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This is going to be an EASY one.  I want to know what you loved and hated in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  What made you cry, what made you laugh. What made you drool! Spill in the comments!

SPOILER warning. If you haven’t seen the film, I’d advise you to steer clear of this post. But come back and give us your thoughts after you watch it!

  • TeamSwitzandBellice

    Eclipse was the best yet!!!!! I loved how accurate it was!!!! My only dislike was about Bree not being developed enough. Okay Parts I laughed at:
    1: “Lets face it I am hotter than you.”-Jacob (I busted out!)
    2: “Whoa, Dad. I'm a virgin!” -Bella “I think I like Edward more now”-Charlie
    3:”Loose the grin Jacob, I'm just going for the ride.” -Bella
    4: “Doesn't he own a shirt?”-Edward
    5: “I wish Bella would call!” “Maybe I should call Bella!” “Maybe I should call Bella & hang up!” -The Pack “Okay shut up now” -Jacob lol lol lol lol lol
    6: “I'll try and hurry”-Edward “You need to hunt don't rush”-Bella *Starts kissing, Jacob just stands there like “i should clear my throat” is goin through his mind “Maybe rush a little”-Bella *Walks away. “Hey Beautiful!” -Jacob
    Parts I thought were heated up (Fighting):
    1: When Edward got FURIOUS at Jacob for kissing Bella & Bella's standing there “Don't do this! Don't do this!!!!”
    2: The training scene (I 4got Im pretty sure I laughed when Jasper tried to kiss Alice & she ran away… hahahahahahahaaha!!!) Other than that it was just cool to watch them fight
    3: Fight scene!!!!!!!!!!!
    4: When Emmett crossed the line
    5: When Jacob got crushed!!! (o my gosh!!! wat a terrible thing to watch!!! Taylor was great for those scenes esspecailly…but it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!)
    I liked the whole thing, but those scenes, & the stories just reach out to me…
    TEAM JAKEWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM SWITZERLAND (I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes betwwen mythical creatures!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tammy-Circuit/504939473 Tammy Circuit

    The scene that made me cry was when Jacob told Bella “I'm gonna fight for you until your heart stops beating”. He makes such a big effort to win Bella's heart and he does love her. He is just a gentleman and he is soooo cute :D
    The part that made me laugh… well actually all of Edward's jelousy scenes, especially when he says “does he ever uses a shirt” haha and all of those funny comments that Edward kept saying to Jacob and Edward's faces.
    The part that made me drool well i think its pretty obvious!! haha ALL of Jacob shirtless scenes (L) and when Bella asked him to kiss her.. OMG!! I just kept thinking “I wish i could be Bella in that very moment” THAT part made me drool!! lol
    I loveeeeeddddd Eclipse!! I think it was such a great movie and the fighting scenes were AWESOME!! :D

  • ilovekellan

    100% AWESOME.
    one thing i missed was Emmetts back story :(
    and baby Emmett (Henry- Rosalies friends baby)
    I LOVED all the emmett, as im team emmmettt.
    i cryed when edward twirled bella around after she said yes
    and at the end with jacob when hes like..
    'i need some time… but ill always be waiting”
    “until my heart stops beating.”
    “mabey even then”
    it was sooo sweet ;)

    if you wanna talk about it ask for my email or just talk on comments on here :)

  • tasha

    a little choppy! think they should go back to the same directer that done twilight and new moon! and what happened to their eyes ” orange ” not a sexy look!! didn`t seem to be so much depth to eclips …. the book is fantastic and i felt that the film was lacking in something!! never the less it was well worth watching just hope they can get more into breaking dawn …!!! go team edward !!!! xx

  • TwilightForLife

    I loved it:D it was amazing apart from a few things:
    - Rob's eyebrows :|
    - there wasn't enough bree, my friend who has read the saga and not Bree Tanner didn't even know who she was and the importance of her:/

    But apart from that, it was great:) xx

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashay.smilies ashley….twilightfreak :)

    OKAY here we go im just going to say everything!!! i loved and hated about eclipse!
    Robert Pattinson #1 that was my favourite part him just being in the movie makes it a great movie.
    The acting seems better for some reason maybe its because more people were in it or said more lines.
    Jackson Rathbone WOW he was amazing maybe its because he had more lines and it showed his back story but he did a really great job with how he fought and spoke and presented himself.
    Alices hair ive always loved her hair but it looked heaps awesome this time at the party scene with the little curls it was cute and i want my hair like that haha
    Rosiles hair/ eye brows why didnt they tint her eyebrows they were dark brown and it annoyed me the whole movie it would have looked better.
    Bellas hair it annoyed me i think only cause i knew it was a wig but some scenes were worse then others i think when they were learning to fight was the worse but her hair looked good in the final scene of the movie in the meadow :)
    Emmetts jokes i cant wait for breaking dawn cause he is going to be so funny and they out some in eclipse :)
    Charlie was HILARIOUS the best lines he always has the best lines “Superrrr” and “i think i like edward a bit more”
    Jessicas speech was heaps good i so would steal it if it wasnt in a big movie i so would haha
    Bryce was okayyy i think her and Xaviar were great together cause i couldnt picture rachelle and xav together but i dont think bryce was good as victoria.
    The edward/victoria fight scene was insane! i loved it i loved it when edward said your never going to get another chance etc that was great how rob said it he was soo serious it was great.
    The bella and jacob kiss, it made me cringe its not ment to be its edward and bella duh.
    Edward proposing was soooo cute and how he diid it made me and heaps of ppl in the movie go awwwwww the music was great for that scene
    The soundtrack wasnt as good as the other two maybe it wasnt my style of music but the songs didnt go as well as i thought with the movie.
    Roses story was so sad :( but they showed it good but it should have been longer.
    Kristen and Robert and Taylor were really good :) i love them even more now.
    The makeup looked great in this movie.
    David Slade put a great spin on this movie im a real big fan of him now.
    The battle was great but it should have been longer.
    They missed some stuff i really wanted wanted in the film like bella getting a riding jacket. Bella having a job, jacob running off being a wolf, the wedding dress, telling charlie about the engagment. helping angela with her invites etc
    Xaivar was amazing in it and i loved the start and i feel sorry for riley he seemed nice but then victoria came along.
    i wanted the silver car back in this one but i guess its not coming back.
    the location of every scene was great .
    it was pretty close to the book some thing could have been changed but it was great how they did it.
    The tent scene was okay it wasnt as big as everyone made it out to be but it was nice with edward and jacob talking with each other.
    The only other thing that annoyed me was that when jacob and bella kissed slade should have done something that made it obvioius that bella loved jacob too and she realised it.
    the length was good i wasnt looking at my watch and it wasnt heaps fast
    but i dunno if its better then new moon or not :S ive seen it twice and loved it :D

  • bHabiiE_V

    well,i agree on the choppy thing…i think the movie was pretty good..i'm just disappointed about the sleepover..!! and when edward surprises bella of his return when edward said to her “You are the only one who has ever touched my heart.It will always be yours.” then sings her a lullaby MG..!! it was choppy and i miss most of the parts of the movie because my seatmate keep on asking why are they fighting??,who would bella choose?.why edward is not mad at bella for kissing jacob??!
    well,it's ok even without the other parts of the book was in the movie it was worth it!
    i love the part when jasper and alice gets all romantic..! awww.. :”>
    and the meadow scene ,and when charlie and bella are talking about virginity hahaha..but most of all love the part when edward PROPOSE to bella…!!! :”> i almost cried..!! CANT WAIT FOR BREAKING DAWN….!!!! :D

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    I'm so glad this discussion came up, I was beginning to think it wouldn't :)

    I am soo glad that the Charlie sex talk was there, I was worried that it wasn't going to be in there because it was later on in the film. I couldn't stop laughing. I love the cringe on Charlie's face at one point before Bella walks away from the counter as she realises what Charlie is trying to say.
    I must say, Charlie brightens up the whole film and has done in the previous films.
    I love the little bitcheness between Edward and Jacob “well I am hotter than you” “doesn't he own a shirt”
    and I couldn't stop laughing at “I kissed Bella.And she broke her hand.By punching me in the face” LOL

    The fight scene was amazing! :D And the fight training also made me laugh! :)
    I loved the humour and I'm gonna miss the humans in the films now :(

    However, I was let down by Bella's emotions, she didn't become upset when Jacob told Bella Victoria was back or when she had to say goodbye, but this might be due to the director and screenwriters didn't want her to become too emotional, but I think it's better with her emotions.

    Overall, I reckon its the best so far :) And can't believe have to wait over a year tl Breaking Dawn part 1 :( :L

  • Sam

    bella and jacob's kiss…the second one!

  • toni02

    Agreed with many comments, Choppy and Rushed. Biggest disappointment: they omitted the part where Alice has to look after Bella while Edward is off hunting and says 'this hostage stuff is fun !” Apart from that STILL LOVED THE WHOLE MOVIE!!! BEST YET !! Please Summit dont let us down in BD by keeping the PG 13 rating !! You're audiences that started with the saga are maturing !!!!

  • teamswitzteamedteamejake

    i liked the movie, but i was really pissed off because the leg hitch scene was way to rushed, they didn´t show the epiloge, they didn´t show where alice an bella are BFF´s!!! and i really didn´t see the supposed “sexual tension” in the tent scene.a part from that i leked it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabeduro Gabrielle Durocher

    okay, i LOVED eclipse. It's by far my favorite movie from the saga, and my favorite book of the serie. BUT.. is there someone who, like me, is disappointed that Bella cut herself with the stone during the battle between Victoria and Edward, which didn't happen in the book?

  • Lalulaa13

    I loved the scene when Bella and edward embraced after she sees the ring, I screamed a lot hahaha. I HATED the kiss with kacob ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬. but the film was AMAZING, I've already seen it 3 times hahaha

  • toni02

    I'm sure she did

  • toni02

    In one shot of the Cullen family, I though they looked like action figures !!

  • stephanie

    i loved pretty much everything everyones saying and all of the obvious great secenes but i absolutely LOVED all the flashbacks especially rosalies! they were so much better than expected. and i love emmet asking bella if she tried to walk and chew gum at the same time! i think emmet is always hilarious! was kind of dissapointed in the tent scene the book had so much more emotion and you really get what each of them are feeling. but overall definitely the best of the three!

  • erica cullen

    ok d movie was gud n i knew they would cut out sum parts 4rom d book but if they do dat in BD i would get pissed cuz dats my fave twilight saga story but other dan dat d movie was gr8 but im still pissed she kissed jacob but i gotta look on d brite side dat in BD evry1 got a happy ending…….go alice n jasper their scene was cute i kept rewindin 2 watch it agen n agen….twilight saga rocks!!!

  • TeamJacob16 ♥

    this was my favourite film so far although it was not as good as the book. i loved the first scene with Riley i thought that was a great way to show what happened to him, the tent scene was hilarious the charlie/bella virgin talk, any scene with jacob in especially the fight scene when he was full naked :P , the back stories were really good as well.
    I think they should have explained why Rosalie chose to save Emmett and not someone else and also i think the legend stories should have stayed more to the book rather than cut some parts of them out.
    Most of the time it was a very serious storyline like the book but they also got some very funny parts in which made it even better

  • Maaude 27

    I loved the movie but like everybody is saying they left a lot of little things tha would made the movie EXATRODINARY!! like when Bella is with Jacob (wolf) they are really sitting together and she really pet him, at the end when Bella is coming back from Jacob house she is suppose to by crying like hell and she feels very bad because she know that it's making edward sick, and they left a couple of very important quote :( but at least we have the books and the movie was great for all the edward/bella scene:P and Taylor Lautner abd Jackson Rathbone were absolutely amazing :)

  • TeamEdward93

    I loved “the talk” between Bella and Charlie, that was probably the funniest scene in the movie :P I didn't think the confrontation scene (after Bella and Edward came to school after Jacksonville) made much sense. Especially that Jacob said “I had nothing to say” and turned arouns and sat on the bike and then Bella just went over and sat on the back of it. Wasn't Jacob mad? Anyways, loved, loved, loved Eclipse! My favorite by far! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Debbie-Law/1838162287 Debbie Law

    i loved the film. i didnt find it choppy, as some have said. everything was beautiful my only gripe would be with the rosalie and bella scene, it was better in the book with the setting (the sleep over) and it explained rosalie's story better about her wanting a baby. apart from that i cant wait for breaking dawn…………

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tanika-Coleman/100001120666613 Tanika Coleman

    I think the movie was great and i know that they had to cut alot out, I was a little disappointed because they did leave some really good stuff out that viewers would of loved.But it was a really great movie. My opinion, the best one yet! I really like the way rosalie's hair was the straight look really look good on her. And they fight scene was good, it was a little short but the cullens and wolves kicked butt.

  • Samantha

    ? she did cut herself with the rock in the book, in the exact same place. it mentions that she cut over her scar from when Jasper almost attacked her, just below the crease in her elbow

  • AmberLovesTwiSaga

    the telling charlie about their engagement is a flashback at the beginning of breaking dawn i think :)

  • wolfgirl8

    Okay I dont thnk the movie was that choppy like everyone is saying but you might get lost if you havent read the books

  • Team_Emmett_Kellan

    The best yet!! Mainly because it followed the book more and even though I wish they would make the movie literally just like the book (I would totally watch a six hour movie!!) I understand that they don't. I loved that there was more Emmett (since I am totally Team Emmett!!). The only thing I was sooooooo hoping to see that I didn't was Jacob licking Bella's face in wolf form and Bella saying “Ew gross”. Overall I am so much happier with this movie than the previous 2. As for the bedroom scene I think it was just steamy enough. One thing you have to consider is that when reading a book your imagination is involved more b/c it is creating the scene in your mind so therefore it is as “steamy” as you create it in your mind. I think Meyers does a good job in the books of keeping it PG-13 and leaving it up to your imagination. Also in a movie you don't have Bella “narrating” her feelings during a kiss as you do in the book.

  • Team_Emmett_Kellan

    Oh one thing I was disappointed in was the ending with Bree. In the book she was clawing into the dirt trying to keep herself from attacking Bella and in the movie it was as if she had super self control. No one worried about her standing behind them. They certainly should have made that more like the book.

  • true_twihard

    i haven't seen it yet :( so i just skipped everyones comments to write one myself :) Im going to see it on Friday with my mates after school the FIRST day it comes out in Guernsey XD cant wait!!!!! im sure it will be great & i'll comment again once ive seen it :) ❤✩❤✩

  • Mrs. Lautner

    Overall, I Loved Eclipse. All the love scenes between Bella & Edward and Bella & Jacob were amazing and the scene w/Bella and her mom was so sad. Haha when Jacob said “I'm hotter than you” to Edward. I was dissapointed that he wasnt at her graduation tho :( & I Loved their kiss tho at the end (bella & jacob's) “Our first kiss should have been like that” Awww. ummmm…yea and some of the scenes from the book were mashed together in the beginning, to save time i guess, but still…wish it was longer. Okay, so did anyone else notice Edward's hideous side burns?? LoL i'm not tryin to hate on him or anything, he juss needs to get rid of those things. Also, i loved Alice's hair spiky not straight down:P Haha her an Jasper are adorable. Yeah, & i definitely loved Jacob throughout & I cant wait till Breaking Dawn to see more of him. Team Jacob♥

  • mariam !

    the movie was awesome it was great i loved it and the best scenes were jacob and bella kiss and the tent scene they were totalllllyy the best and i realllly wanted more of jacob cuz im soooooooooo team jacob (sorry team edwards) i think bella wasn't that good cuz in the books she loved both edward and jacob soooo much but in the movie she didnt she was kinda weird but it was still good the whole cinema was probably team jacob they screamed at every single thing he did and i screamed so loud when i first saw him shirtless and people started laughing but it was greatt TEAM JACOB FOREVER

  • steph

    Firstly Eclipse was phenomenal!
    It had everything that i was looking for; romance, sad scenes, the triangle and the action.
    I was really happy about the film, it had all of my favourite bits in and included the 'leg hitch'
    I was only disapointed that Bella didnt feel guilty or anything after snogging jacob i mean like in the book it made it upsetting but in the film you dont even feel sorry for edward.
    I loved it though that jacob got his scene in where he threatens to get himself killed.
    Im not realli a wuss but i found that the scenes where shes with her mum, the kiss scene between her and jacob, the fight (mostly because i knew what was going to happen) and the scene, when jake gets injured and when bella goes to jakes house afterwards. These all made me cry ; )
    I loved this film, I have seen it twice since it was released (3rd July) and am planning seeing it alot more! <3 Team Jacob <3

  • twilightergurl6968

    well, I have to say that I'm really disappointed. It's normal to feel disappointed because there were so many missed scenes, important ones actually. But what to do? they can't put all the book scenes in the movie. So I will start my review:
    1- the opening was absolutely amazing, loved the poem and the chemistry between edward and bella, actually that was the first time I saw them as a real couple.
    2- edward in the movie is so overprotective even more than the book. but I couldn't hate him t all.
    3- I wanted to see the scene when jacob came to bella's house when he cut himself with the knife. That was pretty intense in the book.
    4- The edward and jacob scenes was amazing. All of them. I enjoyed the tent scene alot.
    5- I wanted the proposal scene to be different there are small cute details in the book I wanted them to be added in the movie but.. obviously the couldn't.
    6- Jacob in the book is a jerk but in the movie taylor was fantastic making everyone feel jacob's pain and actually.. like jacob.
    7- Bella and Jacob kiss was the best kiss. Sorry team edward but it can beat edward and bella kisses anyday.
    8- one of the best charecters was charlie.
    9- one of the best lines was Jessica's speech.
    10- I almost cried when bella hugged renee. no no I think that I did cry.
    11- my favorite actors Jackson(jasper), Taylor(jacob) and Billy(charlie).
    12- I have no favorite actresses. I do love kristen stewart but I don't love her as bella. I felt bella's pain in the book and felt sorry for her but kristen couldn't move me in this movie.
    13- I cried 3 times. when bella hugged renee, the last scene between bella and jacob and bella's speech in the end.
    14- sorry for all leah clearwater fans, guys.. leah is a whore. she called jacob “dick”? seriously?
    15- about the new charecters my favorite was seth, he's adorable. I wanted him as my little brother. really!
    16- rosalie's story was amazing. jasper story was good. the tribe story was the best.

    last but not least, I've always been team jacob and I couldn't like edward in any movie but I changed my mind in this movie. I think bella belongs with edward and if I were bella I would do the same thing.
    The best movie of 2010. Well done david slade!

  • ILoveEdward13

    Ok, I'll start with the things I loved. I LOVED the engagement scene!!!! It was sooooo romantic and perfect! Some people think that the ring didn't look right, but I think that it was supposed to look antique old and antique. Anyway, I was rolling with laughter during Charlie and Bella's “Birds and the Bees” talk! Sooooo funny! :D All in all, I loved the whole movie. My least favorite part was Bella and Jacob's TWO kisses. ARGH!!!! Team Edward!!!

  • 6541katrina742

    i love dis movie

  • 6541Katrinah742

    best 1

  • 6541katrina742

    i need to c dat movie again

  • 6541katrina742

    i love dis movie

  • 6541Katrinah742

    best 1

  • 6541katrina742

    i need to c dat movie again

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