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This is going to be an EASY one.  I want to know what you loved and hated in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  What made you cry, what made you laugh. What made you drool! Spill in the comments!

SPOILER warning. If you haven’t seen the film, I’d advise you to steer clear of this post. But come back and give us your thoughts after you watch it!

  • Shayy

    Jacob to Charlie: “I kissed Bella …. Then Bella punched me …. And she broke her hand …. On my face”.
    Emmett: Try to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella?
    Bella: “No Emmett, I punched a Werewolf in the face.”
    Emmett: “Ooooh, badassss”

    Edward to Jacob: “If we weren't natural enemies, and you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing, I might like you”
    Jacob To Edward: “If you weren't going to suck the life out of the girl I love I might ….no … not even then.”

    Jacob To Edward: “Face it, I'm hotter than you”.

    Bella : Dad I'm a virgin okay???
    Charlie: Virgin…. I'm starting to like him a little more now….

    The Wolf Pack To Bella : Good, you're finally here. Maybe now Jacob will give up on his obssesive inner-monoluge. 'I wish Bella would call, I wish Bella wouldn't call, Maybe I should call Bella, Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!'


  • Efrat8881

    eclipse was amazinggg!
    I love all the movie.
    but I hate the scene that Bella asking jacub to kiss her!!
    but it is the best twilight movie for sure:)

  • http://twitter.com/LauraGonzalezZ Laura González

    Movie was good, but I was disappointed and upset with some parts. It was soooo rushed and chopped, that even my cousins (they haven't read the books) were screaming and yelling that Bella was a bitch. I know they couldn't put everything in the movie, but it could have been different. It wasn't like “Hey Jake, kiss me” and then she just goes back to Edward like it was nothing. In the book she was really sorry and crying. There were some details like these that I would have changed, but well, movie can't be perfect. On the other hand, Bella doesn't cut herself in the book, but i think it worked really well on the film. And I loved the back stories of the newborns, the volturi, Rosalie, but it was weird to see Jasper saying he was in love with Maria. I loved the Jacob and Charlie parts, they are so funny! And the proposal was ♥.♥ I liked this way better than Twilight. Just not sure if it was that much better than New Moon like everybody is saying.

  • wolfgirl8

    I think that Eclipse was the best movie yet! Also I think it was amazing to see the second kiss of Jacob and Bella. But I think she is making the wrong choice cause Jacob is so much better for her. Also the movie didnt end in the medow so it would have been great to see the last part from the book. The tent scene was my favorite cause “I am hotter than you!” That was the best line of the movie and I loved it when jacob will love bella even when her heart stops beating.
    I hope everyone goes to see this movie cause it was the best cause it combined action and love it was the best movie ever!!!!!

  • Shayy


  • Brighteyebabe

    I loved this movie and im team edward all the way but i think jacob and bella kiss is gonna win best kiss on mtv movie awards cause it was hella HOTTT!!! I saw it on opening night at midnight and want to see it again!!! I cant wait for breaking dawn but how are they gonna split the book to make two movies??? ugh… always keep us guessing!

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  • IamMrs.Pattinson

    What I hated: When Bella and Jacob go to the campfire. I wasn't a big fan of it in the book either.
    What I loved: The 2 meadow scenes with Edward and Bella- very lovely. The bed scene/proposal scene. I loved Edward. The training fight scenes were amazing- it made me love Jasper now. The graduation. The Cullens looked amazing!!! Woot Woot Carlisle! Charlie was hilarious!! Love him! I also loved all the music in the movie. I'm definitly going to get the soundtrack ;)
    When I cried: When Edward proposes to Bella. I cried because that's how I want Rober Pattinson so propose to me.
    When I laughed: When Charlie would make comments- just perfect. When Jacob gets hurt and is laying naked. HaHaHa. And when Bella tells Charlie- 'I put you through hell' and 'I'm a virgin!' HaHa. I basically loved the whole movie. It was amazing!! And yes I'm TEAM EDWARD!!

  • Mamamiamandy

    I have seen Eclipse 3 times already and plan on more.. It is perfect! I think they nailed all the important parts of the book intot he movie.. The acting was much better and I loved seeing more of The Cullens. My favorite scene was the leg hitch/proposal, was really hott and intense..Edward was perfect! The only scene I thought could have been done better was when Bella punched Jacob, was way too fake and her wigs couldve been better.. Overall best movie so far and 500 days wait to Breaking Dawn is gonna be dreadful, but worth the wait :)

  • Susandhughes

    It was a bit choppy and there was a lot of things missing in the film that I would have loved to have seen. Think Bellas Dad could have featured more but overall FANTASTIC!!

  • TeamBella/Kristen

    Okay, i am THE biggest twilight fan and was soo excited, went to the uk premiere in leicester square :D parts of eclipse i absolutley loved…..however there were aspects i hated.

    Loved the really key scenes, i thought they were done so well. i thought bella+edward relationship was so much more believable, comfortable and natural. i thought it was all acted brillantly, especially kristen stewart. loved the bella virgin scene, tent scene, jacob kiss, leg hitch scene, and opening and closings.

    however i thought the camera angles were awful. So much of the film was extreme close ups of the face with a shaky camera it hardly set the scene at all. we focused on their expressions and not how the characters interacted with one another. some times it felt like a hand held camera that wasn't held very well! having said this, you get used to it after about 1/2 hour of the film.
    Also they didn't show riley being properly destroyed by edward, he kind of just goes out of shot. wish they'd have included the bella alice sleepover with bella refusing the bed!

    Overall though i thought it was really great. Fav scene by far = edward and bella on the gold bed. The Sia song that played throughout this was just beautiful …..

  • TayTay10

    It was just amazing!!! I saw it at midnight and I was blown away. I loved all of the flashback scenes and I think Jackson Rathbone really stepped it up for this movie. It was nice seeing more of him :) As always the big 3 were wonderful and I am definitely going to be seeing Eclipse again!!

  • Lena

    I hated the Bella cheesy scene at the absolute end. That's not Bella Swan, stupid Rosenberg! Apart from that, best movie of them all, I really liked the tent scenes, and ome, the Edward and Bella chemistry! As I said, please leave cheesy scenes from BD!

  • Saria3

    I remained oblivious to the tiny differences between the book and film the entire way through the film, only noticing them in hindsight. I utterly enjoyed it and my emotions were really put to the test between amusement, utter heartbreak (Jacobs hearing of their engagement as well as Bella's utter devastation at Jake being injured – extraordinary acting on her part particularly in that scene as well as the rest of the film). The tension during the tent scene and following action as well as Charlie's near miss with Riley had me on the edge of my seat practically grasping my neighbour for support. I was so glad that the “Bella stop taking your clothes off” quote was added to the leg hitch scene, with out it the scene is empty of it's classic brilliance. Also the inclusion of the poem at the beginning allowed any avid twilight fan to make the connection between book and film, setting the atmosphere of conflict and the fact that it was Bella's over voice (cleverly adjusting to Bella herself) made this film – even though it was different – seem more similar to the previous two despite the different directors the films kept a constant flow of Bella making them recognisable as part of the same franchise (I believe David Slade did an AMAZING job and should stay to direct the up coming films as they too hold a dark tension at points – such as Jakes increasing love for Bella resulting in his increasing deterioration into the wilder more vicious alpha during the 2nd third of the book). In my opinion the film seemed to flow at a comfortable pace and didn't leave the viewer behind at any point even if they had not previously read the books. The flash backs added yet another layer of Stephanie Meyer's deeply thought out plots and characters pasts. Jaspers in particular caught my attention as it was brilliantly filmed and incorporated into the story line – I would have liked it to be expanded with the depth of the history of south America and a few more action sequences involving Maria's conquests as i don't believe it would have strained the film or plot much. I absolutely LOVED Eclipse but in hindsight I did see several differences from the books that are worth noting.

    I think they should have shown the sleepover scene as a way to introduce Rosalie's past, but despite this the way it was woven into the story line – flash backs included – flowed so easily as a sub-plot beneath the obvious triangle and action scenes. I also believe the sleepover would have been incredibly funny as it would have been a way for Bella to 'rebel' against Alice as I think that that almost vital part of the plot was lost amongst the urgency of the action and the romance – it seemed as though Bella had become quite tolerable of Alice's tendency to over do things; where as in the book she showed more discomfort in yielding to Alice's plans for the graduation party and wedding (the discussion between Edward and Bella concerning this was missed out) etc. However it's not like the film was lacking in comedy either with Charlie and his one liners, not to mention Jake's few moments of utter brilliance with his “I am hotter than you” and the whole confrontation between Edward Jake and Charlie about kissing Bella this comedy was not found in the book but made the film even better! I was captivated by the action sequences and the romantic triangle side of it I love the entire film and think it is the best one yet, the whole story line surrounding Riley, the wolves and the Cullens drew my attention throughout the entire film captivating my every sense drawing my into the film rather than watching it.

    I see myself going watching the film quite a few more times before it leaves the cinema as some of the emotion is lost one on the smaller screens of the average home. Even though I very much doubt it will make me love it, or Jasper any less :) Team Jasper :) <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=685676980 Jules Tooze

    The back stories were excellent, it really allowed Rosalie and Jasper character to come through. Jaspers instruction in fighting was great, full of brilliant one liners! I did however feel that they didn't really emphasis the Jacob and Edward 'fight' for Bella as well as I hoped. Edward seemed to come off just possesive, tight lipped, angry and overconfident, whereas Jacob seemed so pained and sweet at times. I didn't get that feel in the book, if felt more like Bella was really decided but then Jacob opened her eyes, sometime cruelly, but then she was genuniely torn and Edward was more stand back and subtle. However the way she summed it up in the end was brilliantly written and the song was perfect! I had a little tear I'll be honest! The tent scene was good, but felt it was just a bit rushed with Edward telling his favourite nights and he just kinda skipped clumsly through to announcing they were engaged. I did however love that they made scenes out of the line crossing incident with the wolves, it highlighted the century old hatred. Over all though fantastic adaptation and my fav by far!!!

  • JennnyBeannn

    I loved the movie period, loll, my favorite part was when edward proposed and bella finally accepted.
    Since I am on team Edward, I was soooooo happy when he found out that bella was getting married. :) But when bella kissed jacob, if I was edward I would've flung her off the cliff. lolll I wanted to see what tanya looked like, you know how bella wonders in the book and Edward says “I prefer brunettes.” But I guess we'll just have to wait until Breaking Dawn, I wonder where they're going to split Breaking Dawn in to two movies. I”m going to be mad because I think they'll do it right when Renesme is born.

  • twihardfan10

    I cant say I have just one favorite part of the movie but I just loved it when Jasper was teaching them to fight..I found it hilarious, and when he was telling bella his story and Alice came up and kissed him..so cute! And of course the fight scene at the end was unbelieveable!! Then after Bella broke her hand and Emmett was teasin her about tryin to walk and chew gum at the same time haha It was good. I loved how we go to see more of the newborns in the movie too…made it better I think! I loved the movie I cant wait for it to come out on DVD..and of course for Breaking Dawn!!!

  • twihardfan10

    I agree they did cut out alot of stuff. And i found that the way things happened in the book were so different in the movie. That was hard to grasp..but yes overall an amazing movie!!!

  • baby_rught

    I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! omfg It was amazing, I really love the scene when Jacob kiss Bella ;P her face was priceless xD I have to see It again! It was better for jasper (Jackson Rathbone) beacuse he got to tell Bella his story and how he got a vampire and met Ashley Greene… <333

  • Jenn

    After watching the movie… I am soooo Team Switzerland! lol I didn't really feel like Bella found out that she does LOVE Jacob too in this movie. When reading the book, you could tell that she loves both Edward and Jacob, she just loves Edward more. The other thing I wanted to see in the movie was The Quote Jacob says at the very end “The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an Eclipse”… I really wanted to see that! Also They should have put the Epilogue in the movie… Which they didn't, It explains a little more for Breaking Dawn, plus I wanted to see how they were going to do it for Jacob's book in BD. Otherthan that I loved everything! The Backstory's, The Bedroom scene ( =D) and everything else! =] Best Twilight movie yet!!!!!!

  • polo_sugar

    -Loved Charlie's sex talk.
    -Loved all the cheesy jokes like 'I'm hotter than you'
    -Loved the fight scenes.

    But Victoria's head….?
    And Jasper's hair….?
    And some other random bits that everyone laughed at that weren't supposed to be funny, like when Bella said 'JACOB' in such a stupid way when he said he would kill himself.

    Personally, I think it was SOOO much better than New Moon, but I still think Twilight is the best of the three.

    Either way, I will definitely be seeing it again :)

  • edwardamon

    i totally agree with you. i felt that they could've kept some parts in, as it would've made more sense. i think new moon stuck to the book more than eclipse. :)

  • Mcclainkristin

    I was thoroughly impressed by the movie! I'm a MAJOR twilight fan and the anticipation of the movie killed me. The only think I will say that disappointed me was the tent scene. That was the one part of the movie I was most excited about and there were so many things in the book that were cut out of it. I just wish they would have put more effort into that scene. But other than that it was fantastic! Can't wait until breaking dawn!

  • ms black/cullen

    i luved this movie when it comes out i kno i am buying it i thought it was sad at the end when jacob got hurt i luved it when jake and bella kissed and when they were in the tent i was bascially crying it was so funny hahah i am hotter than u and maybe she should take her clothes off survial tp 101 haHA i think i am team 3 which is all of them cant wait 4 breaking dawn !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anndeesgirl

    there were certain scenes from the book i just HAD to see in the movie: when bella visits her mom and she says “he moves, you move, you're like magnets”, the bedroom scene at edward's house, when jacob kisses bella and she punches him, the story of the third wife, and the back stories of jasper and rosalie. i LOVED this movie, i think it might be my favorite. i was team edward for twilight, team jacob for new moon and now i'm back to team edward! so hard to choose sometimes! i loved the romance from this movie and the wolves looked awesome and the fighting scenes were great!

  • team_jacob_baby

    It was the best movie I have ever seen :) I went to the Nordstrom 9:00pm showing then I went the next day to see it again. And I am pretty sure I am going again today :D

  • edwardamon

    I LOVED; THE FILM! mainly everything. in specifics…the proposal scene, meadow scene(s), the fight, the tent scene and when edward was having a go at jacob after he kissed bella.

    I LIKED; the acting, the comedy, also the new characters+actors (Xavier as RIley, Jodelle as Bree, BooBoo as Seth), the wolves (cgi effects)

    I DISLIKED; how melissa (screenwriter) left out semi-important/good/funny parts in the film, such as after the fight Bella demands to Edward to fight back, that would've been funny to see :D . and maybe when in the proposal scene, when Edward comments that he likes brunettes. A few little parts that didn't make it to the film :) (though, i wonder if they'll be in the DVD extras as deleted scenes, seeing as they might've had a time limit)

    I HATED; nothing!!

    I liked Eclipse more than Twilight, and more than New Moon, however if Eclipse stuck to the book like New Moon did to the book, it would be even better than it is (is that even possible??)

    even though I added the DISLIKE part i have to give Eclipse 5/5 stars, because at the end, i knew that it was going to roll to the credits, and i dreaded it. i really didn't want the film to end.

    it was so good, i'm itching to go see it again. i need to :) .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chenice-Louise-Clarke/1057977413 Chenice Louise Clarke

    Wow is all I can say. 'ECLIPSE' is my favourite book from the saga and the film really did it proud. I was a little disappointed the whole Eclipse quote wasn't in there “The clouds I can handle but I can't fight with an Eclipse” and also the “I never promised I'd fight fair” quote too was missed out. HOWEVER, I LOVED the 'leg hitch' scene that was fab, the proposal was very sweet and as much as i am TEAM EDWARD- I did cry at the second from the last scene with Bella and Jacob about how her loving him wasn't enough. I LOVED the graduation speech (it's already been my facebook status) and the quirky little jokes “I'm hotter than you” etc. I just hope that Breaking Dawn will be a UK 15 certificate as I think the sex scene and child birth scene is so symbolic and should be included.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chenice-Louise-Clarke/1057977413 Chenice Louise Clarke

    Oh and when Bella tells Charlie she's a virgin that makes me laugh lol

  • Andikw

    I love the book series and love the last two movies. But I was irritated at the first half of this film – they squeezed too much into 2 hours and it was so chopped up and out of sequence that I could not enjoy it. It actually made the acting worse and was completely unemotional. They changed Bella's personality – the punch scene in the book she was really angry and wanted Edward to attack Jake – in the movie it felt like it was watered down. I was so upset that when the second half of the movie came around (and it was much better) I could not enjoy it. The only thing that felt authentic was Carlisle and Billy Black (only time I cried a little) after Jake was injured. I wish they would stop switching directors. I will go back and see it again but I am not excited anymore for the last two.

  • wolfgirl8

    From the tent scene to the end is the best part of the whole movie!!! Plus Alice is the most coolest vampire ever

  • Marcie

    I really enjoyed the movie. Loved the proposal and the tent scenes. The sex talk scene with Charlie was very well done and I certainly felt the awkwardness that a parent should feel when they are talking about sex with their kids. I didn't like that Bella rode off with Jacob on the motorcycle in front of Edward. She would have never done that in the book because she has too much respect for Edward. I wish that they had put in the line “don't look” when Bree was killed by the Volturi.

    Can't wait for Breaking Dawn but not looking forward to waiting 17 months for it!!

  • Bennetforeman

    Loved it! Jasper was really good in this and I thought Rosalie was great as well. Of Course Edward and Bella were amazing, beautiful, sigh – It did go to fast and some things I expected to see were missed, but the unexpected sceens were great. I want more music, no black screens and more ALICE in Breaking Dawn! I will see Eclipse every week until it is no longer showing and then will buy the DVD!!! LOVE TWILIGHT – has made my life happier!

  • ale<3jacob!!

    I totally loved it!!!!! it's my favorite movie so far :) !!!!! and it's getting better and better!
    I love the tent scene when jacob says I'M HOTTER THAN YOU!!! :)
    and the proposal scene was amazingg!!!
    Alice an Jasper are so beautiful together! and the medow scenes are incredible :)
    I have already watch it twice and I willl definitely be watching it again….!!!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/N4D4EJNEW22DWYP6MQOUHVPSGM Nikky

    loved loved loved the movie!!! But one thing that bothered me was the new Victoria. She just didn't seem to be able to play the bad guy as well. Just seemed too nice or happy even during the fight scene.

  • Alyssa

    Ok well i loved the Riley beginning and i also loved how they put the Fire and Ice poem in the beining like they always put the prologes from the books in. i loved when the cullens where chasing victoria and then emmet went onto the wolves side. the final battle was awesome. and when edward killed victoria and seth killed riley

  • jennifer droddy

    i didn't like when bella got on the bike with jacob and left edward standing alone.
    what so amazing was edward proposed to bella, cause i am on team edward :)

  • Azzi_t

    I wish they had extended the I'm Switzerland scene to include Virgo and witches and refusing to get into territorial debates between mythical creatures.
    I was annoyed that Bella actually cut herself with the rock as in the book she didn't actually do it.
    I kept expecting Victoria's eyes to open after she was decapitated.
    Jessica's speech made me want to stand up and clap.
    I fell in love with Jasper's accent I wish they had included the diner scene where he met Alice in his backstory.
    I really loved the way the film opened with Riley it had me on the edge of my seat.
    I want to go see it again now

  • Tatiyana

    I loved most of Eclipse…its sooooo much better than New Moon!!! I think I've seen New Moon 3 times but have watched Twilight around 25 times. Eclipse I have seen twice, and I can see myself watching it over & over….I loved the same parts as mentioned in previous posts..BUT, I did not like the way Bella's mom was in this one…she seemed kinda rough & slutty over the goofy hairbrained Mom in the books.

  • Lolann

    where is the quote.. the clouds i can handle but i can't fight an eclipse. the name of the book is from this quote…left out some key scenes the angela scene, the sleepover, feel that many important parts of the tent scene…jacob rolling over on bella and edward breaking tent apart, where bella wants edward to kill jacob after she punches him. Felt choppy didn't flow as well as it could felt the director was so focused on the action and effects and newborn vamps that a lot of the dialogue i love in the book was left out.
    Having said that loved it..saw it twice already and going tomorrow to see it again. My fav is still twilight but love it. My hubby said was his favorite. I do wish they would keep the same directors and stop changing them i think it would flow better if they did. Still worried about the next director, famous for musicals doing breaking dawn but who am i to complain
    overall loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andypower_714

    i loveeed the first meadow scene where he keeps saying marry me and stuff and she says “in my world ( or my time or something like that) that means i got knocked up” XD hahaha
    also i loved jessica's speech it was hilarious and perfect for what was going on :)
    i sort of didn't like the proposal it was too rushed in but i did like the way she said yes and edward smiles like a little kid.

    i really liked the flash backs , loved Rosalie's but i would have like it to be al little longer.
    totally loved the sex talk with charlie how she tells him she's a virgin and when she leaves he says ” well i like him now” or something like that.

    hated the fight between edward vs victoria and seth vs Riley…was soooo fake.

    the only scene that i wanted to be like the book was the one where jacob kisses bella and takes her home and she calls edward telling him that jacob kisses her and he says ” is that dog still there” …and he later tells him that if he does it again he will break his jaw and legs and that he is going to fight for her and stuff i wasss sooo waiting for that scene but anyways…

    i loooved the movie sooo much that i don't really get mad that they left out some important things from the book …

    OOOH and i looooved the soundtrack :D

  • Andy

    sorry for the huge comment XD

  • http://twitter.com/Lissa_Larson Alissa Larson

    Eclipse was amazing! It easily became my favorite movie. The proposal scene and the final meadow scene were my favorite scenes. I couldn't stop smiling when I watched those scenes. And “The Talk” was hysterical. Amazing movie!!

  • Dupin2607

    Basically loved the whole movie…
    But the scene where Bella takes off with Jake on the bike, I was like: “WTF???”
    Didn*t like Alice not being involved so much in the movie, like no abduction, no sleep over, no leavin for the reservation from school in front of Alice, no Edward following in the car to Angela*s…
    The end of the tent scene could have been better also, I would have loved to see Edward kick some Jacob ass..just a little, and very sorry for not having to see Bella*s pain over Jake in the end, the fainting, the crying and stuff, but I know that if they*d put that in the movie it would have been 4 hours long (like that would have been a bad thing).. Basically good job Mr. Slade… LOVED ALL OF THE SCENES WITH EDWARD, ESPECIALY THE PREP FOR THE FIGHT.. FINALY WE SEE EDWARD IN A SPORT STYLE.. HE WAS AMAZING.. BELLA ALSO.. CRIED AT THE PROPOSAL SCENE OFC… Can*t wait to finaly meet the new, better an improved mrs. Cullen..

  • Victoria0409

    charlie was so funny,
    love edwards protectiveness, were can i find an “edward”?
    love the comment about jacob not having any tshirts
    loved bella breaking her hand and the explanation to charlie
    loved the fight scenes, sent my hairs stand up on end,
    loved the first scene
    loved the film, but should have been half hour longer and more intense fight scene with victoria and edward

    i can wait for breaking dawn, wish they filmed them back to back so we didnt have to wait so long.

    i am going to watch it again….needs must

  • Soleia

    Obviously so far all of you loved the movie. Well I did not ! Not so much. Don’t get me wrong – I am a huge, HUGE fan of the books, the movies and the actors, but I’ve missed a lot of the emotions from the book. The whole movie felt like different pieces just put one after another. Though these pieces were amazing each one for itself I got a little lost in the story line. There was always something missing – more words, more motion, more talking. I wanted to see more from the wolf pack. I wanted to see Bella’s escape to go and see Jacob. I wanted to see Bella’s emotions and inner struggle. And so on…. Thank god they nailed the tent scene but for me that was it. Compared to the book and the previous two films this movie for me was like…emotionless. I really expected so much more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicole-Parker/100001060993080 Nicole Parker

    I don't know I was team Edward for the book but in the movie I didn't really like him i guess i just saw him differently so in the movie I'm so so team Jacob but for the book Team Edward.

  • Stinsy

    I`m SO with you on the part when Bella calls Edward to come get her after Jacob kissed her!! I was SO lokking forward to that scene, Edward seems kind of more deadly and threatning when he calmly says to Jacob whats gonna happen if he does that again, they totally messed up that part in the movie.

  • Andree

    I think them missing the iron flower being crushed in the bedroom scene was a mistake, it gave a good understanding on why Edward does not want to try to take the relationship further because of his strength.

    Loved Jackson Rathbone but hated the way Alice was downplayed BIG mistake.

  • ilbcullen

    I just got home from seeing Eclipse on IMAX!! WOW…this was an amazing movie. The fight scenes were amazing on the IMAX screen…a little bumpy…but amazing. I agree with those those have said it was choppy. I wish it was longer…I love the books so much I wish they could fit more of the books into the movie. I loved the back scenes with Jasper and Rosalie. I was disappointed that Charlie didn't have the “Always Am” line. I was hoping that would be something that would be in all the movies. I'm ready to go see it again!!!

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