse here…Plus to see my little girls eyes light up at actually seeing Ashley Green instead of just on the TV Screen…she may only be a year old but she knows where she gets her name from!


    Play the best game ever. try it it's fun and free.


  • team_tayward24

    dont know abut u guys but i think they should film the honeymoon in flamenco beach culebra, puerto rico. google it and go to “images” and u'll see what im talking about :) .

  • BLACKEYES :) Rileward<3

    omg ! all of this bd news is sooo exciting ! ;)

  • Twilighterleah

    Exactly!!!!!!! It's Kristen Stewart D:

  • lolann

    Well I want to put Texas in the pot…Yeah i know but we are only one state away from Louisiana so there.. Everything is bigger in Texas and this movie is going to be big so…It only makes since to bring it to the best state in the USA Ya'll. Hee Hee :)

  • nic3

    please michigan, please please please please please please!?
    that would probably make my life.

  • team-jacob-forever!

    wtf?! kristen bell?
    omg i really hope theyy film in louisiana!!!
    they could film some shots in vancouver and head down to louisiana..there are some great places they can film there, i know that cuzz i am from there lol:)
    and it would makee me veryy happy lmao

  • Funcky Chicka1995

    totally tennessee pleaseee!!!

  • Funcky Chicka1995

    totally tennessee pleaseee!!!

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